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bigtikidude: Surf Guitar 101 convention coming up in less than a month, Aug 4-6
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Syndicateofsurf: Oh won't somebody listen to my new song by my new band The Banganators??? On the Sea Where You Surf- It's got it's own thread and everything. Just about to sink under the sea of guitar-mods talk. You will be my new best friend. LEAVE A COMMENT!
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bigtikidude: SG101 convention coming up.
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bigtikidude: Who is going?
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Permalink Surfin' Sundays at the Huntington Beach Pier 2017 ( new June 18th date now)

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New flyer for June 18!


Next Pier show Coming up on Father's Day
June 18.

The night before;
The Ventures and Surfaris playing at the Malabu inn on Saturday night.


Last edited: Jun 06, 2017 13:25:58

Do you know what approximate time the Volcanics are going to play?

This is my Father's Day thing but I have to plan around lunch



Thank you

I hope the people close take advantage of this and are thankful. Smile

Not so much


The Surf Rockets plan to kick some serious butt so there's a good reason to see us at 11AM tomorrow!

The Jim Fuller tribute and Volcanics need to switch times. So Volcanics are last now.


Videos from the Surf Rockets performance are posted on YouTube.

Surfin' Sundays, Huntington Beach, June 18, 2017:

Surfin' Sundays tomorrow, July 9th at Huntington Beach Pier Plaza

The MuerTones
Durango 66
Tequila Worms
3 Balls Of Fire
Driving Guitars
(The Ventures tribute)
The Breakaways

Shit I forgot to post the flyer for today's show.
Sorry all.


So the last band was playing yesterday at the HB pier, and this older guy asks me the name of the band. I say"the Breakaways" he says "ah ok", "they are really good" pause..... "Like the Beach Boys"
I opened my eyes wide and waited a few seconds,
Then said " except the beach boys usually sing"
The Guy looks and the band, then looks at me,
And says "oh yeah, I guess you are right"
Then walks away with his wife. I shook my head in disbelief.


I like that name "The Muertones". Do they live up to it?

Squink Out!

No, very energetic,
Not dead on their feet.

Or do you mean are they Latin?
If so yes.


What happened to the Tequila Worms? Are they even still together? I have not seen them in a long time.

Had to cancel, Travis had military stuff going on I think.
They are playing Friday Aug. 4th at the Surf Guitar 101 convention.


Awesome! I'll look for them then. Thanks.

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