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This may be of interest to some people looking to upgrade their Strat trem. I installed a Callaham unit last year on that Pewter Strat I played with the Space Cossacks last year, and though it's good, I must admit I don't love it. It might be interesting to try this one instead.


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Looks like a good idea. Fender's vibrato designs may have been functional and cheap to produce but they certainly weren't ideal designs in most cases.

I have a Bladerunner Super Vee trem on my Strat and will install one on any and all future Strats that I may own for the reasons stated in this review:

I HIGHLY recommend this bridge for any Strat! I had the Callaham bridge before I installed the Wudtone and I really didn't notice much of a difference between it and the stock Fender bridge. The Wudtone makes my Strat sound HUGE!!! So much sustain it incredible. I've tried several Strat upgrades and this one made the biggest difference. Highly recommended Guitar

Is there any Strat trem that feels like a Jag/JM trem?

ifallalot wrote:

Is there any Strat trem that feels like a Jag/JM trem?

Nope. But you can put JM vibrato on an unrouted Strat body. Looks ugly on a Strat in my opinion though No

Last edited: Apr 05, 2017 14:21:21

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