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MamaGrass: Surf Monster and The Bloat Floaters LIVE 8/28 @ Blue Note Brewing Co. in Woodland, CA
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Pirecords: Pi records
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Pirecords: Pi records
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Pirecords: Craig skelly
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The Delstroyers have been doing some recording at Studio Litho here in Seattle so figured I would post a few photos. Enjoy!


Skins for The Delstroyers

Last edited: Jan 14, 2017 19:31:12

Where both 'Verb records were recorded! Looking forward to what you come up with.

cool. i like black and white photos.

Nice shots, can't wait to hear the results.

Danny Snyder

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I'm back playing keys and guitar with Combo Tezeta

Really dig the black and whites! Great photos!

The Kahuna Kings

TAPE! Big Grin

SoCal ex-pat with a snow shovel

DISCLAIMER: The above is opinion/suggestion only & should not be used for mission planning/navigation, tweaking of instruments, beverage selection, or wardrobe choices.

Have fun guys, can't wait to hear what you come up with!

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"It starts... when it begins" -- Ralf Kilauea

Now, that's a sound board. Smile

Badger wrote:

TAPE! Big Grin

Indeed! We're pretty excited to be doing this record live to tape as a band instead of tracking it. Feels right.

Skins for The Delstroyers

Fun session, beautiful studio, relaxed environment.
Big thanks to the great Johnny Sangster for engineering/producing!
I LOVE recording!

Looks like they have a great API console there. If that's true you'll get a fantastic sound, lots of headroom with the discrete pre-amps. They just have a sound you can't match. I worked for API back in the day and man, the gear was made first rate! Best of luck, great to see our gear still tracking surf and other great music!!!!


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Exciting! Best of luck with the process! Hope it goes swimmingly

Studio Litho is owned by Stone Gossard (Pearl Jam).

Partial list of Studio Litho's gear (full list on their Facebook page):

API Mid-1970's custom 44-input console with 550A, 550B, and 560 EQ's.
Neve BCM-10 sidecar with vintage 1073, 1084, and 1066 modules.
Studer A-827 24-track 2" tape machine.
Protools HD|3 (40 in & 48 out), tons of plug-ins, running on a G5.
Monitors: Genelec 1031, Yamaha NS-10, Genelec sub, Bryston power amps.

Thought I'd give an update on the record as it's almost done! Mixing is finishing up today, mastering for digital and vinyl is on the 25th. It's 13 original instrumentals and will be released on Dec 2nd. Hoping to have the LPs on that date but vinyl pressing lead times are absolutely crazy right now... More info to come on where the record will be available. We're excited that the record release show on the 2nd at Darrell's in Seattle is with Satan's Pilgrims, The 'Verb, The 1 Uppers, and Don and the Quixotes!!

It took a year but we're really happy with how it has come together and can't wait to get it out there. Cheers

p.s. My Canine American takes no offense to go-go dancers in bikinis nor the pelvis gyrations of Elvis Presley, the lunatic cross-dressed antics of Lux Interior, or the exposed muscles and nipples of The Village People.

Skins for The Delstroyers

Last edited: Sep 17, 2017 12:34:39

Great news! If there's a Sangster involved, you can't go wrong!

Last edited: Sep 17, 2017 13:15:04

Excellent! Only a year?

I can't wait to hear it.

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spskins wrote:

Great news! If there's a Sangster involved, you can't go wrong!

Johnny got a kick out of that comment. Big Grin

Skins for The Delstroyers


I love the API board with the 550 series EQ's

The Studer is a _ nice_ touch.

I saw Pearl Jam years and years ago.

Last edited: Mar 26, 2018 01:04:07

This ended up being a killer record! Thanks for the peek in how you guys made it.

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