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Permalink 9th annual surf guitar convention MEMBERS JAM

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Surf beat by dick dale
Bullwinkle pt. 2 by centurions
Squad car by Eddie and the showmen

If anyone is interested in playing these tunes let me know. I'm a drummer lookin to play this jam night at "surf dogs"

ScottyBravo wrote:

I'm available for any and all things drums! Rimshot

Hey I'm a drummer too, would gladly join the jam session with you if possible, help ease the drum mayhem!


Sweeeet! Good to have another drummer in the mix!


ScottyBravo wrote:

By my calculations, here's the current state of the Member's Jam:

Squad Car: Lineup complete
Dark Eyes: Lineup complete
Reef Rider: Lineup complete
Cassandra Complex: Lineup complete
Jack the Ripper: Lineup complete
Baja: ???
California Dreamin':???
The Breeze & I: ???
Pacifica: ???
Bikini Machines: ???
Surf Rider: ???
Apache: ???
Calhoun Surf: ???
Diamondhead: ???
State Fair: ???
Lonely Bull: ???
Mr. Moto: ???
Point of No Return: ???

Looks like we need some people step up and volunteer for some tunes!

I can play Apache, point of no return, the breeze and I (by which group since many people cover this song?) and California dream in'.

Aloha :
Time is tight. Glad to see more players getting into the after the pier jam. (Pier Jam - was there a band named this?) in the next days ahead I will be attending area shows and doing "our thing" as we arrived yesterday (Wednesday) hoping to be able to compile complete lists for ensemble set ups. If they are incomplete , we will fly by seat of pants on the day of show. I expect to post chord sheets for tunes I may be involved in. Encourage others to do the same (better than bumping)(no not that kind of bumping) you know you can always direct email me as my address has always been at the bottom of the post. I will check and add these at the end of the day. Hoping to attend BBQ at Bill's tomorrow. See some of you there.
Otherwise Saturday - the BIG DAY and looking forward....

Don't Fear the Reverb ! Grateful Surf ! SURFIN' Tiki Bandits !
I can be reached through the following or at :

For rhythm guitar and bass


Instro standard from South Pacific
Covered by everybody (just about)
I learned it from Terje Rypdal and the Vangards
Bambi's is nice this one is a bit more like

Generally ok except not this kind of drums

For tempo not intro

But for the jam ...lets make it our own

Intro E,,,F,,, :l 4x
E,,,E,,,E,,,E,,,F,,,F,,,E,,,E,,, :l
Fm,,,B,,,bar E,,,Dbm,,,Fm,,,B,,,E,,,E7,,,
Fm,,,B,,,bar E,,,Dbm,,,Fm,,,B,,,E,,,F,,,E,,,F,,,,

Repeat this 3 or four times and that
Is the basis.

Don't Fear the Reverb ! Grateful Surf ! SURFIN' Tiki Bandits !
I can be reached through the following or at :

Recap :

On Aug 19, 2016, at 20:02, Carol Busbey - mom surfing wrote:
did the jam happen or what it just a free for all?
On Fri, Aug 19, 2016 at 10:34 PM, Don Schott <> wrote:
Aloha Carol:
Very sorry not to have posted a follow up to the jam which occurred at Surf Dogs on Sunday following the Surfing Sundays at the Huntington Beach Pier (which was just wonderful - sorry I did not run into you there).
So I am glad to report that the jam at surfdogs came off rather well, I believe.
I ran a list of all those willing to participate, asked for repertoire from each and herded the cats, so to speak.

Here is the list of what transpired song wise:
After a wonderful non-raucous set by GEORGE TOMSCO & MIKE VERNON with guest shot by Paul Johnson with George there was a session of one tune after another. I may be getting some of this in wrong order or wrong players list. If you feel the need to correct it... Add to it.. Embellish it...please do.

The EDDIE BERTRAND tribute set organized by Maxx.
Maxx. - playing the Eddie Bertrand guitar.
BigWave Dave Becker - bass
ScottyBravo - drums
Chris -guitar (sonichris)
Squad car +

Reef Rider & Cassandra Complex +
(Also known now as the Chad & Jeremy Project)
Chad Shivers - guitar
Jeremy - guitar or bass
Tim Moritz - bass ( let me see the video )
Jamie - guitar
I think Scotty on drums

Penetration in G

Jeff Hansen - bass
Doug the Cossack - drums
Bruce Brewington - lead guitar
Don Schott - rhythm guitar

Jack the Ripper & mr. Moto with Niels Jansen of Phantom Four on drums
BTD - bass
Miguel Perez - drums
Mike Vernon - guitar
Paul Johnson - guitar

Emilio - guitar
Tim Moritz - bass
Miguel Perez - drums

Bruce Brewington - guitar
Scott - drums
Don Schott- bass

Rising Surf & Apache
Maxx - guitar
Ivan - guitar
Doug - drums
Jeremy - bass

Chris - guitar
Fade - guitar
Doug - drums
Jeremy - bass

Like I said, most of this is from ill taken speedy notes made on the spot, rushed and memory. I'm sure there were more tunes as I also remember playing bass in an all out guitar battle - I think it was MISERLOU- I think Bruce on guitar and Maxx on guitar.

It was my first time herding musical cats and a very rewarding experience. The videos are the proof. We need to talk to Guy Moore about that.

Carol Busby mom surfing wrote:
sounds like it was great.......sad i had to leave. next year i'm
staying until monday AM.

Don't Fear the Reverb ! Grateful Surf ! SURFIN' Tiki Bandits !
I can be reached through the following or at :

Last edited: Aug 22, 2016 07:12:28

So often other rabbits were pulled out of the hat. I could not write them all down but these with Maxx Kominski are pretty cool ... Keep the clips coming!

Don't Fear the Reverb ! Grateful Surf ! SURFIN' Tiki Bandits !
I can be reached through the following or at :

Last edited: Aug 20, 2016 12:39:44

The name of the Eddie Bertrand tribute band is Eddie's Showmen.

Surf Jam vids from Guy Moore:

Gunshot - George Tomsco

FOOT PATTER - George Tomsco

Squad Car SG101 2016 Jam Session - Eddy's Showmen

Dark Eyes Sg101 2016 Jam Session - Eddy's Showmen

Don't Fear the Reverb ! Grateful Surf ! SURFIN' Tiki Bandits !
I can be reached through the following or at :

Last edited: Sep 12, 2016 08:45:37

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