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JONPAUL wrote:

The first post in the the thread has over 10 minutes of audio samples

Thanks for not unleashing any well-deserved fury. I feel very foolish. Sigh
Thanks, JonPaul.

Soooo, now that I have heard the Soundcloud clips (thanks indeed to SanchoPansen), I seriously need to get in on this! Stoked. Depending on pricing, I may have to go in for 2. Incredible.

Lorne (Shake_n_Stomp)
Mai Tai Surf:

formerly of The Hang-Ten Hangmen:

Gilette wrote:

Hi guys, it's been a while since we heard something from the SurfyTrem front. Any news yet?

Hi Gilette

Sorry, its been a long process. Me and Lorenzo has worked hard with the new company, CE-marking, new website, new products...
This is a preview of the new SurfyTrem Kit board. The idea is that it will be a perfect companion for the SurfyBear reverb. Easy to use, powered with the same 12V PS and can be placed before or after the reverb. Size of the board 70x50mm.
Right now I am waiting for the prototype boards. It still has to be carefully tested, then we can order manufactured boards!
The pedal will of course also be available!


Last edited: Nov 05, 2016 04:43:59

woohoo! that's good news!
i definitely want the kit board to pair it with the surfy bear reverb!
also i'm curious about the new wave of extraordinary builds that will be triggered by this one!

Thanks Björn! That's great news indeed. Being an old guy I'd love to have seen a PCB with classic parts, but I guess these modern SMD things work just as well.

Good luck with testing!


So maybe my dual surfy bear fetverb may also include a trem section. Wow!

The Kahuna Kings

Thanks, Björn and Lorenzo for doing so much to make uncompromised classic effects sounds available for cheap! I so look forward to purchasing a tremolo kit to house alongside the Surfy Bear Reverb I love so much!

Squink Out!

Since hearing in person what the Brownface Fender harmonic tremolo sounds like in recent months, it has become a bit of an obsession to look for pedals that emulate this effect (well!). I am not out to critique those other units, specifically, but it has become apparent to me what I really am/am not going for.
Maybe the delays in bringing the SurfyTrem to market has forced me to second guess my "need" for this trem. While the Flint's '61 Harmonic trem mode seems to get a lot of positive comments, the sheer cost of it (plus size with having reverb features that I do not require) puts it out of consideration.
Robert Keeley's DynaTrem is has a cool harmonic trem+reverb setting, however, the other trem modes are for either dynamic rate/dynamic amplitude - no straight-up opto/Blackface Fender setting.
Source Audio's Vertigo has received very good reviews considering its variety of features available stock from the top panel but also the incredible feature of an USB-connect software app to go far beyond the realm of basic Rate/Intensity. Catalinbread has the Pareidolia but it seems to take the phasey nature of the harmonic trem and enhance that.
Recently, Supro came out with their new Harmonic Tremolo pedal that sounds excellent but the price point seems overinflated for what it is, and then I have to factor Cdn dollar exchange - ouch!
So, while anxiously awaiting the SurfyTrem's release and to get the lowdown on the pricing/shipping costs, it is clear to me that it is a product worth waiting for and has no more and no less than the feature set I need. The fact that Bjorn's design is based on the original Fender schematic and "tuning" it to compensate for the FETs replacing tubes is certainly a big nod to being "modern-authentic". Wonderful for players that have amps without onboard analog tremolo and for those of us that crave that magical, warm, and authentic Brownface trem without having to break the bank.

Here's to 2017 and hopefully the release of the SurfyTrem! Cool

Lorne (Shake_n_Stomp)
Mai Tai Surf:

formerly of The Hang-Ten Hangmen:

shake_n_stomp wrote:

Here's to 2017 and hopefully the release of the SurfyTrem! Cool

Pulling for all of you. Hope all the bureaukratic hoops can be negotated to get this thing out; I really believe those who didn't get one via the last SJSF are going to find it as you say - what they were looking for, at a reasonable cost, and in a form factor that doesn't have them looking where to put some 3-pedal footprint monster. Fingers x'd for y'all.

It is on the list of pedals I'll never sell unless I quit playing entirely.

SoCal ex-pat with a snow shovel

DISCLAIMER: The above is opinion/suggestion only & should not be used for mission planning/navigation, tweaking of instruments, beverage selection, or wardrobe choices.

Bjorn, will there be another batch ready for this years surfer joe?

I'm very curious! I've found a demo of it on YouTube, I'll have a listen after this episode of Game of Thrones.

I also had a play with a used Carl Martin Surf Trem once, but it didn't suit me too well. I ended up with a Mooer Trelicopter, which isn't too bad. Supposedly a copy of a Demeter Tremulator, which is supposedly an emulation of a Fender Twin's Tremolo circuit. It's not too bad, but I'm always curious to try things that will be improvements!

They who die with the fewest control knobs, win.

You are aware that there is a 10min demo in the first post of this thread?

The Hicadoolas

SanchoPansen wrote:

You are aware that there is a 10min demo in the first post of this thread?

I am now?

They who die with the fewest control knobs, win.

Great, just thought I point it out again, as it sometimes gets lost Big Razz

The Hicadoolas

Last edited: Jan 06, 2017 01:03:23

Hi guys I am really feel bad for the long wait. Me and Lorenzo has spent a lot of time planing and preparing the startup of our little company. Product development and organizing everything takes a lot of time, especially when we cant work 100% on these projects. But after months of discussions and almost daily contact it finally starts to pay off Smile

Regarding the SurfyTrem kit, it is mainly supposed to be built into SurfyBear cabinets.
Below you can see the a prototype board (one of many :). The signal path is still jFETs and very close to the Showman schematic. The oscillator is still the traditional phase-shift type. For making it more reliable I used a TL064 quad OP. Now the supply voltage can vary 9-12V without affecting the amplitude of the oscillator. We plan to start selling these in March 2017.


Worst comes to worst, I'll have Lorenzo bring me one in may. Big Razz

This is very exciting!

The song: "here I go again" comes to mind. I know I'll have to buy atleast 1 just because. Smile

Oh, and if there is the possibility to preorder, you will let us know, will you?

Please let me know if you need any money down to guarantee that I will receive one. Also, you say it is supposed to be built into the SB cab. Will it work with any amp like a normal tremolo pedal? Thanks for your time.

Guitar player for The Driptones surf band.

Last edited: Jan 06, 2017 15:21:16

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