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Glad you guys dig it, it was a fun find.

fenderfan - I had a Micro Pro Mach II here for a few weeks and it sounded huge with that head, thunderous!
I'd still like to have a 1x15 for it too, why not? LOL


Bought these last week. 101 mini-head into WGS ET90 housed in a Montage convertible cab. Extremely well-built cab. Might be too heavy for some. Excellent customer service from them.


I stuck my Zoom MS70 in the effects loop and used the reverb setting I use for rhythm guitar in my 60s vocal group. I was mainly looking for rhythm setting in the photos below. I also used the MS70s Stereo EQ to get rid of a bit of bass boom. Seemed to work well. I went through three of the voices.

This one suited fine for what I need fine.


This one was quite mellow and doubt I’d use it. The cat was interested, though.


Tried to be surfy on this. Sounded okay.


All this was done with the back of the cab closed. I’ll do some more experimenting and see what I have to tweak with the back open. Then I need to add surfy bear, surfy trem etc. and tweak some more.

Last edited: Aug 02, 2017 09:56:56

First rehearsal post-summer last night, so I tried the 101 at rehearsal volumes for the first time. Marvellous! Rings and chimes beautifully on Strat middle pickup for my rhythm parts and a flick of the volume and the few lead parts I play really sat well with the other instruments. No need for a boost pedal. And no need for a boost/overdrive pedal too when playing more “garage” sounds; just upped the gain. Ironic for a “British Invasion” band really, with the amp on Surf setting.

Had it on Gain 3, Tri-Q full right (5 o’clock), Treble Cut between 7 and 9 as I played with it, Output 20W (5W for “garage”, gain 9/10).
Used the equaliser on Zoom MS70 for dropping some bass out; works well. Had a few nice settings on Lead setting too. Need to get the next gig out of the way then the band can go back to “farting about with stuff” phase and I can try more in a loud setting.

The rehearsal rooms only have Marshall 4 x 12s, so I’ll have to lug my cabinet in and give it a work out too. The owner gets upset when you bring new gear in though, because you haven’t bought through his shop!!

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