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Permalink Digitech Trio and a Ditto Looper doing surf

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I just got the Trio and this was my first loop up. Great writing and practice tool. Just kinda doinking around and I didn't realize I was out of tune. Forget all that and check this thing out!

The Kahuna Kings

Last edited: Jun 22, 2015 20:05:15

Looks like a fun piece of gear and I can see how it would be useful for jamming and writing purposes. My question is, is there any smooth way to stop it without an abrupt end?

It could be fun as a one man performance tool if you could stop it and make it sound like a logical end to a song. Most of these things don't allow for that or at least make it difficult. In that case, while it is a great practice tool, using it in a live performance setting is not practical, unless I'm just not understanding how it works.

You'd have to be really creative to use this in a live setting I think. There are no ending riffs in it.

The Kahuna Kings

"How cool is this?" Very cool!

I told my dad about this, and he said that there are probably a lot of bassists and drummers that will really hate this.

This pedal seems like a game changer. Were I still in the solo gigging biz, I'd use one at gigs. Even without gigging, I want one for the home gig.

At under 200.00 US I think it's a great tool. For writing and doing quick demos for your bandmates just loop a few things, record it a simple way, and sent it out by email etc. Great for practicing lead runs in tempo, song construction and just all around fun!

The Kahuna Kings

it looks like a great song writing tool, i probably should get one and review it for my podcast

Please do. I already emailed digitech to tell them what I would like to be able to update the pedal with. It has a usb. I'm hoping they can create updates for this. The more people giving suggestions the better!

The Kahuna Kings

Anybody try one of these Trio pedals out recently? Sweetwater is blowing them out at $50 a pop.


When introduced they were $180. People complained that they were limited because you couldn't record your rhythym or lead and play it back. So Digitech dutifully came out with a unit that combined the Trio with a looper which is now $270 to $300. I assume the original Trio has been discontinued and Sweetwater is unloading them.

I bought one of the originals and as I feared the drums were kind of limited, but also the bass lines it came up with were way to complex for basic jamming. They came out with a patch which allowed for simpler bass lines but they were too simple for my taste.

But for $50 it might be worth your while to see if you can make it work for you.

Last edited: Nov 20, 2017 13:08:05

Hmmmmm. This basically sounds like what I've heard from other sources, and confirms what I've heard myself when listening to samples on YouTube. In particular, the bass always seemed to sound way more funky than anything I'd want to play along to.

Thanks for the info. Survey says: I think I'll pass.


I paid 180 when they first came out. At 50 bucks you can't beat the original format for messing around with. I use it mainly as a high tech metronome for keeping in shape between gigs. Set it faster than we typically play and go for 45-50 minutes straight. Takes your mind off the fact that it is practice. You can trigger a surf beat in the pop setting at the pattern in the 11:30 range on the dial. I've seen the new ones for 220.00 on sweetwater I think. Having the looper on board to sequence would be so nice! Badger just bought a $50 blowout and is digging it.

The Kahuna Kings

I just received my Trio from Sweetwater a few days ago. At $50 it seemed a no-brainer. A lot of fun and much better than playing alone all the time, as I mostly do. I did put in the updated firmware before I even plugged a guitar into it. Been having a lot of fun with it.

I also have a Ditto looper, have to try that now!

If only my playing skills were somewhat equal to my 50 plus years of experience playing guitar! Sigh

Last edited: Dec 07, 2017 07:10:42

I just stumbled into this and am blown away. Who knew we were living in such a modern age?!

I always sound like such a dork on video. I use the combo to help writing. That loop helped write this song for the CD.

The Kahuna Kings

Last edited: Dec 07, 2017 08:33:14

I just ordered one. I agree at $50, that was easy. Smile

Holy smokes! Ordered.

I want to hear Caravan with a drum solo.

Just ordered mine....$49.95...seems like a heck of a deal

I snagged one recently when picking up my Strat neck from a repair; Dave's had a few left on a table for $50. Not as a play along tool (I agree the bass varies between the extremes of Neanderthal or "I really wanna be Stanley Clarke"), but the drums are way better than many drum loops because they actually sound like someone is HITTING the darn thing. When "teaching" it, really got me to focus on "leave ego at door, what is the RHYTHM this thing needs to know."

Would never for $180 - at $50 a nice fun thing on the desk.

SoCal ex-pat with a snow shovel

DISCLAIMER: The above is opinion/suggestion only & should not be used for mission planning/navigation, tweaking of instruments, beverage selection, or wardrobe choices.

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