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SurfDawg: Petition Music Choice to feature instrumental surf music.
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Been kind of busy and had to re-run a couple of shows lately and forgot to post the last show playlist. Here it is(07/23/2017):

Los Javelin - Punkabilly Surfer
Retrofoguetes - Tic-Tac-Bum!
LOS FRENETICOS - La Posibilidad de una Isla
Los Yawares - Vampirella
The Pulltones - Run Emanuelle Run
Reverba Trio - O Planeta Proibido
Baleia Mutante - Sol Da Meia Noite
Terremotor - Piratas do Lago Aratimbó
Jubarte Ataca - Pelicano
Os Gatunos - Voltron
Free Surfer Kids - Pode Dropar Maya
Aloha Haole - Sharknauts
Limbonautas - Tsunami
The Mullet Monster Mafia - Fishwater cataia
Estrume'n'tal - Baguncela
Surf Aliens - Abdução
The Dead Rocks - March To Fuzz
Movie Star Trash - Alex, The Large
Maniaticos do Reverb - Gabrielas Hot Rod
Capitão Parafina e os Haoles - Vaca É Bom e Eu Gosto
Os Argonautas - Maré Vermelha
Paquetá - Arruaça

Today, on Surfin' South.

You can listen to Surfin' South on North Sea Surf Radio.
Sundays: Pacific Time: Noon // Brasília: 16:00 - // CET: 21:00
Re-run on wednesday: Pacific: 06:00 PM // Brasília: 22:00
(North Sea Surf Radio's server is having trouble streaming to Brazil. Sorry about it.)

Mary O and The Pink Flamingos - Little Coconuts
Pata de Elefante - Presente para Mary O
Wood Surfers - Zafiro Anejo
Baleia Mutante - Tempestade Solar
Maria Parafina - Paralelogramo
Free Surfer Kids - Surf Attomic
Surfadelica - Overdrive Over Time
Terremotor - Intacto
Los Javelin - Achtung Lab
Tito y The Supersonicos - Himno Nacional de la República Oriental del Uruguay
Tito y sus Supersónicos - La cumparsita
Tito y sus Supersónicos - Pizza Muzzarella (Los Fatales)
Tito y sus Supersónicos - Marcha de la Vuelta Ciclista del Uruguay
Tito y sus Supersónicos - Marcha a mi bandera
Tito y sus Supersónicos - 5 minutos (Lucas Sugo)
Tito y sus Supersónicos Uruguay te queremos ver campeón
Repelente de tubarão - No colinho
Reverba Trio - Charrua
Trabajo Cubano - Mystery tune

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