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Ivan, the similarity you are hearing is the "flatted fifth" aka "The Devil's Interval". Surprised you don't know this pattern. It was made popular by Black Sabbath!!

You hear the movement in the foyer music from Disney's Haunted Mansion as well. A similar half step move is heard in the Elvira's Theme. When Garrett wrote the song, those were the two pieces of music he was using as inspiration. Now you know the secret to spooky surf!

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Norm, I wasn't referring to the flatted fifth (which I've used in my own songs quite a bit), but the basic melody. But the Disney reference helps - and in fact, the melody does seem to be referencing a kind of classic, almost generic spooky music, so that's probably the common inspiration behind both songs. I was just struck hearing them back to back, that's all.

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Yep, in our case the inspiration (written by Garrett) was Disney's Haunted Mansion Foyer Theme and the Elvira Theme.

I'm actually curious about something that maybe Ted can answer. There's two versions of "Haunted House of Rock". One is slower with organ and the one that made the #1 on this list is the faster original. Ted, how did the two versions come to be? Also, in the slower one you hear the reverb crash and "I needed that" in a Karloff voice. Someone is obviously a fan of the cartoon, Groovie Ghoulies from the 70's. Do you mind sharing some back story on the two versions?

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Hey Norm,
Sure. The original (faster, lo-fi) was recorded live to tape in our basement, by our friend, Young Mr D., for the Estrus 7"ep entitled "Haunted House of Rock", which was recorded in 1993 and released in early 94.
The slower HHOR was a studio recording, which gave us the ability to play around with it a little more and add overdubs like our newly acquired Hammond M-3 organ, screams, etc.. Our thought process was that since it was released on a single, that there was nothing wrong with including it on an album a year later, plus having a re-recording of it with added stuff, we named it "Haunted House of Rock '95" in tribute to The Ventures.
We were all fans of the "Groovy Ghoulies" and only later did we realize that Richard Delvy had written most of the music with Ed Fournier and produced it all.
When the "Plymouth Rock" compilation was coming out in 2005, we decided to include the original version from the 7", so I think that ended up being the most familiar version in the long run, especially with people that are still fans now in 2014 and would be voters for the poll.
Thanks for asking!!

Thanks for the insight, Ted! Both versions are great. The original 7" blew me away when it came out and it's still a prize in my collection! When the song appeared again on SOUL PILGRIM, I really dug what you guys did with it. Made it feel even spookier. The nod at the beginning to the Groovy Ghoulies cartoon was yet another detail that made me think, man, these guys are brothers from another mother! I’m surprised both versions didn’t end up on the Plymouth Rock “Best of”.

BOSS FINK "R.P.M." available now from DOUBLE CROWN RECORDS!

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