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I think you misunderstand the stats Jeff. The first 2 stats total up to the 101 albums, not the amount of voters.

Danny Snyder

aka El Gringo Viejo of Combo Tezeta
aka Mycroft Eloi of The TomorrowMen
aka Shecky Shekels of Meshugga Beach Party

It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times

oh I see, duh!
ha ha, I'm going on 4 hours sleep and after being at the HB pier all day baking in the heat.

I was asked my somebody today, How many voters were there?
and where were they from?

I need to take 2 hour nap, and then come back in where I left off in the list.

thanks to all involved for doing this,
and congrats to all the bands included, especially Slacktone.
I find it interesting that Lorenzo and I both had them at our festivals this past year.


nielsjansen wrote:

And that brings ur to the following list:


1 . Slacktone - "Into the Blue Sparkle"
2 . The Bambi Molesters - "Sonic Bullets 13 from the Hip"
3 . Los Twang! Marvels - "Jungle Of Twang"
4 . The Barbwires with the Blue Ocean Orchestra - "Searider"
5 . The Treble Spankers - "Hasheeda"
6 . The Bambi Molesters - "Dumb Loud Hollow Twang"
7 . The Ghastly Ones - "A Haunting We Will GoGo"
8 . The Bambi Molesters - "As the Dark Wave Swells"
9 . The Madeira - "Tribal Fires"
10 . The Space Cossacks - "Tsar Wars"
11 . Satan's Pilgrims - "Creature Feature"
12 . The Penetrators - "Locked & Loaded"
13 . The Fathoms – "Fathomless"
14 . The Nebulas - "Nebula One"
15 . Jon & The Nightriders – "Surf Beat '80"
16 . The TomorrowMen - "It’s About Time!"
17 . Laika & The Cosmonauts - "Instruments Of Terror"
18 . The Space Cossacks - "Interstellar Stomp"
19 . Frankie & The Poolboys – “Frankie & The Poolboys”
20 . Man Or Astro-Man? – "Is it..."
21 . The Treble Spankers - "Araban"
22 . Dick Dale – "Tribal Thunder"
23 . Man Or Astro-Man? – "Project Infinity”
24 . The Phantom Four - "Morgana"
25 . Jon & The Nightriders - "Raw & Alive '98"
26 . Insect Surfers - "Reverb Sun"
27 . Jon & The Nightriders - "Live at the Wishkey"
28 . The Eliminators – "Unleashed”
29 . The Madeira - "Carpe Noctem"
30 . The Bitch Boys - "In Heat"
31 . The Surf Coasters - "Samurai Struck"
32 . Los Straitjackets - "Jet Set"
33 . The Fathoms - "Overboard"
34 . Slacktone – "Slacktone"
35 . The Huntington Cads – "Go Exotic!"
36 . The Mermen - "Food For Other Fish"
37 . Insect Surfers - "Death Valley Coastline"
38 . The Kilaueas - "Profesor Volcanova"
39 . Jon & The Nightriders – "Moving Target"
40 . Los Straitjackets – "The Velvet Touch Of…"
41 . Fifty Foot Combo - "Go Hunting"
42 . The Atlantics - 'Flight of the Surf Guitar'
43 . The Phantom Surfers - "18 Deadly Ones"
44 . Messer Chups - "Heretic Channel"
45 . Daikaiju - "Phase 2"
46 . Pollo Del Mar- "The Golden State"
47 . The Phantom Four - "Madhur"
48 . The Bitch Boys - "Ride the First Wave"
49 . Messer Chups - "Church of Reverb"
50 . The Ghastly Ones - "Target : Draculon"
51 . Los Straitjackets - 'Damas Y Caballeros'
52 . Langhorns - "Club Gabardino"
53 . Jon & The Nightriders - "Stampede"
54 . Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet - "Dim The Lights, Chill The Ham"
55 . The Aqua Velvets - "Nomad"
56 . Satan Pilgrims – "At Home"
57 . Langhorns - "Mission Exotica"
58 . The Surfites - "Big Pounder"
59 . Los Coronas - "Adios Sancho"
60 . Dirty Fuse - "Surfbetika"
61 . Los Straitjackets- "Uterly Fantastic and Totally Unbeleavable Sound of…"
62 . Eddie Angel - "Guitar party"
63 . The Woodies – "Swimmin’ in the Reverb"
64 . El Ray - "Tik Tik Tik"
65 . The Madeira - "Sandstorm"
66 . Surfer Joe - "Señor Surf"
67 . Jon & The Nightriders – "Fiberglass Rocket"
68 . The Bambi Molesters - "Intensity"
69 . The Ventures - "New Depths"
70 . The Blue Hawaiians - "Live At The Lava Lounge"
71 . Lost Acapulco - "Los Obligados Racing Team"
72 . Atomic Mosquitos – "Atomic Mosquitos"
73 . Insect Surfers - "Infra Green"
74 . Los Coronas - "El Baile Final"
75 . The Volcanos - "Finish Line Fever"
76 . Los Venturas - "Kaleidoskop"
77 . The Apemen - "Surfvival of de Onbeschofste"
78 . Satan's Pilgrims - "Psychsploitation"
79 . Speedball JR - "Whiplash"
80 . The Space Rangers - 'Ready To Take Off'
81 . The Aqua Velvets - "Guitar Noir"
82 . The Invisible Surfers - "Dogs Killa Cat"
83 . Les Agamemnonz - "Les Agamemnonz"
84 . Laika & The Cosmonauts - "The Amazing Colossal Band"
85 . The Astroglides - "Selling Out with..."
86 . The Anacondas - "Snakin´ All Over"
87 . Los Tiki Phantoms - "Regresan de la Tumba"
88 . The Mermen - "The Amazing California Health and Hapiness Road Show"
89 . The Surf Coasters - "Surfdelic"
90 . Fifty Foot Combo - "Evil A Go Go"
91 . Man Or Astro-Man? – "Intravenuos Television Continuum"
92 . Metalunas - "X- Minus One"
93 . Laika & the Cosmonauts – "Absurdistan"
94 . The Vanduras - "In The Dark"
95 . The Glasgow Tiki Shakers- "Little Orbit"
96 . The Surf Coasters - "Surf Attack"
97 . The Break - "Church of the Open Sky"
98 . Los Straitjackets - "Viva!"
99 . Blue Stingrays - "Surf-N-Burn"
100 . The Halibuts - "Chumming"
101 . The Taikonauts - "Mysteriis Alienis Mundi"


I am very prod to say that I am only missing 5 of those albums from
my personal collection.


Which are those 5 missing albums, Jeff?

When you have to shoot ... shoot! Don't talk.
"Los Grainders"
"Planeta Reverb"

Last edited: Oct 06, 2014 00:59:49

IvanP wrote:

Agree Bravo NSSR team, particularly Niels and Jonpaul (what a gargantuan job!), and of course, as Ferenc already said, SLACKTONE!

(I think Dusty plays on NINE of the top 101 albums! All six by J&tN, two by Slacktone, and Frankie & the Pool Boys. Truly impressive!)

Closely followed by Dave Wronski himself with a count of eight: He played on the two Slacktone albums, five of the records listed by J&tN and also on the Frankie album!

Anybody want to count how many records Pete Curry played on? Laughing

The irony in my eyes is that Jon & the Nightriders could have had a top ten album: they only have "too many" records out, and so the votes split among these.

Anyway, great programm, lots of fun. Thank you to everybody involved and congratulations to everyone with an album on the list.

Los Apollos - interplanetary surf music trio (Berlin)
"Chaos at the Lobster Lounge" available as LP and download on Surf Cookie Records!
"Postcards from the Scrapyard" Vol. 1 & 2 NOW available on soundcloud and other platforms!

simoncoil wrote:

Anybody want to count how many records Pete Curry played on? Laughing

Challenge accepted!!! Three by Jon & the Nightriders, three by Los Straitjackets, and one by the Halibuts makes for a total of SEVEN! Not far behind Dusty and Dave - and of course, all three of them were in the definitive lineup of Jon & the Nightriders - what a band!

DannySnyder wrote:

Wow, I'm pleasantly surprised how well the Tmen album did. We're up there in some rare air Shocked

100% deserved, Danny! I fully expected it.

I am also very surprised how well both the Madeira and the Space Cossacks did, and wanted to thank you all that voted for either band! I'm very grateful and very happy - especially that our most recent album got to the highest position - just wait till you hear the next one! Wink

BTW, Jeff, I think I'm missing about ten or eleven of the albums - not quite as well as you, but not too far behind.

I listened to nearly 11 hours of this yesterday - drove my poor wife crazy, but it really was a great show, and a lot of fun to see what's coming next. Definitely some surprises, both positive and negative - on the negative side, I'm shocked and disappointed that Aqualads' Treasures didn't make the list - that's a true masterpiece. Also, only one El Ray album?? That's a travesty against justice! But other than those two, I think the rest of the list is pretty darn good...

Congratulations to all the winners! And in particular, big congratulations to the Bambi Molesters whose placings were pretty astonishing - all four on the list, three in the top eight, and also occupying number two! Wow! Once again, it's clear that they are a very special band.

The Madeira Official Website
The Madeira on Facebook
The Blair-Pongracic Band on Facebook
The Space Cossacks on Facebook
The Madeira Channel on YouTube

Great work! I spent most of my sunday listening to great surf music. Thank you very much!

I crashed at 11;45,
I hope to catch the last few hours in replays this week if possible.


doesn't all that instrumental music sound the same after a while? is it just me??

where are the Beach Boys, the Hondells, the Rivieras, Jan & Dean, the Trashmen, The Sunrays, etc.???

oh well, maybe next time


p.s. bless all of you for your hard work, time devoted, terrific choices of amazing surf music. One complaint (minor): MORE REVERB!!!

Ah, the Kilaueas say THANK YOU for voting us at #38 with our "Profesor Volcanova" album!!! Great!!!

I also miss El Ray at higher places.
If I would do my voting today it would be different.
I even would say after listening to the first two Surfites albums, they are both No. 1. THIS is pure pure surf music! Splish splash, nice melodies! Short songs.
And, if I watch my shelf with albums: What is about Simon Jones? I also forgot him… Ultracool reverb overdosed surf sound and coolest surf songs.

Too much…

I also was surprised by a few votings.
So people voted.
Thanks to everyone who voted and took part in this!!!
This is very interesting all in all!
More people more opinions. Good.

Twang cheers!

Ralf Kilauea
And don`t miss the sensational Ralf Kilauea/Lorenzo Surfer Joe solo 4-song 7":
Proud member No.2 of the league of Yamaha Bananas!

UnsteadyFreddie wrote:

doesn't all that instrumental music sound the same after a while? is it just me??

where are the Beach Boys, the Hondells, the Rivieras, Jan & Dean, the Trashmen, The Sunrays, etc.???

oh well, maybe next time


Freddie, this list was for the Surf Revival,
meaning 1980 till current.


OF COURSE I knew that

those comments were tongue in check

as not one of them was an instro band

and none of them fit the 1980-forward format, which I was well aware of

i.e., a "revival"

just being an idiot; guess people already expect that from me??

surprised anyone thought that was serious

I give up

Personally I found the afternoon exciting. Some discussions going on with the Tiki Dude as a normal consequence of the long list that came out Smile but discussions are exciting too. This is what the voting is all about: chatting, discussing, comparing, getting involved!

Thanks Niels and Jonpaul for this hard work!
And thanks everybody who voted Señor Surf, being into this list REALLY REALLY means a lot to me.

The only problem: you said you were playing surf music... I would have expected him to be in the list...

Lorenzo "Surfer Joe" Valdambrini

Of course not everyone is ever going to completely agree on the final results (except maybe about 1 of the albums in particular Mr. Green ).

One of the wonderful results of producing a countdown like this is causing discussion. People are expressing their passion, sharing their opinions, bringing up points of contention, etc., all of which help to make this a living, breathing, thriving genre!

Insect Surfers
The Tikiyaki Orchestra
Surfer Joe
Fiberglass Jungle - Surf Radio

Last edited: Oct 06, 2014 13:41:05

Emilien03 wrote:

Which are those 5 missing albums, Jeff?

The Taikonauts "Mysteriis Alienis Mundi"
The Break "Church of the Open Sky",(well I do have a cdd of it)
Los Tiki Los Tiki Phantoms - "Regresan de la Tumba"
The Invisible Surfers - "Dogs Killa Cat"
Lost Acapulco - "Los Obligados Racing Team"


Last edited: Oct 06, 2014 14:33:48

bigtikidude wrote:

Emilien03 wrote:

Which are those 5 missing albums, Jeff?

The Taikonauts "Mysteriis Alienis Mundi"

That's in your pile from Lorenzo...

Yes,yer right, its the earlier release by them that I don't have.


Last edited: Oct 06, 2014 19:52:50

No Cosmonauti... obviously my vote only counted once...

I'm more than disappointed to say the least with this list I mean The Nebula's before Man Or Astro-Man? - Project Infinity ???? And no Impala or Galaxy Trio ?? I thought more people with good taste were voting here ! There's several bands on this list I wouldn't have even put on my top 500 surf revival list.i also noticed a lot of site member butt kissing going in the votes. Some deserved some definitely not ..yes that's my opinion and yes I'm well aware this will ruffle a few feathers.

Reverb, It's A Way Of Life!

I think a big impact on the vote was albums that are available in Europe. Double Crown has a big presence, which is well distributed, and has a lot of SG101 members.

There aren't a lot of self-released on this list.

Blue Stingrays... a popular but not very good album...

Nebula One surprised me, I had It's Go Time in my top 10 as that is an album I love.

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