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Clarry: Where do Jack-in-the-Boxes go for holidays? The Dordogne
45 days ago

bigtikidude: ???........
35 days ago

DannySnyder: Last night I was attacked by a gang of mimes, they did unspeakable things to me.
34 days ago

bigtikidude: Heyoooo
33 days ago

Twangy: mosrite
27 days ago

synchro: Did the mimes attack Shecky, Mycroft, or one of your other personalities? Smile
26 days ago

mpmizzou: zverb
22 days ago

fenderfan: Hello BTD - trying to send you a private message, but it says your mailbox is full.
19 days ago

bigtikidude: I'll clear it out, But better to email me direct, bigtikidude@...
19 days ago

bigtikidude: Dates and Line up announcement for the 11th annual Surf Guitar 101 convention: https://surf...
13 days ago

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Permalink The Enigma that is Messer Chups

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I would, to be safe John

Latest album is out now

So having seen the Chups 3 times now somcentheir show at Alex’s I am evolving an appreciation for what Oleg and the band is doing. There is a lot going on in his playing in particular with voicing and variety of attack producing an extreme dynamic range articulating phrases.

Collage is one of Gitarkin’s commonest techniques going back to Messer fur Frau Müller and with MC he still employs it USMH only the guitar, varying the voice from phrase to phrase. Seems to me this degree of articulation is pretty unique. Calls to mind Dick Dale but is a lot less in-your-face and a lot jazzier and humorous.

Squink Out!

Added show to their schedule.



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