sysmalakian: My new vinyl is available now!!!!
127 days ago

SurfinUsa2007: Everybody’s Gone Surfin!
122 days ago

ArtS: Can't wait til Spring!!!
79 days ago

Clint: The Clint Beachwood Show can now be heard at https://soun... .... A new show will be posted every Monday.
78 days ago

PatGall: Surf guitar
45 days ago

Pirecords: Hellllloooo people of Earth
29 days ago

TheOutpost: strap
29 days ago

ArtS: Spam Formum posts this morning. Do not click.
29 days ago

Floyd: Tremolo
22 days ago

bigtikidude: Who’s coming to SG101?
6 days ago

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Permalink 7th Annual Surf Guitar 101 Convention, Sat. Aug. 9th. Reviews and videos starting on page 15

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Hey Jeff, just got the hotel booked, so Stef and I will be there this year. Really looking forward to it after missing the last two years!

Very cool, look forward to seeing you there.


For info on the sg101 raffle go here:


Woah, too much awesome!

DannySnyder wrote:

Here's a sneak preview of Ivan and I practicing for our Atlantics Tribute. Joining us will be Dane from the Madeira and Jonpaul from EVERYTHING ELSE!!!

LISTEN & BUY " S P I N - T H E - B O T T L E " NOW @ Bandcamp

My blog- Euro Tour Blog
Pool Boys on Spotify
Frankie in Frankie & The Pool Boys
DJ Frankie Pool Boy on North Sea Surf Radio
Phayrentz in Pollo Del Mar

OK, I am finally definitively scheduled, at least for transportation. I couldn't do what I would have liked to do and sign up for a three week extravaganza starting in San Francisco and ending in San Diego, but at least I am good for Santa Barbara (finally I'll see Kelp!) through Spikes in Rosemead.

Couple announcements that I've been meaning to mention
And keep forgetting.

Fender Factory tour.
I am too busy to do this again.
But your welcome to call
the Fender Visitor center in Corona,
And take the tour on your own.
I believe they do it Mon. Tues. Thurs. Fri.

BBQ at my place Friday afternoon.
If your in a band playing at SG101
or are a SG101 forum member and wanna attend the
BBQ at my place fri. Noon to 6pm
Email me at for my address.

Sun. Night wind down party at Dons in Sunset beach
This is happening even though it's not on the flyer.
(We ran outta room). 6-10/11pm in the dagger bar.
We will start with Paul Johnson and Mike Vernon's
Guitars inc. duo. Have some jams for a few hours,
The. Wrap up the night with The El Caminos.
( I just saw Eddie this past week, he said the 3 sets they
Will be playing that weekend, will be different songs for each set)
So you'll wanna catch all 3.

Monday morning breakfast and historic surf spot tour of
The Wedge, rendezvous ballroom site, fun zone,
Etc ... Will be doable, but early n short.
I need to work that Monday. So tour will be 8-10 am

Contact me if you have any questions.


bigtikidude wrote:

and of course Karen on keys in the poolboys
shouldn't it be the pool people?

I think in such cases it's persons, as in wait persons. "I will be your wait person tonight! My job is to wait until your mouth is full and then ask you how you like your meal. Then I smile brightly and dart away before you can swallow enough to choke out an answer."

So, presumably key persons and drum persons. Or, if female, key personas and drum personas. But in German it is people, or the analog of that, as in waitmann vs. waitloiter.

Emilien03 wrote:

Does anyone have all the flyers since the very first edition?
It would be nice to have them all together.

Here's the one I did for the first convention way back in '08...


...and the one I did in '09...


...and the drum head...


  • Surfbeatnik

This is from last year:


Wow! A trip down memory lane.
Thanks Duff n Jamie.


Thanks Duff & Jamie Smile
By now I'm just missing one flyer ... 3th Annual Convention 2010.
So if anyone can post that one ... Yes

When you have to shoot ... shoot! Don't talk.
"Los Grainders"
"Planeta Reverb"


The Madeira Official Website
The Madeira on Facebook
The Blair-Pongracic Band on Facebook
The Space Cossacks on Facebook
The Madeira Channel on YouTube

That was a good one,well they all were.
But that was the first year with international bands.


so many good bands

Did the 4th convention
Have a pic of a blackface amp ?

I might have one of the cards
If nobody else has a pic.

I believe so Dave.






Thanks Paul!
It makes me proud and amazed.

I would have never thought I could pull off shows like these.
Of course there has been lots of help.
Friends, bands, sponsors, the venue,
Jonpaul, Kristena, Brian. The list goes on n on.
But mostly thanks to everybody that has attend one or all of these!


You're the man, Jeff!

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