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bigtikidude: New link https://m.yo...
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276 days ago

skeeter: I know a Polish sound guy.
204 days ago

skeeter: I know a Czech one too!
204 days ago

PatGall: Surfybear metal settings
124 days ago

Pyronauts: Happy Tanks-Kicking!
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midwestsurfguy: Merry Christmas!
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Looking forward to it!


Playlist Surfin’ Dutchmen (The Fantastic Four week 23) June 7th, 2015

A full hour of Dutch Delight

  1. The Waistcoast - Operation Swedish Nurse
  2. The Riddlers - S.X. Appeal
  3. The Biarritz Boys - San Sebastian
  4. The Apemen - El Tortura
  5. The Devons – Unknown
  6. El Pincho - Long Live the New Flesh
  7. The Surphonics – Psycho
  8. Link Protrudi and the Jaymen - Miss Jean’s Theme
  9. King Charles' Head - Rap City
  10. Dawn Patrol - Brazilian wax
  11. Rene And His Alligators - Counter Point
  12. The Hot Rollers - Surfer’s Stomp
  13. Phantom Frank - Dead Man Surfin'
  14. Angelo Santoro - Theme from Surf-City
  15. Ward 69 - The Impaler
  16. HJ – Orion
  17. The Phantom Four – Morgana
  18. The Dactaris - Elmstreet Nightmare
  19. Black Tarantula - Rangeros Gigantos
  20. Planet Creep - Mars Mothership
  21. The Longhorn Devils - Monkey Ride

Thumbs Up Eddy Luca

DJ at North Sea Surf Radio (The Fantastic Four)
Music Director North Sea Surf Radio


I guess today is my Fantastic Four show at NSSR.
Do not miss it!
Do you want to hear the Ghastly Ones farting on NSSR?
Some nice meditative surf music while having nice Tantra Sex with your girlfriend?
and more...
So... turn up the NSSR loud!!!!

1 Taikonauts: Incident in Santa Fe
2 Polaris: Strontium 90
3 O Haras: Hara Sutra
4 Dead Rocks: Surf Explosao
5 Mr. Antonis
6 La Venganza del Chico Salvaje
7 The Verb: Caveat Auditor
8 The Ultras: Magic Wand
9 Mambo Italiano
10 The Typhoons: South Of Heaven
11 Snapping Turtle
12 Tucson County Jail
13 The Surf Coasters: Skidway
14 Phantom Car
15 Mission Drive
16 The Ghastly Ones: Fuzzy & Wild
17 Graveyard Shift
18 Looney Tunes: Strange Man
19 Anatevka
20 Wie ein Blitz

Twang cheers!

Ralf Kilauea

Can't wait!


Haha! Thanks Jeff!
Hey, you`ve got this Looney Tunes album "beyond the dune" also now. I love the sound of this album! Put in the CD turn the volume up and hear this raw drumkit and then THIS reverb guitar! Aaaahhh!!! Wonderful!!! Just wonderful!

Twang cheers!

Ralf Kilauea


My wife and I are in Berlin until Wednesday. What is fun to do, and we should get together for coffee or beer. We are in Mitte.

Rev (Mike)

Canadian Surf

PM sent!

Twang cheers!

Ralf Kilauea

Pm not received. Try


Canadian Surf

Sorry to hear yer Sick Ralf,
But great to hear you on Nssr again.
Good tunes so far.

I've had all the Looney tunes cds for a long time.
Dorthy bought that one in Italy.


Last edited: Jul 05, 2015 15:19:12

revhank wrote:

Pm not received. Try


Finally we made it! Juhu!!!!!!
Was so nice to meet you and your wife here!
Very nice evening.
Have a good and safe trip!
All the best!!!

Twang cheers!

Ralf Kilauea


It was indeed a great evening! Thanks for coming out, and we will see you next time.


Canadian Surf

The Fantastic Four - Playlist for July 12th 2015

The Reveliers - Flat Tyre (Long Lost Honkers & Twangers comp.)

Le Grand Miercoles - I've Got To Surf Away
Los Fantasticos - Paint It Black (Surfin' Jack Flash comp.)

The Youngers - Lucky Number Thirteen
The Takeoffs - Goofy Foot

The Mobsmen - Bubbles
West Samoa Surfer League - Moment Of Truth

John Ford - Lost Horizon
John Ford - Spanish Jive

Man or Astro-Man - The Wayward Meteor
Man or Astro-Man - War Of The Satellites

The Cruncher - Freefall
The Cruncher - Surfin' Bu

The Cruncher - Long Lost Melody

Skurkana - The Usual Suspect
Spaceguards - La Donna D'Oro

Urban Surf Kings - Penguin Or Robot?
Mono Men - Rumble

Ralph Carby & The Cavaliers - The Enchanted Sea
Ralph Carby & The Cavaliers - Pipeline

Jorgen Ingmann - La Mer

Cool Alan Taylor Pipeline Magazine

Playlist Surfin’ Dutchmen (The Fantastic Four week 29) July 19th, 2015

A full hour of Dutch Delight

  1. The Treble Spankers - Ultra Wave
  2. The Aloha Sluts - Brand New Surfboard
  3. Los Tiki Boys - Tiki Orgy
  4. Koko - Desert Sand
  5. The Killer Bananazz - Freaks of Nature
  6. The Surf A's - Instrumentally Ill
  7. Skik – Tof
  8. The Lonely Knights - Malibu Run
  9. Kev Black & The Muffdivers - The West Gone Wild
  10. The Roomsurfers - Ring y Lucha
  11. The Rollers – Jezebel
  12. The Black Arrows - Hernando’s Hideaway
  13. The Shavers - The Memory Man
  14. Apollo 13 – Krabbeninvasie
  15. The Sea Lions - Hevenu Shalom Alechem
  16. The White Trash Minstrels - Theme from Star Trek
  17. The Biarritz Boys - Quicksilver Party
  18. The Firebirds - Slip-Stream
  19. Twang - Licensed to Thrill
  20. The Jaguars - Saturday Night at the Duckpont
  21. The Raving Bonkers - California Sun
  22. Bevel Emboss – Arabic

Thumbs Up Eddy Luca

DJ at North Sea Surf Radio (The Fantastic Four)
Music Director North Sea Surf Radio

Wow! Fantastic show, Eddy! It is such a thrill to hear so much obscure Dutch material so expertly presented!
Cheers Worship

Insect Surfers
The Tikiyaki Orchestra
The Scimitars
Lords Of Atlantis
Fiberglass Jungle - Surf Radio

Yes, very good show Eddy,
And great to meet you in Italy.


Thanks guys for your kind words.
It was great to meet you in person.

Eddy Luca

Last edited: Jul 20, 2015 11:03:11

The Fantastic Four - Playlist for August 2nd 2015
a selection from across time and around the world

01 The Falcons - Stampede [1964 45]

02 Els A-Phonics - El Torcal (feat. Fernando Pardo) [2014 Els A-Phonics & Friends]

03 The Shockwave! - Space Glider [2014 Contact From Space]
04 West Samoa Surfer League - Stringer [2013 Moments Of Truth EP]

05 The Pterodactyls - It's Only Rock 'n Roll (But I Like It) [2014 Surfin' Jack Flash comp.]

06 John Ford - The Reaper [2014 No Talkin']

07 The 427's - El Desperado [2014 Surf Noir]

08 Luizinho & The Dynamites - Bongo Blues [1963]

09 Reverberati - Zako [2014]
10 Los Banditos - Rickie Rocket & Die Rocks [1999]

11 The Cave 4 - High Wall ['80s/'90s 45]
12 The Daktaris - Surfers Revenge [1989 45]

13 Suuret Setelit - Algeciras [2013 Rautalankaa-Jees! Vol.3 comp.]
14 Kaapo & Zetor -Calhoun Surf [2013 Rautalankaa-Jees! Vol.3 comp.]

15 King Pelican - El Gallo [2012]
16 The Sherwoods - Tickler [1963/64]

17 The Tiki Men - Cattle Prod [1994 45]
18 The Waterdogs - Theme From Spy Dog [1998 45]

19 finale - The Laughing Gnome [2011]

Cool Alan Taylor Pipeline Magazine

Last edited: Aug 02, 2015 08:40:28

Playlist Surfin’ Dutchmen (The Fantastic Four week 32) August 9th, 2015

A full hour of Dutch Delight

  1. The Mono-Tones - Desert Ride
  2. The Riddlers - The Riddler
  3. The Anacondas – Absinth
  4. Beyond Lickin' - Soft Porn
  5. Stories from Shamehill - Kahuna Haha
  6. Stories from Shamehill - The Cannonball Rum Theme
  7. The Spaceguards – Stampede
  8. Mr. Atom & His Protons - Cecilia Ann
  9. The Surfaders - Ridin' at Punta Lobo
  10. Hyperblaster Surfcowboys - Angel on my Sofa
  11. The Jay Jays – Cruncher
  12. The Tielman Brothers – Marabunta
  13. The Apemen - Pogo a Gogo
  14. The Phantom Four - A Forest
  15. Stories from Shamehill - Meanwhile Back at the Farm
  16. Stories from Shamehill - Toes on the Nose, Bros!
  17. King Charles' Head - War of the Sattelites
  18. Lemming - Surfin' Love
  19. The Dactaris - Safari stomp
  20. Marck & the Spies – Branded

Cool Cool Cool Eddy Luca

DJ at North Sea Surf Radio (The Fantastic Four)
Music Director North Sea Surf Radio

Last edited: Aug 09, 2015 02:32:19

Thanks Eddy!!! Great to be a part of the "Surfin' Dutchmen"!!!

Stories from Shamehill

Stories from Shamehill


The Fantastic Five - Firetone/Twang edition week 33, August 16th

The Fathoms - Getaway Car (Fathomless)
The Madeira - Journey To The Center Of The Surf (Ancient Winds)
The Tiki Tones - Traitor Vic (Secret Agent Sounds Compilation)

The Exotics – Agent from Osaka (The Enchanted Interrogation Room)
Y Niwl - Undegchwech (7”)
Fifty Foot Combo - Can I Have Some Brandy With That (Caffeine)

Palermo Surf Experience - Special Agent Carlson (Il Campari Fatal Full)
The Apemen – Baraheraba (Surfvival of de Onbeschofste)
El Ray - Hosanna (Jesus Christ Surferstar)

The Longboards - Dragger Joe (7”)
The Tomorrowmen - The Man Who Couldn’t Tell Time (Futourism)
Bambi Molesters - Sun Stroke (Dumb Load Hollow Twang)

Los Twang Marvels - Sea of Glory (Jungle Of Twang)
Los Venturas - Bubamara (Kaleydoskop)
The Blue Demons - Squad Car (Promo)

The Tikiyaki Orchestra - Kono’s Revenge (Aloha, Baby)
The Mullet Monster Mafia - Break Beach (Dogs of the Seas)
Slacktone - Avalon Slip (Into the Blue Sparkle)

El Twitter
El Ray
El Ray on Bandcamp
El Twang on YouTube

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