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Thought I would share my latest board work with the forum. It's a long story how this one came to be, so I'll just keep it short and as simple.

Part of the inspiration for this board came from the 1963 PR photo shown below. I added the DD logo on the fin, and inlayed one of my signed DD picks in the bottom as a tribute to a man who will always be an historical figure not only to surf music but to surfing and the lifestyle.

Hope you guys approve...


Last edited: Oct 13, 2013 21:48:32

couple more...




Very cool, have you sent those pics to
I'm sure he'll very honored.


Very cool! I agree that you should send photos to Dick.


That's one beautiful hunk of wood! I agree, send pics to Mr. Dale, he'd get a kick out of it!


That is an epic looking longboard...are these wood veneers for the deck and bottom..sorta like the surftech models with a mix of the light and dark woods...great looking you also make screw-in fins in these two woods...This shape is very similar to the Phil Edwards hobie models of 1966...aside from the Dick Dales additions, are these one-off models...thanks

Thanks guys,
I have sent photos to the guy that does Dick's virtual web museum, and he said he would pass them on to Dick and Lana. It would be cool to hear his thoughts on it but, it's not necessary. The board is for my enjoyment after all, and I must say this is one fun board to ride!

Guitarslinger1 : This is a Hollow Wood Surfboard, aka (HWS) I designed an internal frame structure made of recycled 1/8" plywood. It is then covered with 1/4" x 1 1/4" old growth redwood and balsa strips. The rails are done with bead and cove strips. The board is glassed with two layers of 6oz glass on top and a single layer of 6oz on the bottom. I used epoxy resin for glue up's and lamination's. Dimensions, 9'6" x 22 1/4" x 2 1/4" weight is 23# and is a one off design.

Last edited: Oct 14, 2013 14:40:49

thanks so much for the construction update...

Beautiful work.

Wow what a nice piece of craftsmanship! Do you have any building plans, I would be very interested to build one like that.
Great job!!!

Los Venturas
The Hydrosonics (RIP)

Beautiful board dude!!!

Enjoying the surf,sun and sand!!

Jaw-dropping gorgeous. Almost too beautiful to get bumped and scraped, and too perfect not to surf. I'm glad you ride it; it would be a shame to keep it dry.

This is Noel. Reverb's at maximum an' I'm givin' 'er all she's got.

Last edited: Oct 14, 2013 20:34:31

That is SWEET! VERY nice work, dude!

Radio Free Bakersfield--60 Minutes of TWANG, CRUNCH, OOMPH.

Very nice! Cool Thank's for sharing!

Thanks for all the positive vibes people! Smile

That's truly a wonderful piece of functional art ! Enjoy the ride.

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