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Permalink Winter Surf Fest, Sun.Jan 27th , ( Videos up now) Tribute to Eddie Bertrand, Bel Airs Reunion,

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HBkahuna wrote:

One day left till the Eddie and The Showmen tribute. Here are the guys working out one of Eddie's songs as Eddie looks on...

Eddie and The Showmen forever

WOW! REALLY cool, thanks so much for posting this, Tim! It sounds fantastic. (Do I hear a second sax player in addition to Jim Frias? I don't see anybody there, but I think I hear something...) It's going to be painful not being there tomorrow.... Videos, please! Have a blast - for Eddie!

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Only one sax....



Eddie and the Showmen tribute band, L to R... John Benton, Dick Dodd, John Blair (holding Eddie's guitar) Jim Frias, John Paul Balak, Matt Quilter.

Last edited: Jan 28, 2013 16:19:34

Thumbs Up

Long live the music of Eddie Bertrand!

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"It starts... when it begins" -- Ralf Kilauea

I hope that the turnout was good, and that everybody had a great time. I'm super bummed. I got down to SoCal Thursday night, stoked and ready for a weekend of great surf music, starting with the show at the Purple Orchid, and ending with today's Winter Surf Fest. Since Friday afternoon, I've been dealing with ambulances, ER's, hospitsal administratic hassles, OR's and exhaustion. Nothing happened to me, but a family member had a serious medical emergency for which I had to be deeply involved. I'm still hoping to be able to get over to the Trip for Chum this week. To be so close, and to have to miss out is beyond frustrating. But, what can you say? Sh*t happens.


Picture of Eddie's axe, So COOL!!

Wow, sorry to hear about all that Bob. Sad

So.... how was it??? Thoughts? Pics? Videos? Smile

Site dude - S3 Agent #202
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"It starts... when it begins" -- Ralf Kilauea

Really enjoyed the show! All of the bands were awesome. Banned from The Beach cancelled so the show was pushed back a bit which worked out for me cause I got there late and still got to see Danny's incredibly tight band, The Tomorrow Men. The Volcanics were on fire too, but the highlight for me is always seeing the legends jam. John Blair, John Benton and Matt Quilter did an amazing job of channeling Eddie. And Jon Paul tore it up on bass for The Showmen! PJ is always great and I love his stories between songs. Bob Robert on the keys was a real treat playing the piano part on the break of Moto with ease. But the two guys that bring me to tears of joy every time are Jim Frias on Sax and Dick Dodd on drums. Dick plays with such a enthusiasm and joy that you can easily picture what he was like in '63. I leaped to the stage like a cheetah when he handed his sticks out at the end of the set, and got them signed of course. Great job BTD, Tim and friends for organizing this event!

BOSS FINK "R.P.M." available now from DOUBLE CROWN RECORDS!

Fun show - really glad we came down. Thanks to BTD and everyone who put so much work into making the show a success.

Another wonderful day with my fellow Reverb Junkies Cool

Speaking of Reverb Junkies, WOW WHAT AN AWESOME FILM!!! I got to see it for the first time yesterday and I really really enjoyed it. Steve & crew did an excellent job. I was actually spotted in the crowd a few times (I'M FAMOUS NOW!! WOO!!) and since I was at many of the shows in the film, it brought back a lot of good memories. It's like a time capsule for us Junkies who were there. I picked up a copy and will watch it again soon.

The TomorrowMen are always a treat to watch. Without a doubt they are among my favorite modern surf acts and I'm so glad I got to catch them twice on this tour! I liked the mini acoustic set, although it seemed a bit anachronistic to have guys from the future playing those archaic instruments! lol

The Bel-Air reunion was really really cool. Like Norm said above, I always like Paul's little stories in between songs, and the band plays with such gusto and verve.

The Eddie tribute was high energy fun. Holy cow, every time I see John Blair play I get blown away by him. He wails on that guitar with the energy of a teenager, but with the precision and efficiency of an old pro. He was channeling Eddie for sure.

I've seen The Riptides a few times now and I always enjoy their sets. Great energy and vibe. I LOVE their old school repair-man style Reverb Testers shirts. Such a cool idea, any chance they will ever sell those?

The Volcanics are like The 50s teeny bop bands meets surf, with a little but of punk in there too. Really high energy and fun, and even the vocals were good (VOCALS?!?!?! WHAT ARE THOSE?!?!?!)

I only won 3 raffle prizes this time. I must be slipping, lol (I won 12 times at the convention in August).

And as always its just really cool hanging out with and meeting new fellow Reverb Junkies. It was extra cool meeting Eddie from The El Caminos from Japan! Real nice guy and he said he would try to come back for the convention in August! Cool!

Thanks to BTD and crew for another awesome day!!! SG101!

Last edited: Jan 28, 2013 14:41:54

What a great show. I’m glad I was able to make this event and say hello to some folks.

It was great meeting you Norm and Terry. I was the guy eavesdropping on your conversation and chimed in regarding the Teen A Go Go garage rock documentary. I hope to see you fellas play together in the future.

I need to commend Jeff on another successful, extremely well run event. All the bands were fantastic. I felt privileges to have been at this event dedicated to Eddie Bertrand and see his friends play in his memory. It was special for sure. For me to elaborate on the Bel Airs and the Eddie and the Showman tribute just would not do them justice. Both acts were Simply awesome.

The Tomorrowmen were on and their acoustic set was too cool. Talk about having it dialed in. Thanks T-men for making the voyage back to the present.

The Riptides where great too. Top of the line, straight at you, super polished surf. I like it!

This was my first live experience with The Volcanics and…. um …wow. Shock I was about 10 – 15 feet from the stage and my hair still got singed from their performance. They were just blazing. By the end of their set I felt like I had just drank a RedBull and Vodka . Fully energized and a little buzzed. It was the perfect way to end the show and get me nice and alert for my drive back to San Diego. No caffeine needed.

Thanks to BTD, all the staff and bands involved. Great job.

SSS Agent #178

Just got home from my 1000 mile road trip. LA Roadster Show, Dekes Geek Fest and the Winter Surf fest. Thanks so much Jeff for putting this on. It was so cool being in the same room with all these surf greats.

Bob and all, thanks for coming.

Thanks to Tim for bringing the Guitar and pics of Eddie.

thanks to all of the bands that played.

I knew I would get sick from 2 nights of Geek fest, and then the winter surf fest. Why dont sick people stay home and not share their sickness?


Sunday at The Eddie Bertrand tribute. The band playing their hearts out for Eddie. Eddie's guitar in the spotlight. — with John Blair, John Benton, Jon Paul Balak, Matt Quilter and Dick Dodd.

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Last edited: Jan 30, 2013 22:56:03

Those without a facebook account will get that message.

I have a fb account and still got the same message.

Thanks again for putting this all together, these big events are always great and I was glad I could make it out.

Going to echo what Josh said about Reverb Junkies. Being able to watch it in a room full of fans was a great experience, even if only to point everybody out during the crowd shots.

Hot Summer Comes Again!
Let's Go Beach! Let's Go Beach!

I almost forgot,
thanks to Marie King(jonpaul's girlfriend)
and Ran(kick the reverb)
for selling wristbands and raffle tix at the door.
as my Mom called in sick with a ear infection.

and to my Dad for (huh huh) watching the back door.


Man this seemed to die off really quick.

Has there been any video's from the Eddie & the Showmen tribute uploaded, or Tomorrow Men performaces?

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