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Permalink 2012, Surf Guitar 101 Convention #5, Sat. Aug. 11th. reviews start on pg 14, pics n vids on pg 15, lots of pics by Tuck on page 20

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So cool-thanks for sharing!


When are we getting info on the 2013 Convention??? Big Grin


"You're done, once you're a surfer you're done. You're in. It's like the mob or something. You're not getting out." - Kelly Slater

The Luau Cinders

midwestsurfguy wrote:

Hey Sorry this took me so long and the video is so dark, but here is the Slacktone set from Doll Hut 8-11-2012

No problem. Basically they were playing in the dark. I remember. It was a fabulous set, I thought. Now I get to listen to it again!

I am trembling on the verge of getting back to this week of stuff, complicated by issues with a video card (?), but before those developed I got to this from the Purple Orchid session ...

Insect Surfers: Razorback
Insect Surfers: (Unknown)

Last edited: Jan 03, 2013 18:47:17

Yep, during the video for Slacktone, I could see the light go off. It was on so it was a little better for The Disasternauts and The Tequila Worms.
There is a lot more coming!

Here is the Disasternauts set from the Doll Hut on 8-11-2012
This is the first time I have seen them play! What a hoot and really great players too!

The Disasternaughts - Doll Hut 8-12-2012

The Disasternaughts - Redlined

The Disasternaughts - Black Sand Beach

The Disasternauts - Crazy Driving

The Disasternauts - Dunebilly

The Disasternauts - Fuzzy and Wild

The Disasternauts - Haulin Hearse

The Disasternauts - Journey To The Stars

The Disasternauts - Unknown

The Disasternauts - Sing Sing Sing

The Disasternauts - Tailspin

The Disasternauts - The Angry man

The Disasternauts - The Victor

Three Blue Stars

Thanks Guy!!!!
worth the wait,

probably a Month or so for the announcement of the line up for the convention, but the Date is Sat. Aug. 10th.


That Disasternauts set was one of my favorite parts of the convention weekend. Never heard so many Yuzo Kayama songs in one set, and I'd never seen anyone do Three Blue Stars live. Thanks for these!

Hot Summer Comes Again!
Let's Go Beach! Let's Go Beach!

Tequila worms set at the Doll Hut
These guys have amazing energy! Its always fun to see them playing!

Tequila Worms - Fury

Tequila Worms - Gypsy Whore

Melodie's Dilemma

Tequila Worms - Jetson

Tequila Worms - Miserlou

Tequila Worms - One Too Many Tequilas

Tequila Worms - Pipeline

Tequila Worms - The One Night Stand

Tequila Worms - HI-Tide

Tequila Worms - Unsteady

Last edited: Jan 04, 2013 13:51:27

Guy, thanks so much for going to the trouble of filming AND posting these! I almost prefer when they're posted months later, after the fact, as it's a chance to re-live the whole thing over again when it's just about out of mind. Cheers!

Tuck, I actually like those "infrared" clips! Thanks! Incidentally, the second tune is "Vaquita," a studio version of which will be on the forthcoming long-overdue new Insect Surfers album in 2013!

Insect Surfers
The Tikiyaki Orchestra
Surfer Joe
Fiberglass Jungle - Surf Radio

There is more Infrarect Surfer available. I can even leave them in sniperscope green if desired, though after a while I start to get seasick looking at that. I will definitely fix Vaquita's title. (Oh God, another Insect Surfer album at last! I feel like kissing the little cow, whoever she is.)

In a Yuzo Kayama vein, how could the Disasternauts have missed Monkey Crazy? Is it a case of anthropoid correctness?

SpaceFargo wrote:

That Disasternauts set was one of my favorite parts of the convention weekend. Never heard so many Yuzo Kayama songs in one set, and I'd never seen anyone do Three Blue Stars live. Thanks for these!

I remember standing off to the left of the stage seeing Marie near the bar and wondering where Jonpaul was, haha. I was also in that exact same spot 5 days ago watching the Tequila Worms. Now the Doll Hut is closed forever !! Cry RIP Doll Hut.

Last edited: Jan 04, 2013 20:15:02

Thanks a ton Guy!

Site dude - S3 Agent #202
Need help with the site? SG101 FAQ - Send me a private message - Email me

"It starts... when it begins" -- Ralf Kilauea

indeed, RIP Doll Hut!!


Thanks for posting those Guy... fun stuff...
Sorry to hear that The Doll Hut is gone... Sad
My friend Teri told me about Rip Thrillby from The Penetrators taking her there and showing her The Penetrators sticker on the wall behind the stage... Thought this was really cool especially with The Disaternauts opening their set with Redlined.... Big Grin

Those Disasternauts did a great job on Redlined! Love that song!
I have a bunch more songs done, but don't know all of their names. Especially a few from the Rumblers and Paul Johnson & Friends Shou;ld I go ahead and post them? I am sure that some people will know the song names. Sorry this all took me so darn long to get them up here, Its just been crazy here! Cold weather helps, with less to do!

Last edited: Jan 05, 2013 20:37:57

any vids from the convention Guy?


El Ray - Justin Case


Thanks for the video Darrenk!

Site dude - S3 Agent #202
Need help with the site? SG101 FAQ - Send me a private message - Email me

"It starts... when it begins" -- Ralf Kilauea

CA: Mission to SG 101 August 2012 – with 9th Wave
............Long Post
Hey All,

Mike here, before this thread vanishes into the archives, I wanted to post my thoughts and thanks on behalf of the 9th Wave band. Sorry this post is more than late, the memory will last my lifetime. Time has passed by quickly, the days turned into months. Since returning from our trip - long work days, hurricanes, winter storms, holidays, gigs and life’s setbacks for everyone.

First off; thank you to the Big Tiki Dude Jeff, for considering 9th Wave to perform at the Convention, Huntington Beach Pier show and arranging Don’s the Beachcomber and all the other arrangements that make a successful week long music event. Tiki Tena was kind enough and willing to let us borrow and travel with her vintage Farfisa organ.
Special thanks go out to the Thee Swank Bastards, for helping us play a show with them in Las Vegas. Allen from Outerwave, for sharing their backline at Don’s Friday night; to Big Wave Dave Becker for the support, Tim Sullivan and Lorenzo for playing with me in the members jam and Sunday’s Don the Beachcomber wind-down jam. Dave F who captures us live at the convention and sent me the DVDs. Tuck, Dave Arnson, Midwest Surf Guy, Jon Paul & Marie, JD, and so many others…..

Memorable events other than playing shows:
• Winning the SG101 Limited edition Fender Stratocaster Guitar raffle and playing it during our Pier show. I’d like to let everyone know who may read this: there will come a day when I’m no longer able to play or own this fine guitar and in my wishes and for the record - if there is still an SG101 event (many years from now), this Guitar will be returned back to the community from where it was born to surf, be it as a raffle item or gift …but definitely in the ownership of a SG101 member or surf music museum.
• My interview with Clint Beachwood for his podcast show.
• Experiencing my first CAL earthquake and aftershocks.

This was our tour schedule, trying to get the most out of life:

8/7 Tues. – leave Bradley (CT) airport at 5:58 pm with SOME band gear; arrive LAX 10:40 pm; stay at Super 8 Motel in LA
8/8 Wed. – 7:30 am walk 1 mile to pick up rental car; drive to Anaheim to pick up Farfisa organ at Casa BTD by 10 am, then drive 4 hours to Las Vegas across Mojave Desert (desert reaches high of 119 degrees; van starts to run hot)
Afternoon – style around Vegas
o Ed, Lisa and Phred check in to Hard Rock Hotel and gamble.
o Sandy & I check in to Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall & Saloon, then walk around in 112 deg temperatures, start drinking beers.
o Sandy & I renew wedding vows at the Tunnel of Love at 6:30pm
o Celebrate at Frankie’s Tiki Room at 8:00 pm

Evening - show at the Double Down Saloon @ 10 pm ( ) in Vegas with Thee Swank Bastards; leave the Saloon at 1:30 am, outside temperature 103 deg.

8/9 Thurs. – 9 am drive from Vegas to LA (hot again - 113 deg) – lunch at Peggy Sue’s Rock ‘n Roll diner in the desert with dinosaur statues out back (shades of Pee Wee Herman); check in at Don’s Turf Motel in Los Alamitos CA by 4:30pm
o Drinks at Tiki Ti tiki bar in East Hollywood - meet Sven Kirsten, Mr. Tiki himself, in person! (Sandy pays for Tiki Archeology DVD that she’s been trying to buy from him via email), then dinner at Mexican Restaurant next door.

Go to convention pre-show 9pm @ The Redwood ( ), downtown LA with:
El Ray from Denmark, Los Venturas from Belgium
Insect Surfers from CA ( )
3 Balls of Fire from CA/TX ( ) –
leave club at 1:00 am

8/10 Fri. – Fender Factory tour - meet at 8:45 am at Big Tiki Dude’s house in Anaheim – visit with Jeff’s dad, Craig. Drive to Fender Factory for tour. Back to hotel to rest, then back to Big Tiki Dude’s house for afternoon BBQ with drinks, chatted with friends, cooked 4 pounds of tortellini with pesto, and helped Tuck with locked car syndrome.

Show 9 pm at Don the Beachcomber in the Dagger Bar, Huntington Beach, CA - Outerwave from CA supplies backline ( ) with Los Venturas & 9th Wave

  • 8/11 Sat. – Surf Guitar 101 Convention ( ) at The Starting Gate 8 am – 8 pm, Los Alamitos CA.
    Arrived there by 8 am to help out, setup, move tables, setup vending area & bring the Farfisa organ early for Tiki Tena to play it in the member jam; I played Walk Don’t Run in members jam with Big Wave Dave Becker & Tim Sullivan (Supertones) and Lorenzo on drums

10AM Surf Guitar 101 Members’ Jam
11AM 9th Wave
12 noon The Intoxicators from FL ( )
Worked the Door
1PM The Exotics from WI ( )
2PM The Dynotones from CA ( )
3PM Surf Legend Jam featuring The Nocturnes and The Rumblers
4PM Los Venturas
5PM El Ray
6PM The Maderia from IN ( )
7PM Jon & the Nightriders ( ) - seminal second wave band, historic reunion!
I won the SG101 Limited edition Fender Stratocaster Guitar raffle!
Interview with Clint Beachwood for podcast show
8PM carry equipment out of club and load into Jeff’s vehicles

9PM Post-convention show at The Doll Hut, 107 S. Adams St., Anaheim
The Disasternauts
The Tequila Worms providing backline
1AM leave post show, head back to Don’s Motel

8/12 Sun. - 11 am – 5 pm Huntington Beach Pier show – walked on pier, check out the scene watched all the bands; Los Venturas, El Ray, Intoxicators, Madeira and Exotics; assisted with band logistics.

6:00PM Don the Beachcomber wind-down jam, Sunday
BTD asked me if I could help pull a jam together for the Don’s after the Pier show, due to the fact that Matt Q and the Wave Machine was unavailable. I’d asked for help, needed and called on some well skilled players to meet up at Don’s. I’d like to thank Big Wave Dave Becker for playing bass guitar for almost 3 hours , Lorenzo for being the drummer on demand; I put Tim Sullivan on the spot to support and arrange music with musicians / combos, Jim Frias on sax, and of course ... special guest Paul Johnson for accepting an invite and playing with so many people, combinations, and songs. The SG101 Limited Edition Raffle Guitar came out of the case and was put to good use by a variety of fine players. A list of the different players / combos was kept for historical purposes.

Combinations of players:
- 9th Wave with Jim Frias, sax
- Los Venturas
- Big Tiki Dude/bass, Max/guitar, Lorenzo/drums, Robbie (of Sneaky Tikis)/guitar, Jim Frias/sax
- Tim Sullivan/guitar, Carol/guitar, Lorenzo/drums, Big Wave Dave/bass
- Bruce (of Reef Riders)/guitar, Lorenzo/drums, Big Wave Dave/bass, Tim Sullivan (of Supertones)/guitar
- Mike/guitar, Big Wave Dave/bass, Lorenzo/drums, Tim Sullivan/guitar, Jim Frias/sax
- Big Wave Dave/bass, Lorenzo/drums, Max/guitar, Ivan/guitar, Patrick (of Madeira)/guitar
- Dave (of Madeira)/drums, Ivan/guitar, Big Wave Dave/bass, Paul Johnson/guitar, Mike/guitar, Jim Frias/sax (they did Mr. Moto and Squad Car)
- Big Wave Dave/bass, Brian (of Intoxicators)/drums, Carol/guitar, Paul Johnson/guitar, Jim Frias/sax
- Big Wave Dave/bass, Brian/drums, PJ/guitar, Carol/guitar, Sandy/guitar
- Big Wave Dave/bass, Lorenzo/drums, PJ/guitar, Carol/guitar
- Negative Ed/bass, PJ/guitar, Max/guitar, Lorenzo/bass
- Big Wave Dave/bass, Brian/drums, PJ/guitar, Max/guitar, Jim Frias/sax
- Big Wave Dave/bass, Brian/drums, PJ/guitar, Max/guitar, Tim Sullivan/guitar
- PJ/guitar, Eric (of Trabants)/guitar, Brian/drums, Negative Ed/bass
- Jaime (of Mystery Men)/bass, Eric/guitar, Gary (of Intoxicators)/guitar, Brian/drums
- Big Tiki Dude/bass, PJ/guitar, Lorenzo/drums, Gary/guitar, Tim Sullivan/guitar
- Big Wave Dave/bass, PJ/guitar, Lorenzo/drums, Gary/guitar, Tim Sullivan/guitar
- Adam/bass, PJ/guitar, Lorenzo/drums, Tim/guitar, Mike/guitar (Diamondhead)
- Big Wave Dave/bass, PJ/guitar, Lorenzo/drums, Tim/guitar, Sean/guitar
- Big Wave Dave/bass, PJ/guitar, Lorenzo/drums, Tim/guitar
- 9:30PM loaded out, dropped off the organ with BTD

8/13 Mon. –Check out of hotel – sign band photos for Marion (hotel owner)
- Check out Huntington Beach International Surfing Museum ( ), dropped some CDs off
- Tiki Road Trip - Go to Oceanic Arts ( ) in Whittier in am to buy tiki stuff - they remembered me from last year, traded some CDs
Tiki Road Trip - Stop in Rosemead at Bahooka for lunch & tiki drinks
- Return rental car 9 pm
- Fly out of LAX at 10:55 pm, arrive CT 9:01 am Tuesday 8/14

So that’s how we spent our time in CAL. It was great meeting/seeing everyone again, and thank you for your support and the community of peers/fans/friends.

Mike – 9th Wave


and here I am in the midst of getting ready to announce this years convention, and this pops up.
Thanks for that review Mike.
It was great having you guys,
and hope to see you many more times in the Future my friend.


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