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Nilstempo wrote:

Volcanik wrote:

No I didn't know about either - off to the shops
tomorrow, hopefully at least one of these will be in

Did you find your mags?


Will have a look at my local newsagent in the morning

Last edited: Aug 13, 2011 10:12:11

There is a link on the site to order a copy. It's $12

I am but one dude~ Zonker Harris

It's a good article and the tabs in the back would be good for beginners. But the pictures in the article bring up a question I always have: whenever there is a picture of ajaguar or jazzmaster they almost never have the tremolo arm installed. It's surf music what the hell are they thinking?

I am but one dude~ Zonker Harris

Nilstempo wrote:

Volcanik wrote:

No I didn't know about either - off to the shops
tomorrow, hopefully at least one of these will be in

Do that Smile


Did Cool

Did Cool

So what do you think? And which one did you find?



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Last edited: Aug 18, 2011 12:47:29

Gang, my B&N has 3 copies of this after I buy mine. Sorry for short notice but if you'd like a copy, post here in the next 90'ish minutes.

They are $15.99 USD and probably like $3ish for US postage. Will send Int'l, but will have to get back to you on cost. PayPal.



El Mirage @ ReverbNation

Last call! Heading out in a few min...


El Mirage @ ReverbNation

I would. But... $20 for a magazine... I just cant do it lol.

Good looking out though, bro Big Grin

Yeah. Winced a bit myself - debated even asking (only deciding to because the thread reached a soilid 2 pages.) The mag looks pret decent overall, just thumbing thru. The CD includes a few lesson/instructional tracks (22 actually, 5 on surf, and one on exotic scales that sounds interesting.)

As mentioned by someone earlier, probably nothing wildly new under the sun, but a nice "treat" of a high glossy coffee table mag that will hang out for a while, and a small nod of appreciation ("taking one for the team") to support a magazine like this giving primo space to the music we love.


El Mirage @ ReverbNation

Last edited: Sep 03, 2011 06:26:32

I picked it up, too, a week ago. The price did give a startle, and I debated it for a moment, but thought like Fady did - let's support a magazine that puts surf music on its cover! Still haven't read it, though, just glanced at it. Tomorrow.

I do remember seeing a funny passage - here it is:

"Ask Dick Dale why his music - and surf music in general - still brings people out in their droves and you'll get philosophical musings on life, and playing to Aborigines, or something. Well, we tried."


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Last edited: Sep 02, 2011 20:02:28

I have to say that this feature was much better than I expected. In fact, i'd go as far as saying that it's excellent! I didn't find any factual errors, and the author gave a great historical overview. There were quite a few interesting anecdotes (and many we've all heard many times by now), and quotes from the legends (DD, PJ) as well as the guys like Deke D., Rick Miller (SCOTS), Eddie Angel, etc. If somebody asked you what surf music, you really couldn't do much better than let them read this 6-7 page feature (which, incidentally, also has a lot of great photos). (I haven't looked at the lessons portion yet.)

A few choice quotes:

(by the editor, in the front of the magazine)
"Welcome to Guitarist, where this issue you'll find a strong Californian flavour as we head back to the dawn of the sixties and the birth of surf guitar. The imagery might be laid-back sun, sea and single-coils, but surf started out with all the grit and edge of any youth movemenent worth its salt. The reverb-drenched twang of those early pioneers is among the most evocative tones of all time, so take in Ed Mitchell's superb feature starting on p38...."

"'I think it's great that surf has lasted beyond Pulp Fiction, which trust me, almost killed surf music,' says Deke. 'Sure, it made surf music really popular for a few years in the 1990s, but it also made a lot of people really sick of it. I's only been in the last few years that people were really ready to hear the music again.'"

"[The conclusion of the article] Our advice? Whack on Dick Dale's Misirlou, the Bel Airs' Mr. Moto or Baja by the Astronauts. Everything you need to know about what makes surf so cool is right there in those grooves. Oh, and crank up the volume and reverb like you're playing to 4,000 kids at the Renezvous."

Thumbs Up

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Thanks for sharing Ivan

Danny Snyder

"With great reverb comes great responsibility" - Uncle Leo

Playing keys and guitar with Combo Tezeta

Formerly a guitarist in The TomorrowMen and Meshugga Beach Party

Latest surf project - Now That's What I Call SURF

I was in Barnes & Noble and found a couple. i decided to go ahead and pick it up. The price was nasty with tax. But oh well. Like said before, its good to support this periodical when its writing about surf.

Reading through the articles now. Good stuff. A little bonus: a quick 10 question & Answer session with the legendary Duane Eddy Cool

Hi all. Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ed Mitchell. I wrote the surf article in Guitarist magazine. I want to say thanks for all the positive comments. I'm a fellow surf music freak so as you can imagine this was a brilliant project for me.

My mission was to make surf music sound exciting and enticing to those guitarists that hadn't been exposed to it; or bothered to dig deeper than the usual well-known recordings. I hope I managed to do that.

I was lucky enough to speak with Dick Dale and two of my longtime heroes, Deke Dickerson and Rick Miller of Southern Culture On The Skids. Paul Johnson generously allowed me to plunder his archives and provided some fresh material to work with. Eddie Angel was equally generous with his time.

The slight problem with this type of article is that you have to go over some ground that has been well-trodden. That's obviously frustrating for the surf faithful who know a lot of the history of the music already, but it's necessary to pull in the intrigued and unconverted.

Getting in touch with Dick Dale wasn't easy. It took a longtime but thanks to the invaluable help of Jim Rapp ( and Dick's webmaster Carlos Gonzalez, I got the great man on the end of the phone. I didn't just want to pull quotes off the internet like other magazines have.

My comments re: Dick talking about the aborigines was designed to illustrate just how fascinating he is to speak with... and amusing. He's funnier than most people give him credit for - I've found that to be true of most of the famous guitarists I've interviewed over the years. The interview was almost two hours so I couldn't get a fraction of what he said into the article.

Anyway, I'm thrilled to see the positive feedback. I thank you all for your comments.

Best regards
Ed Mitchell
Freelance writer
Guitarist, Guitar World, Total Guitar

Ed - great job getting a full surf feature into a major guitar magazine! Speaking for myself, I played guitar for many years before catching the surf bug. Articles like yours go a long way towards building new recruits - lets all hope that publicizing the 50th anniversary leads to a new wave of interest.

BTW, any chance of doing something with the parts of the interviews that you didn't make the article? I am sure this forum would love to host the transcripts : ) And FWIW, it seems like Dick deserves a well written bio as I am not aware of any in print?

Last edited: Sep 13, 2011 11:59:06

+1 ^^^^

SG101 is the perfect place to publish the full interview (there's an article section- not just the forum) not sparing the most intricate details. Let the man's words not go in vain so to speak.
Many would be thankful for that!

Ed - reading your behind the scenes narrative helps me appreciate the article all that much more. I think I'll go out and buy another copy, one to keep reading, sharing and let get dog-eared, the other to save for posterity. Well done!


Welcome Ed, we're awful glad you wrote the article and shared our enthusiasm with hopefully a wider audience.

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6V6 wrote:

And FWIW, it seems like Dick deserves a well written bio as I am not
aware of any in print?

The only one, and it's currently in print, is Stephen McParland's excellent "Surf Beat: The Dick Dale Story, From Deltone to Hightone and Beyond." It's unauthorized, but strongly recommended.

"This 100 page 8x10 glossy coloured covered book is the first and so far only biography of legendary Californian recording artist and surf music hero, Dick Dale. The period covered in this book encompasses Dale's entire career, from the early '50s and into the year 2000! Also included are 12 full pages of photos, plus a variety of other pages devoted to recording contracts and various memorabilia. A complete Dick Dale discography and a Del-Tone Records discography is included, together with a thorough index."

It's available from the author here:

Scroll way down the page to find it...


Last edited: Sep 13, 2011 13:14:57

Hi all. Thanks for your comments... and your suggestions.

I'll put some of the unpublished words from my interview with Dick together in the near future and post the results here. It will be a pleasure!


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