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Clint: Ever try to explain “surf music” to friends? A Day at the Beach Podcast #150 can do this for you. It explains how it got started and ends with today’s modern bands and much more. Please share with those unaware… https://www....
166 days ago

synchro: Hello Remora.
155 days ago

dragonfly: Dick Dale was my best friend and my rock. I loved him unconditionally and he will be greatly missed. R.I.P. dear one you deserve it.
117 days ago

TheAmpFibian: People are always shocked to find out how bad of an electrician I am.
107 days ago

dragonfly: Pic of the day HBSM Jam 2012 was during my tenure. OMG do I miss those days but nowadays I couldn't handle it. No
89 days ago

dragonfly: Pic of the day OMG how I loved The Torquays and miss them very much. Yes
73 days ago

simoncoil: FWIW my guess for the ending of GoT was a surprising "Invasion fo the Dragonmen" (Hey-ho, hey-ho ...)
56 days ago

Surf_Skater: Congratulations JonPaul and Marie!
23 days ago

tubeswell: Anyone in Cali affected by the quakes?
9 days ago

Scrane255: Marty smith was my Uncle! Would like to see pictures of the nobles band
3 days ago

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Agent71857 wrote:

I’m from Pittsburgh, but I spend a lot of time in Delaware... I’ve always found it surprising that there are not some surf bands kicking it down there. Not exactly sure why that is, but I surely intend to bring Vertigo-Go down there. Back home in the burgh We’ve somehow managed to get ourselves in the position of actually being asked to do gigs more than we pursue them. And we’re not the only ones! The Turbosonics are an amazing surf band and play in town all the time! On top of all this we now have about half a dozen bands in town play either straight up surf or some variation thereof. This may seem off topic, but my point is... if we can pull this off in Pittsburgh, PA, you can do it ANYWHERE! We will definitely bring some surf to slower lower Delaware!

I am from Pittsburgh as well and have seen both Vertigo-go and The Turbosonics quite a few times. They never disappoint. I think it is an overall decline of new bands forming and older bands not gigging because featuring live music in your establishment is not a draw anymore. As someone who owned a music education business for many years, kids just don't want to commit to an instrument these days and the guitar as a composition tool has been replaced with the laptop.

Thanks vanemeth! We’ll be at the Park House on the North Side on Saturday night. If you make it out be sure to introduce yourself!

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