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SHADOWNIGHT5150: I like big reverb and i cannot lie
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SHADOWNIGHT5150: Bank accounts are a scam created by a shadow government
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4-6pm CST

Last week's playlist: 6-12-23

OK Kings - Mosquito (It's OK)
Les Agamemnonz - Artemis (Amateurs)
Blackball Bandits - Bullshark (The Cursed Island)
The Tourmaliners - Grimace (Surfidia)
Los Twang! Marvels - Cannonball (Prueba de fuego)

Hangten Horwitz - Sax Now, Surf Later (My Son the Surf-nut)
The Ventures - Ravin' Blue (The Fabulous Ventures)
The Motions - Big Chief (45)
The Sentinals - Exotic (Big Surf!)
The Original Surfaris - Delano Soul Beat (Wheels, Shorts & Hot Rods)
"Bo Diddley" - Surfboard Cha Cha (Surfin' with Bo Diddley)

The Guantanamos - Smell of Swell (Lost in Deep Waters)
The Meteoroids - Boss Angeles (P-22/Boss Angeles)
Magnatech - Tika Hates Tiki (An Evening with Magnatech)
The Tricky Dicks - Tricky Dick Dale (Political Enemies Project)
Pelomono - Alguien me Persigue (Danza de la Cobra)

Thomas Lauderdale - It Had Better Be Tonight (Meglio Stasera) (Thomas Lauderdale Meets the Pilgrims)
Los Daytonas - Big Rod (Directo En Delia Records)
The Breakers - Mesozoic Melee (Voodoo Treatment)
Surf Zombies - Iron Invasion (In Color)
Los Twang Marvels - Surf Dilemma (Jungle Of Twang)

The Head Henchmen - Party At The Bongo (Oh No! It's The Head Henchmen)
The Fuzillis - The Flop (Grind A Go Go, Vol. 1)
Los Straitjackets - San Diego Shutdown (Supersonic Guitars in 3-D)
Sandy Nelson and the Sin City Termites - Senior Beat (Nelsonized)

The Scimitars - Bari Simone (Damascus Steel / Bari Simone)
Sunil Ganguly - Laila o Laila (Swinging Hits)
Omar Khorshid - Ya Naseeny (Omar Khorshid With Love)
Los Pirañas - Palermo's Grunch (Historia natural)

The Zipheads - Agent Z (Surf Wars Vol 1: The Day The Surf Stood Still)
The Del-Vipers - Sex Cauldron (Terror of the Del-Vipers)
Amphibian Man - Bonfire (Waves)
Z and the Tiki Twisters - Hardcore Twist in Istanbul City (Hardcore Twist in Istanbul City)
Beware the Dangers of a Ghost Scorpion! - North Texas Cobra Squadron Theme (5 After Midnight)
The Aquaholics - Superbee! (Psycho Satanic Surf Party)
The Dynotones - 99AD (The Dynotones)
The Volcanics - Trick Shot (The Lonely One)
Fifty Foot Combo - TripleXpresso (Locos Instrumentales Around the World)
The Break - Cyclops (Church Of The Open Sky)

Storm Surge of Reverb: Surf & Instro Radio



The Journey Home - Agent Octopus (Our SG101 Comp Tribute to Noel!!)

From Atlantis with Love - Released - July 2023
Agent Octopus-Spotify
Christmas on the Beach - NEW SINGLE Dec 2023!!
Reverb Galaxy - Angle of Attack CD - BANDCAMP

Surf, the most dangerous of all musical genres...

Thanks! My laptop crapped out on me so I coudln't update here

Storm Surge of Reverb: Surf & Instro Radio

4-6pm CST

Last week's playlist: 7-10-23

The Fuzillis - Kablooie! (Grind a Go Go Volume 2)
Les Atlantiques - Atlantis (Atlantis)
Los Tiki Phantoms - Trago Largo (Y el Enigma del Tiempo)
Halibuts - Church Key (Halibut Beach)
The Whys - Mideast Spies (A Day On Mercury)

Dave Meyers and the Surftones - Surferama (Moment of Truth: the Best of Dave Meyers and the Surftones)
The Crossfires - Inferno (Out of Control)
Ed Burkey - Whitewater Wipeout (More Long-lost Honkers & Twangers)
The Lancasters - Earthshaker (Pulp Surfers)
The Chevells - Let There Be Surf (It Came from the Beach: Surf, Drag and Rockin' Instrumentals)
Hal Jones & the Wheelers - Wheeler Dealer (King's of the Hot Rods)
The Rally-Packs - bucket Seats (Wail on the Beach)

Supertubos - Thunderchicken (The Fourth Drive)
Lords Of Atlantis - Libertas! (Lords of Atlantis)
The Akulas - Grand Prix (Inundated Land)
The Strings Aflame - Volkov 1 (Totali Catastrofica)
Northern Tides - Wrong Orange County (Wrong Orange County)
Agent Octopus - Black Sea Reef (From Atlantis with Love)

Cosmic Mud - Diablo Del Mar (Nowheremansland)
The Creature Preachers - Zombie Tsunami (Necro A Go-Go)
Kincaid and the Memetics - Slackline (Storm Front)
Halibears - Lani (Helsinki Twister)

The Del-Vipers - Kohala Bay (Los Del-Vipers)
Messer Chups - Black Saddle (Church of Reverb)
Ethan Luck - Dorado (The Golden West)
JJ and The Trashdogs - The Deep End (Donde Estas)
Gasolines - Beachnik II (Jungle Surfers)
Indy Tumbita & The Voodoo Bandits - La Danza del Mirlo y el Escorpión (Cocodrilia: Cumbia Surf a la Tumbita's Way)
Los Juniors - Tercera piedra en el sol (Back To Peru Vol 2)
baksey Cham Krong - B.C.K. (Don’t Think I've Forgotten: Cambodia's Lost Rock and Roll)
The Tornados - Earthy (Ridin' the Wind - The Anthology)

Man... or Astro-man? - Invasion of the Dragonmen (Peel Session 1993)
The Irradiates - Locked in the Chromatic Spectrum (Revenge of the Plants (3rd Album))
The Tiki Creeps - Bottom Feeder (Live) (More "Live" Than Dead!)
The Breakers - Tornado Magnet (Transmissions from a Hornet-Free Environment)
The Flying Faders - Wee-Ow (No Sweat)
Dynowaves - Street Surfer (Big Sun)
The Surf Coasters - Midnight Trooper (EASTER!!)
the Tentakills - Ghosts of Atlantis - Radio Edit (Ghosts of Atlantis (Radio Edit))

Storm Surge of Reverb: Surf & Instro Radio

4-6pm CST

Last week's playlist: 7-17-23

El Ray - Spacecar 2001 (Highwave to Hell)
The Surfites - Launch Pad (Escapades In Space)
Los Daytonas - Moon Race (Troublemaker)
Wjlp - Zero Gravity (WJLP Is out of This World)
The Akulas - The Hook (Inundated Land)

Rob E.G. - Jezebel (45)
The Joy Boys - The Frolic (Board Boogie)
Voodoos - Voodoo Walk (Elemental Instrumentals!! Raw, Primitive Instrumental rock from Cuca Records)
Nocturnes - Space Probe (Rare Surf: Volume 2 The South Bay Bands)
The Super Stocks - Ventura (Surf Route 101)

Buzzy Frets - El Chupacabra (The Return of Buzzy Frets)
Supertubos! - Nueva Siberia (The Fourth Drive)
The Strings Aflame - Ataque Relampago (Totali Catastrofica)
Agent Octopus - Silver Surfer: Redemption (From Atlantis with Love)

Lords Of Atlantis - Atlas (Lords of Atlantis)
Northern Tides - Black Stripe (Wrong Orange County)
Los Tiki Phantoms - Loco por Tus Huesos (Y el Enigma del Tiempo)
The Fuzillis - Hot Nuts (Grind a Go Go Volume 2)
The Mixtures - Sen-Sa-Shun (The East Side Sound: 1959-1968)

The Starhoppers - Starflight (Nominal AF)
Night Zoo - Journey To The Stars (Journey To The Stars)
Cosmic Mud - Diablo Del Mar (Nowheremansland)
The Charades - Moonshot (Supersonic Action)
Los Cataclismos - Moon Valley (El Vertigo de las Olas)

The Dismal Tide - Lunar Crossing (The Dismal Tide)
Les Robots - To the Moon and Back Again (Exploring the Boundaries of the Multiverse)
The Spacemen - Moonbeams (Music for Batman and Robin)
The Jimmie Haskell Orchestra - Moon Mist (Countdown)

The Madeira - Burning Mirage (Sandstorm)
Man... or Astro-Man? - Transmissions from Uranus (Pell Session 1993)
The Evil Eyes - Evil Eyes (The Evil Eyes)
The Cave 4 - Blast Off (Bikini Crash)
King Ghidora - Escape Plan 'delta Omega' (The Secret Origin of an Unknown Planetary Destroyer)
the Tentakills - Low Tide/High Tide (Low Tide/High Tide)
Sir Bald Diddley & His Wig-Outs - J.A.T.O. (Nitrous Peroxide)
Primitive Men - Evil Flames on Flat-Black Steel (Roadside Entertainment)
Los Vampiros Del Mar - Attack of the Surf Bat! (Attack of the Surf Bat EP)

Storm Surge of Reverb: Surf & Instro Radio

4-6pm CST

Last week's playlist: CLASSICAL
Black Flamingos - Black Swan (Play Speedway and Other Hits)
Los Fantastcios - William Tell (alternative version) (Into The Infinity Tunnel With Los Fantasticos)
Pavlov's Woody - Fur Elise (Abstract Adventures)
Bang! Mustang! - Bolero (The Big Twang! Theory)
Atomicos Elektrozombies - Over the Waves (Orchestra Pit's Reverberation)

The Nauticals - Rockin' Chopin (45)
The Ventures - Nutty (Where The Action Is!)
The Chantays - Tragic Wind (Pipeline)
The Ramblers - Mozart Stomp (Surf Legends and Rumors)
Judd Proctor - The Turk (Ku-Pow! British Instrumental Guitar Music of the 60's)
The Cougars - Saturday Night at the Duck Pond (Home Grown British Rockers, Vol. 1)
Takeshi Terauchi - Theme From Unfinished Syphony (Let's Go Classics)

The Ventures - Rap City [Live
n 1965] (Rap City [Live In Japan 1965])
The Spotnicks - Habanera (In Spain 1963)
Les Mégatones - Nut cracker (Les Mégatones)
Duane Eddy - The Story of Three Loves (The 18th Variation from Rapsodie on a Theme of Paganini) (Best Of The RCA Years- Hits & Rarities)
The Playboys - Sabre Dance (Board Boogie)

Satan's Pilgrims - Hungarian Dance No. 5 (Satan's Pilgrims)
The Isotopes - The Marriage of Figaro (Duck and Cover)
The Guantanamos - El Surfer Barbero (Orchestra Pit's Reverberation)
The Vara-Tones - Ave Maria (Have Yourself a "Vara" Merry Christmas !)
Arno De Cea And The Clockwork Wizards - Première gymnopédie (Surf It Up!)

The Baronics - Spring R.269 Concerto in E Major (Get Bach ! re-edited)
Thomas Lauderdale and Satan's Pilgrims - Rhapsody in Blue (Thomas Lauderdale meets The Pilgrims)
The Tomorrowmen - Claire de Lune (It's About Time!)
The Ventures - Peter And The Wolf (Joy)

Chicha Libre - The Ride of the Valkyries (Canibalismo)
Travelers Of Tyme - Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy (Singles Collection 2011-2015)
Insanitizers - Choclo Argentina (Guitar Fun Version 2)
Los Destellos - Para Elisa (The Roots of Chicha)

The Surf Coasters - Tragic Wind (Easter!)
The Hillbilly Rockets - Bumblebee Twist (The Way Way Out Sound Of...)
Los Twang! Marvels - Flight of the Bumblebee (Prueba de Fuego)
The Jancee Pornick Casino - Suka Blad Sinfonia (Orchestra Pit's Reverberation)
Estrume'n'tal - Marcha Funebre (Surfme'n'tal)
The Toy Dolls - Toccata in Dm (Absurd-Ditties)

I Fat Tones - Surf Summer Storm (Orchestra Pit's Reverberation)
Atomic Mosquitos - Sabre Dance (Meltdown)
The Coffin Daggers - In the Hall of the Mountain King (Out of Limits EP)
The Tornados - Pop Art Goes Mozart (The Tornados Play Telstar And Other Great Hits)

Storm Surge of Reverb: Surf & Instro Radio

Yikes, looks like I've dropped the ball updating this.


4-6pm CST

Last week's playlist: 10-2-23

The Baltic Side - Believe (Hope)
Bang! Mustang! - King Kahuna (Surfin' Nsa)
The Beat Tornados - Continentale Missile (Mission to Mir)
Evan Foster - Cann Of Electrodes (Instrumentals)
Impala - Lady In A Cage (Square Jungle)

The Hindus - Frenzy (Intoxica! Strange And Sleazy Instrumental Sounds From The SoCal Suburbs)
The Telstars - Spaghetti Strap (Surf Age Nuggets)
The Breakers - Beach Head (Strummin Mental Part 4)
The Centurians - Surfin' At Mazatland (Surfers' Pajama Party)
Al Casey - Surfin' Hootenanny (Wild Teenage Surf Party !)
Blaine Smith with the Resumes - The Boss (Surfin Burt's Surfin Safari)

WJLP - Midnight on Mars (Cocktails for One)
Antisocial Spaguetti Club - El cañón de la media luna (La muerte del surf, Vol.1)
The Frigidaires - Tide Pools (Play it Cool)
The Cosmic Wrays - Greetings from the Robot Uprising (Blast On, Blast Off!)

The Surfrajettes - She Loves You (Roller Fink)
Los Daytonas - Sand Bagger (Troublemaker)
The Incredible Strange Sounds of Mr. Smith - The Haunted Beach (The Incredible Strange Sounds Of Mr. Smith)
The Salinas - Mezcaleros (The Salinas)
The Skylights - Lullaby of the Leaves -

The Space Cossacks - Third Star to the Left (Interstellar Stomp)
Bevel Emboss - Arabic (Celluloid)
Cop Shop - Sarcophagus Blues (Return of the Fuzz)
Tsunamish - Sledge Hammer - Cover (Supersecreto)
Os Brutus - Rishikesh Express (Arquivos 2013 - 2023)

Talisman - Opasniritam (Grandes Misterios)
Insect Surfers - Tethys (Satellite Bay)
Dome La Muerte E.X.P. - Taberna El Cubano II (El Santo)
John Eichem - Break Bones (Werewolf Detective)

The NineteenElevenS - Behemoth (The NineteenElevenS)
Tiki Bombs - Primitive Surf Music (Primitive Surf Music)
Tiki Riot - The Slasher! (A Strange and Terrible Demo)
The Cranzers - Longboard (Amber Beach)
The One Night Standards - Full Throttle (octane)
Atomic Mosquitos - The Villain In The Panama Hat (Meltdown)
Gnarsh Mellow - Pass the Poi (Get Roasted)
The Atom Jacks - Seb Tropicana Atom Dance (100 Seconds)
The Surfrajettes - Toxic (Party Line / Toxic)

Storm Surge of Reverb: Surf & Instro Radio


4-6pm CST

last week's playlist:

The Space Rangers - Speedway (Ready To Take Off!)
Underwater Bosses - Beach Moles (The Night Divides the Ride)
Phatlynx - Wildwood Psycho Crunch (Loosen Your Belt!)
The Halibuts - Little Old Ladies Seldom Cutback (Halibut Beach)
MalaBrava - Matahari Surf (Matahari Surf)

The Tornadoes - The Swag (Charge Of The Tornadoes)
The Heyburners - Speedway (Surfin Surfari!)
The De-Fenders - Four Banger (Drag Beat)
Ed Burkey - Whitewater Wipe Out (More Long-Lost Honkers & Twangers)
The Cousins - Bouddah (The Cousins Instrumental)

Beach Bomb - Satyr Salsa (Satyr Salsa - Single)
Voodoo Surf Tribe - Galaxy of Waves (The Spooked EP)
'71 Super Creep - Space Pop (A Night At the Drive In - EP)
Kaw Tikis - Rumble at Muscle Beach (kaw tikis)

Trio Koko - Bennetnie (Taruko II)
Antisocial Spaguetti Club - En la jungla (La muerte del surf, Vol.1)
Mario Cobo - Driving My Magnatone (Burnin' Daylight with Mario Cobo and His Guitar Posse)
Chrome Castle - Bathed and Alert (Future Fiction)
King Of Hawaii - San Onofre Suits (Road Trip)

The Ramblin' Ambassadors - Rat Creek (Vista Cruiser Country Squire)
The Kilaueas - Black Phantom Twang (Mundaka Calls)
Girl Over Planet - Most People Call Me... Jim! (Intergalactic Cowboys and Solar Wind Surfers)
The Huntington Cads - Outer Orbit (Introduce the NEW sound)
Ethan Luck - The Searcher (The Golden West)

Terremotor - Nega Jurema (Veneno da Cana)
Matorralman - Operación Dinamo (Guateque Estelar)
John Eichem - Immediate Pursuit (Werewolf Detective)
Cosmo Piluqui - You Can't Make a Slower Baion Surf Tune (Proletarian Psycho Surfer Tunes, Vol. 1)

Los Vampiros Del Mar - Attack of The Surf Bat! (Attack of The Surf Bat! EP)
The Grande Bois - Surf Party (Apocalypse 2012)
Los Seitans - Robotic Siouxsie (Vol. 1)
The Gallows - Bikini Drag (Locked In to Surf Vol. 2)
N.O.Fi compilation - Ramparts - Murder on the Spillway (N.O.Fi Compilation)
betasurfers - alpha sucks! (betavisions)
The Chukukos - El Ataque de las Almejas Asesinas (Deep Latin Surf Attack!)
Tiki Bombs - Surf System (Primitive Surf Music)
Surf Cult - Ghost Pirates (Tides Of Blood)

Storm Surge of Reverb: Surf & Instro Radio

No show today as my daughter is in the hospital with RSV. She's already doing much better, pretty certain she'll be just fine, but yesterday was certainly not a day to be putting a playlist together, and I generally want to be available and not in a studio at this time.

Storm Surge of Reverb: Surf & Instro Radio

Best wishes for her!


Hunter, will be praying for her quick recovery.



Whoops forgot to update with my Halloween show! Hope some of y'all caught it anyway!

Normal, regular show today!
4-6pm CST

Storm Surge of Reverb: Surf & Instro Radio




4-6pm CST

Last week's playlist: 11-6-23

The Wave Chargers - Sheitanus Maximus (Caravelle)
Impala - Anna Vienna (Night Full of Sirens: Anthology '93 -'97)
Blackball Bandits - Powerline (The Cursed Island)
Frankie and The Pool Boys - The Whammy (The Wet Season)
Ventura Dives - Tales from the Rip (Ventura Dives)

Link Wray and His Ray Men - Slinky (Link Wray & The Wray-Men)
The Lively Ones - Goofy Foot (Hang Five! The Best Of The Lively Ones)
Al Garcia and the Rhythm Kings - The Shack (Al Garcia & the Rhythm Kings)
The Sentinals - Tor-Chula (Big Surf)
The Belairs - Movin' & Groovin' (Volcanic Action!)

Robert Johnson and Punchdrunks - And The Devil On Guitar (Gallret)
Amphibian Man - Decision (Program)
THE BURIAL QUARTET - The One Legged Dancer (Por Qué Me Miras Así)
Monster Wave - Phantom Board (Pazuzu Luau)
Intóxicos - Zeitgeist (Sick Drop)

Los Grainders - Buff (Surf Beat '23)
The Slimetones - Turtle Pond (Turtle Music)
Jay Poisön and the Bat People - Many Fangs (Night of the Bat People)
Magnatech - The Mighty North Sea (Herr Magnatech Bittet Zum Tanz)

Los Fuckin Surfer Smokers - Kumbia Surfin' (Kumbia Surfin')
Super Sport - Love Butter (Scioto Surf Club, Vol. 1)
The Dead Beat - Sting Ray (Boss Sound)
The Daytonas - The Coffin (Parabolica)
The Ghastly Ones - Double Agent 73 (Who came in From the Cold) (Target Draculon)

Takeshi Terauchi & the Bunnies - Uskudara (Eleki Guitar no subete)
Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited - Land Of Swinging Atoms (The Flawless Ms Drake)
The Dynatones - The Fife Piper (Indie Psyche Rock - Rare Recordings from the Attic)
Sincron - In Gara la Leordeni (Planetary Pebbles Vol. 1: Surfbeat Behind the Iron Curtan)
Les Robots - The Eastern Market (Exploring the Boundaries of the Multiverse)

Demoni - Defcon 4 (Dawn of Demoni)
Trve Kvlt Surf - Exercises in Surfing VI (Trve Kvlt Svrf Muzik)
X-Ray Vision - Nascar (X-Ray Vision)
Bitchin Rail Banger - Surf Time (Shacked)
Thee Cormans - Mingo (Mingo 7")
Beware the Dangers of a Ghost Scorpion! - Sincerely Satan Of Sin City (Acid Chalet)
Joel Grind - The Invisible Landscape (Split)
Arno De Cea And The Clockwork Wizards - The Clock Crusher (Rétrofuturisme, vol. 1)
The Nebulas - Firewall (It's Go Time!)

Storm Surge of Reverb: Surf & Instro Radio

4-6pm CST

Last week's playlist: 11-13-23

Mary Ann Hawkins - Daring Trappers (Mary Ann Hawkins)
Pointbreak - Chuck Norris (Get Wet!)
Silver Sand Surfers - Pueblo Ghost (Silver Sand Surfers)
The Longboards - Luigi's Hot Rod (Naked Jungle)
The 'Verb - We Must Be Cautious (Only 'Verb Can Break Your Heart)

Frankie Stein and his Ghouls - Bodies under the Bridge (Shock! Terror! Fear!)
The Ventures - Hot Line (The EP Collection)
Aki Aleong and the Nobles - Body Surf (Come Surf With Me)
The Thundermen - Odyssey (Elemental Instrumentals!! Raw, Primitive Instrumental Rock From Cuca)
The Sidewalk Sounds - The Born Loser's Theme (Born Losers (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack))
Takeshi Terauchi and the Bunnies - Walk Don't Run (eleki guitar no subete)

Los Protones - Boqueron del Diablo (Double Feature: Paifico Sur + Abaixo de 7 Palmos Naoma Reverb)
Intóxicos - Quebra-Queixo (Sick Drop)
THE BURIAL QUARTET - Eye of the Devil (Por Qué Me Miras Así)
Jay Poisön and the Bat People - Vampire Wipeout : The Return of Nosferatu (Night of the Bat People)
Monster Wave - The Great Rinaldi (Pazuzu Luau)

Los Grainders - Deep Grotto (Surf Beat '23)
Rocket Cairo - Helvaci (single)
The Derangers - The Impaler (The Legend of Daphne Blue and the Westernmental Sound)
Herschel Yatovitz - Fast Layne (Narabeen)

Magnatech - Valiant Rides Again (Herr Magnatech Bittet Zum Tanz)
Super Sport - Kahiki Supper Club (Scioto Surf Club, Vol. 1)
Looney Tunes - Zirkus (Beyond the Dune)
Benny & the Mid-Knights - Tsunami (Last Run / Tsunami)
The Atlantics - Islands in the Surf (Remixed) [Remastered] (Flight of the Surf Guitar 21st Anniversary Edition (Remixed) [Remastered])

Chauffeur et Parlak - Covo Tides (Covo Tides)
The Mermen - Little Stinky Kitty (The Amazing California Health And Happiness Road Show)
The Manakooras - Howl of the Jaguar (Un Sueño)
Thee Orbits - Venice After Dark (Loveless Beach Club)

Beware the Dangers of a Ghost Scorpion! - Sincerely Satan Of Sin City (Acid Chalet)
Trve Kvlt Surf - Surf! (Trve Kvlt Svrf Muzik)
The Atomic Mosquitos - Danger Island (Reverb Nation)
Cannibal Mosquitos - Notsouko (Surfin' Heroes Party)
Dick Satan Trio - El Marciano (El Marciano/Sangria Diablo)
Light Strucks - Fermentação Radioativa (The Light Strucks)
Amphibian Man - Program (Program)
The NineteenElevenS - Hibachi Samurai (The NineteenElevenS)
Howling Guitar - Silver Bullet (Howling Guitar)
The Good The Bad - 33 (From 018 to 033)

Storm Surge of Reverb: Surf & Instro Radio

Hunter, listening now over here in Texas, great show!


So great
Here is the archive link for the Spaghetti show!


Thank you for playing The ‘Verb! That’s an old one!


New music!


Yikes, I've been falling behind over here!

New show today!


4-6pm CST

Last week's playlist: 12-4-23

The Krontjong Devils - Oet of Control (En Garde)
Burt Rocket - Hang Twang (Fiberglass Frenzy)
The Vara-Tones - Reverberator (Headin' Out)
The Mobsmen - Boom (Fraternitas Aurum Factorem)
The Deoras - Hitman (Surf Spy Tiki Instro)
The Surfin Beards - Mar del Plata (Surfin Beards)

Los Temerarios - Asesinato en la 10A. Avenida (La Catedral de Winchester)
Mike Patterson - Ramrod (Rock & Roll with Piano, Vol. 9)
The Phantoms - Peter Gunn (Wheels and Other Great Guitar Hits)
Duane Eddy - My Blue Heaven (45)
René And His Alligators - Gipsy Rock (Revived)
The Shadows - Dakota (The Shadows Know)

Instrumental Action Heroes - Attack of the Surfing Lizard (The Surfing Lizard)
Magnatech - Do the Swine (Do the Swine)
The Breakers - Escaping Through the Window (A Seahorse of the Different Color)
Los Protones - La Fosa del Pacífico Sur (La Fosa del Pacífico Sur)
Ship Canal Surfers - Never Gonna Give You Up (From Hulme to Honolulu)

WJLP - Roach Motel (Cocktails for One)
The Raulis - Chicken Haole (The Raulis)
Los Kosmos - Dead or Alive (Los Kosmos)
Los Straitjackets - Galaxy Drive (Supersonic Guitars in 3-D)
Richie Allen & The Pacific Surfers - Goochy Bamba (Long Lost Honkers & Twangers)

The Fuzillis - Tiki Max (Grind a Go Go Volume 2)
The Dustaphonics - Rock A Rolla Boogaloo (100% Instrumental)
X Ray Cat Trio - Surfin' Sasquatch (Out for Blood)
Guns of Utopia - Brain Jelly (A Million Flies Can't Be Wrong)
Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet - Bennett Cerf (Savvy Show Stoppers)
Planet Seven - Point and Shoot (The Tomorrow That Never Was)

Doombox - Driftrod (DBX-0)
The Manakooras - Snowfall (Christmas with The Manakooras)
Chucknee - Theme from Godzilla (Akira Ifukube) (A Display of Performances Imitating Things)
Les Paul & Mary Ford - Three Little Words (45)
Los Belking's - Sabor Dulce (Instrumental Waves (1966-1973))

Man... or Astro-man? - Gargantua's Last Stand (Radcliffe Session) (Radcliffe Session 1994 - EP)
Threesome - GTO Crash (Adriatica)
The Apehangars - Kung Flu (The Apehangars)
The Beyonderers - Besieged By Orbs Live - Live (Live in Akron)
The Chuguysters - Double Trap (First Warning)
Bande de los Apaches - Holy Dick Business (Forever)
Chum - Type-D (Super Not Cool)
Drebin - Srfsng#2 (Y2K19)
The Obsidians - Seismic Surfin' (Live) (Notre Histoire)
Monsters From The Surf - Hangman (Monsters From The Surf)
The Trashwomen - Surfin' on Uranus (Vs. Deep Space)

Storm Surge of Reverb: Surf & Instro Radio

You've had good shows. It is apparent that the amount of effort you put forth. Thank you. Smile

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