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Thanks for the spin, Hunter!

4-6pm CST

Last week's playlist: 10-19-20

Ventura Dives - Red Coast (Ventura Dives)
El Ray - Springtime (Tick Tick Tick)
supertones - surf fever 2000 (surf fever 2000)
The Obsidians - Abobo A Go-Go (The Obsidians)
Husky and the Sandmen - Riproarin Holiday (Ridin the Wild Surf)
the kahuna kings - spazztastic (Who wants to party with the Kahuna Kings)

The Midnighterss - Shark Chase (45)
the delanceys - high voltage (45)
eddie & the showmen - toes on the nose (toes on the nose)
the avengers vi - slaughter on 10th avenue (real cool hits)
the sunspots - paella (phantom guitars)
the hustlers - wailin' out (it came from the beach!)
the woodchucks - angry generation (Cruising for Surf Bunnies)

The North Melbourne Surf Club - Twang Ahoy (North Melbourne Surf Club)
The Grande Bois - Zombie Fight (Grande Finale)
Los Surfistas Muertos - Snake Island (Psycho Surf From Hell)
futureVolt - Infinity (the futureVolt is NOW!)

Los Straitjackets - Hornet's Nest (The Velvet Touch of)
Surf Zombies - I Fell in Love with a teenage vampire (something weird)
The Mach IV - teke teke teke (eleki)
The Guantanamos - Going Off (The Boomker Recordings)
The Looney Tunes - Del Olprinz (Modern Sounds of The Looney Tunes Band)

thee windam earles - burn the couch (mai tai pink eye)
the trashwomen - foxy 7 (vs deep space)
the ok kings - big wail (it's ok)
hawaii samurai - toxic avenger (let there be surf)
thee cormans - the creep (halloween record w/ sound effects)
the necronautics - don't press this button again (scattered peace)

pelomono - mono rabioso (gibraltar)
chucknee - Hanagatakai (strange tale from east of the river)
the tornados - granada (ridin' the wind)
dead combo - hawai em chelas (a bunch of meninos)

The Black Flamingos - Rendezvous (Play Speedway and Other Hits)
man or astro-man? - codebreaker seventy-eight (defcon 5...4...3...2...1...)
Atomic Mosquitos - Pluto's Revenge (Bug Music for Bug People)
The Cavernarios - Pororoca (Camino a Varadero)
The Bahareebas - Longboard Alley (Tell Me A Story About)
Dirty Fuse - don't let me down nargile (Surfbetika)
frankie and the poolboys - Ripley in Love (the adventures of cap'n coconuts)
daikaiju - za feijingu supaidaa kyoui (phase 2)
the deadbeats - obey (day of the deadbeats)
The 427's - Bella (Stay Gold)

Storm Surge of Reverb: Surf & Instro Radio

4-6pm CST

Including the unveiling of no.20-11 of the Top 100 Surf Records of the 2010s


Los Misterios - Chino Zombie (Planeta Misterio)
The Concussions - Put Your Head on my Shoulders (Single)
Volcano Kings - Blood Drive in the Shadow of The Volcano (An Exotic Monster Beach Party in Outer Space Vol. 2)
Satan's Pilgrims - Ghoul School (Siniestro)
Jason Janik - It's Alive (single)

Lazer Gun Saloon (Theme From) Psycho (Songs About Spooking)
frank weir & the werewolves - Manhunt (telstars, mexicans, manhunts & wonderful lands)
Wave Electric - Fantasmatron (single)
Girl Over Planet - Rolling With the Creeps (single)
Genki Genki Panic - It's Monster Surfing Time (single)

The Creature Preachers - Swamp Stomp (Horror Hymns Vol. 1)
The Ouija Chords - Catacomber (Catacomber)
Thee Imperial Royales - Spooky (Spooky)
Billy Don't Surf - R.I.P. (Billy Don't Surf)
Beware of Blast - Grave Dance (Grave Dance)
the guitaraculas - human jungle revisited (two bottles of blood)

underwater bosses - grabbed by the ghoulies (The Legness Monster / Grabbed By the Ghoulies)
Jason Lee and the R.I.P.Tides - Fright Factory (Monsters and Mai-Tais)
The Grande Bois - Bloodsuckers Beat (The Grande Finale)
Glasgow Tiki Shakers - Scaredy Cat (Happy Halloween)
zvezda - last caress (transmissions from the planet zvezda)

The Spiratones - Night of the Golden Sun (Night of the Golden Sun)
The Breakers - Voodoo Treatment (Voodoo Treatment)
frankie stein and his ghouls - Chained (Ghoul Music)
Dan Peters & the West Side Winders - The Spooky Surfer (Chicago Surf Rally)
No Springs - Midnight (Surfin' the Black Lagoon)

The Quaalords - Halloween Theme (Single)
Night Zoo - Lunar Graveyard (Night Zoo vs. The Cast Iron Mummy)
Kreeps - R.I.P. Tide (Tiki Surf Witches Want Blood)
The Insanitizers - Fright Night (Single)
Draculina - Dracula's Theme (Strip Trip to Miracle Cove)

The Daringers - Morgus Creep (45)
The Zombie Army - Send More Paramedics (In Order to Live You Must First Die)
Blackball Bandits - Glowin' Skeletons (single)
The Boo Tikis - Succubus (Surf Britannia 2)
Terreur Twist - Requiem pour un Loup (self titled)

The Tiki Creeps - Crawling Terror (More "Live" Than Dead)
pelomono - tarantula (gibraltar)
Demon Vendetta - Tykkky the Embalmer (Danse du Vice, de l'Horreur et de l'Extase)

Storm Surge of Reverb: Surf & Instro Radio

My first ever radio show was on Halloween night and it became a tradition of mine all four years I was DJing. How cool and surreal to be on someone else's Halloween show! Thanks a ton Cool

No Springs, the premiere lo-fi bedroom one-man surf band!

I love that you gave Quaalords a spot! We had a show together at a movie theater in March, dammit. They are easily my favorite NO band.

Daniel Deathtide

ElMonstroPorFavor wrote:

4-6pm CST

Including the unveiling of no.20-11 of the Top 100 Surf Records of the 2010s

Great show, Hunter. One question - do you know this tune? That is until now my favorite candidade for a Gremmie of the Year as single track

Nope! Totally missed that one! Thanks Uwe!

Storm Surge of Reverb: Surf & Instro Radio

BIG FANCY SHOW! The Top 10 Surf Records of the 2010s. Starting 45 minutes into the show, with some special treats thrown in.


Last week's playlist: 11-2-20

Surf-a-tomica - Autentico del Libano (Autentico del Libano)
The Fleshtones - Time Zone (Stomp! Shout! Scream!)
The Halibuts - Shorepound (Halibut Beach)
Ventura Dives - San Fernando Stomp (Ventura Dives)
the journal job - Dr. Rick Marshall Plays Surf Rider (Drunken Monkey Jungle)
The Hidden Reefs - Swordfish (Mystery Lights)

Conrad and the Hurricanes - Hurricane (45)
The Centurians - Sano (Bullwinkle pt. 2)
The Stardusters - Rumble Bumble (45)
Sir White and His Sounds - Doin' the Scratch (45)
The Revels - The Monkey Bird (aka Conga Twist) (intoxica!!! the best of the revels)
Duane Eddy - Sweet Cindy (Girls! Girls! Girls!)

king pelican - mosura (east meets west)
the patukatus - etorkizuna atso iritsi zen (the patukatus)
jay poison and the bat people - the bat people (terror of the bat people)
egotones - inside rain (single)

coffin daggers - the ghoul (single)
spike marble - theme from the "murderqueen" (single)
VERN jules & the aquanauts - the devils tail (the devils tail)
dracula factory - the dracula factory stomp (the dracula factory... stomp)
beach bomb - night surf (single)
the mighty minnows - jeepers creepers (monster jam)

9th wave - hurricane (revisited) (victory at sunset)
wadadli riders - hurricane season (made in antigua)
the apaches - the apaches take off! (diabolik)
the fathoms - flaming arrow (overboard)
jan davis - time funnel -

the atlantics - bombora (banjo mix) (the next generation)
the cosmic sand dollars - critical density (Let's go critical Density)
WOLF! - tomahawk cop (1-800-WOLF!)
Pelomono - Malaguena (para jaen) (Gibraltar)
diesel marine - the long way to grand marai (staycation)

insect surfers - delmarva ("infra green)
insect surfers - delmarva (infra green)
blackball bandits - alert! (the lost mission)
the concussions - have mersey (newaygo sound machine)
bang! mustang! - giant zora (surfin' NSA)
the volcanics - revel rally (forgotten cove)
messer chups - saloon bloodweiser (church of reverb)
the mystery men? - the devil you know (sonos delirium)
el ray - justin case (the evil mermaid)
surfer joe - a-frame (swell of dwell)
the tomorrowmen - phistful of photons (it's about time!)

Storm Surge of Reverb: Surf & Instro Radio

Hi Hunter, Congratulations on the Top 10 of the 2010's show! It was, as to be expected being the top 10, EXCELLENT! Congratulations, as well, on completing the herculean task of compiling the Top 100 of the 2010's list! It is a monumental contribution to the world of surf music. I don't know if I will ever own all of the albums, but it will provide a fabulous shopping guide for years to come.

I was happy to discover that I already owned 7 of the top 10, and, as of this morning, I have acquired the remaining 3: #7 Los Frenéticos (Teletransportatión), #6 The Phantom Four (Morgana), and #4 Les Agamemnonz (De A à Z). Thank you for helping me discover more great music (and flatten my wallet a bit more.)

My Classic Instrumental Surf Music Timeline
SSS Agent #777

Last edited: Nov 10, 2020 16:44:25

Nice! I'm hoping this list will be a nice introduction for the surf-curious, but it was also a kind of fun exercise. Thanks for listening!

Storm Surge of Reverb: Surf & Instro Radio

Radio time! A whole slew of new EPs plus some really killer "new" 45s
4-6pm cst

Last week's playlist: 11-9-20

Mach Kung Fu - Full Reverb (Teach a chick to dance)
wild sammy and the royaltones - Wild Datsun (speed crazy)
stompin' riffraffs - screaming on wheels (a man and three chicks)
The Ramblin Ambassadors - Meat Sweats (Ramble On)
les atlantiques - torpedo (promo recordings)
ventura dives - red coast (ventura dives)

Surfin' Beards - Mar Del Plata (Surfin' Beards)
The Rumblers - Stompin' Time (It's a Gas)
The Atmospheres - Fickle Chicken (blunderbuss: scattershot sleaze)
wes dakus - sidewinder (teen beat vol 4)
the charts - for the birds (las vegas grind part two)
The arrows - tomahawk (apache 65)
the wave crests - the surf and I (surftime U.S.A.)

The Seatopians - Seahorsemen of the Apocalypse (Up From the Depths)
King of Hawaii - Oaxaca (Road Trip)
Light Strucks - Whirlpool (Primeiro Cameonato Mineiro de Surfe - 20 Anos)
King Pelican - The Shadow of the Gallows (East Meets West)
The Breakers - Po'ino (A Date with Destiny)
The Patukatus - Gasolina amaituko zaigu (The Patukatus)

The Aqualads - Reef Rider (Treasures)
The Aqualads - Whirling Dervish (Treasures)

The Bambi Molesters - Wrong Turn (As the dark Wave Swells)
The Bambi Molesters - Wrong Turn (As the dark Wave Swells)
The Bambi Molesters - Wrong Turn (As the dark Wave Swells)
The Bambi Molesters - Point of No Return (As the Dark Wave Swells)

Los Straitjackets - Pop Rocks & Coke (Jet Set)
Los Straitjackets - Crime Scene (Jet Set)

los freneticos - Heat Wave (Teletransportación)
Los Frenéticos - Magnetizado (Teletransportación)

The Phantom Four - Morgana (Morgana)
The Phantom Four - Lorke Lorke (Morgana)

The Kilaueas - Wet Girls (Wiki Waki Woooo)
The Kilaueas - Tremolo Gear Butt (Wiki Waki Woooo)

les agamemnonz - Brûlure Indienne (de A a Z)
les agamemnonz - Salma VI (de A a Z)

The Madeira - Journey to the Center of the Surf (Ancient Winds)
The Madeira - Ancient Winds (Ancient Winds)

The Bradipos IV - Manella mia (The Phartheno-phonic sound of...)
The Bradipos IV - 'A Fata D' 'E Suonne (The Phartheno-phonic sound of...)

Satan's Pilgrims - Siniestro (Siniestro)
Satan's Pilgrims - Satan's Twist (Siniestro)
Satan's Pilgrims - El Cid (Siniestro)

Storm Surge of Reverb: Surf & Instro Radio

Thanks for the spins!!!


The Seatopians 2017-
The Seatopians on bandcamp

2 Hours of Spaghetti Western Surf
4-6pm CST

Last week's playlist: 11-16-20

The Sidemen - Gibraleon (Go Too Far)
Barbacoa - Grackle Tree (Italian Medallion)
Planet Seven - Let's Dust (The Tomorrow That Never Was)
The Hillbilly Rockets - Dark Horse (the way way out sound of...)
The Primitive Finks - Whirlwind (Cave Party)
The Revels - Intoxica (45)

The Echoes - Bajjad (45)
The Turks - Baja (45)
The Carnations - Punctuation (45)
The Tarrytons - Rough Surfin' (45)
The Atlantics - The Bow Man (45)
The Statesmen - Beachcomber (45)
the reveliers - hanging five (45)

Blackball Bandits - Bullshark (Primiero Campeonato Mineiro de Surfe -20 anos)
Labirintite - Susto! (O Primeiro EP de Surf da Labirintite)
adios beaches - linoleum (demos)
cactus deuce - city wave (100% aerosol free)
The Me Gustas - Armada (Armada)

The Seatopians - Up From the Depths (Up From the Depths)
huntington cads - never to return (introduce the new sound)
the Mystery Men? - Hotel Loneliness (firewalkers)
el ray - last call (transitions)
thee phantom 5ive - jeopardized (road rage)

stereophonic space sound unlimited - something for johnny (the fluid soundbox)
the tomorrowmen - curse you fred haines (it's about time!)
the space agency - dawn chorus (the celestial sounds of the space agency)
wjlp - creatures from mars (queen of the jungle)
CARLO - Commanche Drive (CARLO)

king of hawaii - san onofre suits (road trip)
Par Avion - Muscle Beach (Perro Avion)
exotico paradisio - cry of the jungle beast (jungle feast)

cop shop - enter sandmine (cop shop)
moussaka - bil bil (bil bil)
toro jones - here come the fuzz (toro jones)
lost acapulco - master-blast-dragster-disaster in a gangster hote -
the breakers - turbulence (a date with destiny)
apicultores clandestinos - don't push the button (Beach, Butts, Burgers and Babes: Tribute to the Dead Rocks)
the surf coasters - rampage (surfside village)
demon vendetta - the force of gravity (guardians of the bitter sea)
the madeira - caravela (ancient winds)
the phantom four - morphological echo (mandira)

Storm Surge of Reverb: Surf & Instro Radio

That was really good. Smile


Nuther show today!
4-6pm cst

Playlist from 11-24-20 (Spaghetti for Thanksgiving)

hattori hanzo surf experience - Una Muerte Segura (B.S.O. "El Verdugo de Red Rock" 1969)
King Pelican - In the Shadow of the Gallows (East Meets West)
Mister Neutron - Comanchero (Red Triangle)
The Penetrators - Guns Don't Argue (For a Few Guitars More)
The Doltones - Stormrider (Stormrider)

Duane Eddy - The Wild Westerners (Dance with the Guitar Man)
Jim Gunner - Desperado (Phantom Guitars: A Cool Collection Of Twangin' Guitar Instrumentals From The UK 1961-1964)
Dennis Newey - The Nightriders (Telstars, Mexicans, Manhunts and Wonderful Lands)
lonnie mclaughlin & the premiers - War Path (Beach Party - Garpax Surf 'n Drag)
Davie Allan - War Path (apache 65)
The Ventures - Squaw Man (Super Psychedelics / $1,000,000 Weekend)

The Apaches - A Horse Named Whiskey (Rancho Deluxe)
El Ray - Four Gringos (Transitions)
Secret Agent Men - Western Medley (Secret Agent Men)
Barbacoa - Western Medicine (italian medallion)
hellbenders - winchester justice (today we kill... tomorrow we die)
The Kilaueas - a song called horse (touch my alien)

frankie and the pool boys - raise hell (spin the bottle)
mystery action - spaghetti western suite (surf mix) (Surf Britannia 2)
Four Big Guitars from Texas - The Good The Bad & The Ugly (Trash Twang and THunder)
Los Daytonas - Jinetes En El Cielo (En El Salvaje Oeste)

Los Tiros - El Pueblo Mediocre (Expertos En Cagarla)
Speedball Jr. - ...and the horse you rode in on (treble in paradise)
Amphibian Man - A Couple of Dollars (Desert Songs)
twin tones - trio de mercanarios (capello di mariachi)
the reigning monarchs - cowboy shirt (the reigning monarchs)
Los Plantronics - Surfin' the prairie (La Orchestra Diabolica)

man from ravcon - I live, you die (il trielo)
The Sadies - Empty the Chamber (Tremendous Efforts)
Rifamos - Fadista (Rifamos)
The Spiratones - Rope for a Bastard (Sunworshipper)

riz ortolani - i giorni dell'ira (day of anger)
rev hank - under the sonoran stars (El Camino de los Muertos)
olson, van cleef, williams - bandidos in transit (as gold turned to black powder)
Trabants - Wanderer (Nel Cuore Di Una Terra Selvaggia (In the Heart of a Savage Land))
Sheverb - Sunrise on Cahuilla (once upon a time in bombay beach)
Doom Ponies from Ipanema - See You Next Time Space Cowboy... (See You Next Time Space Cowboy...)
francesco de masi - arizona colt (the ecstasy of gold vol. 3)
Ennio Morricone - Man With a Harmonica (Once Upon a Time In the West)

Storm Surge of Reverb: Surf & Instro Radio

Always dig your programming Hunter!

Par Avion Official
Par Avion Facebook
Par Avion Sample
Said The Ripper Facebook


My latest LP Unknown Creatures by Otitis Media Records is available now on all digital platforms and colored vinyl. Listen and buy here:
Lessons, tabs and tutorials send an email to

Awesome theme! Excellent show!!

Some great new releases this week. Tune in!
4pm CST

Last week's playlist: 11-30-20

The Apemen - Bajjad (7+ Inches of Love)
Ramblin' Ambassadors - Frank Slide Song (vista cruiser county squire)
Los Twang! Marvels - Flight of the Bumblebee (Prueba de Fuego)
Husky and the Sandmen - Riproarin Holiday (Ridin the Wild Surf)
Los Straitjackets - Outta Gear (Viva!)
Bitch Boys - Damascus (Ride the First Wave)

The Atlantics - War of the Worlds (45)
Link Wray - Ace of Spades (Jack the Ripper)
The Echoes - Undecided (45)
The Statesmen - Windswept (45)
The Contrails - mummy walk (45)
The Revels - Comanche (45)

The Kaputniks - H-Bomb (A Brief History of the Cold War Vol. 1)
Labirintite - Misterios (O Primeiro EP de Surf da Labirintite)
Surfoniani - Rocket to Mars (single)
Moussaka - Pricaj druže (Bil Bil)
The Breakers - Sub - Marine Time Machine (A Date With Destiny)

The Neptunas - Undersea Gran Prix (Mermaid A Go-Go)
the_birdcage - no lone zone (wave machine)
black flamingos - devil's punchbowl (black flamingos)
Evan Foster - Cann of Electrodes (Instrumentals)
Fifty Foot Combo - Inciende en el Infierno (Evil A-Go-GO)
The Bradipos IV - Big Sur Nightmare (Lost Waves)

The Phantom Four - Malabar #2 (Mandira)
Deadlinks - Stomp (More rocks! more weight!)
The Crazy Aces - Scorpions (Garageland)
Didi Wray - Pisco Saico Twist (Mision Tango Surf)
Mark Malibu & the Wasagas - Into the Soup (Dancy Part A-Go-Go)

Glen Porter - The Open Road (The Open Road and the Smell of Blood)
stereophonic space sound unlimited - lino ventura (the spacesound effect)
robert and the roboters - eros une lippe (foxy ep)
Hapa - Hawaii Five-0 (Surf Madness)

The Barbwires - The Cheater (Searider)
Cop Shop - Anxious Radio (Cop Shop)
Dr. Frankenstein - Night Train to Liverpool (In 4 Dimensions)
the palermo surf experience - special agent karlson (Tips from the Inside: Instrumental Surf Rock)
the wangs - sushi (on target!)
the surf coasters - stamp stamp (samurai struck)
captain ahab & the sea cracken - Red Menace (Jurmangandr)
The Telestons - Christ Craft (Blast Beach)
The Zombie Army - The Pain of Being Dead (In Order to Live You Must First Die)
Les Tigres du Futur - La Mangrove Des Damnes (Collection Illusions Sonores Vol. 2)
the ultras - magic wand (rocket jockey)

Storm Surge of Reverb: Surf & Instro Radio

4-6pm cst

Last week's playlist: 12-7-20

bang! mustang! - Six Wave Under Water (The Big Twang! Theory)
el caminos - Hornet's Nest (Reverb Explosion)
Los Blue Marinos - Infeccioso (Off the Lip)
The Hang Ten Hangmen - Destination Saturn (Destination Saturn)
Bongho Krappul - Sospechozo Regozo (Jao San)

Los Jaguars - Amelia (45)
The Lively Ones - Goofy Foot (Surf Rider)
The Dragsters - Super Charger (hey little cobra + drag city)
The Tempests - Lemon Lime (Strummin Mental Part Two)
b. brock and the sultans - Do the Beetle (Do the Beetle)
Danny Zella & the Zell Rocks - Zebra (Zell Rockin' Volume Two)

Space Psycho Tropic Plank-Tone - Embodiment of Thought (Independent Waves)
Voodoo Surf Tribe - Skull Crusher (The Grizzly EP)
neptune trojans - escape velocity (three for launch)
lewis bailey - dare (the instrumental stylings of lewis bailey)
king of hawaii - spin cycle (road trip)

The Jagaloons - Plastic Bombora (Knock You Up!)
The Kaputniks - I was a teenage menshevik (a brief history of the cold war, part 1)
Blackball Bandits - The Snakecharmer's Dream (The Lost Mission)
Flying Faders - No Sweat (No Sweat)
Chrome Castle - Rook (Chrome Castle)

the madeira - surf fidelis (carpe noctem)
bamboogie injections - chasing leone (take it!)
the good the bad - 46 (from 034 to 050)
Aqua Velvets - Casbah Club (Guitar Noir)

Tsunamish - El Conquistador (Supersecreto)
Bingo Reyna - Penas del Corazon (y su guitarra de fuego)
steelism - the landlocked surfer (615 to fame)
los kosmos - yura (los kosmos)
the atlantics - shark island (the next generation)

echo sector - erotic anvil (...from the 12th planet)
jaffa de luxe - le mans (damp squib)
toxic riders - trembladores (turbo surf)
the protons - attack of the cybermen (out of phase)
hella vader - star crunch (xviii)
man or astroman - 10 Years After World War 4 (made from technetium)
demoni - black lagoon (surf city of the dead)
the baywatchers - wetback -
dobermen - gold plated beretta (south pacific surf trash)
arno de cea & the clockwork wizards - no comply (flash freezing the sun)
tide patrol - asurfias (satanic panic)

Storm Surge of Reverb: Surf & Instro Radio

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