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It's on even though Hunter is off being a dad, I believe. Smile

I just started listening to the show now that NSSR is off the air. It's a great show!!!

The Kahuna Kings

Yep, another DJ covered this week, sorry I didn't give a heads-up

Storm Surge of Reverb: Surf & Instro Radio

Last edited: Jan 14, 2020 15:18:07

Forgot to give a heads-up! Back on the air, tune in now!

Storm Surge of Reverb: Surf & Instro Radio

2 Hours of Surf Music ready to go!

4-6pm cst

Playlist from last week: 1-20-19

The Tormentos - Bad Day on the Midway (go! the phantom surfers against the tormentos)
The Pulltones - Run Emanuelle Run (Storm Fisherman)
crazy aces - Invasion of the Malibu (greatest hits volume 2)
the bahareebas - Hot Pot (Tell Me A Story About)
The Hicadoolas - Vangelis (Sympathy for the Ocean)

The Baymen - Bonzai (The Birth of Surf Vol. 3)
The Vibrasonics - Thunderstorm (Surf Guitars Rumble)
Duane Eddy - Fireball Mail (twangin' up a storm)
richie allen and the pacific surfers - ridin' the woodie (surfers' slide)
The Temptations - Blue Surf (Surfer's Mood Vol. 3)
The Arrows - Commanche (apache 65)
The Dee Jays - Twistin' Drums (Board Boogie)

Alvino and the Dwells - kyotototo (alvino and the dwells)
humanga danga - shady cove limbo (shady/girls)
Chrome Castle - Rook (Chrome Castle)
The Coffin Daggers - Chidori No Kyoku (eleki album)
Mike Diabo (Rev Hank) - Rumble at Waikiki (Ukexotic)

Retrofoguetes - Ulrassecreto (Enigmascope: Temas Compostos e Executados Pelos Retrofoguetes)
impala - woman in chains (teenage tupelo)
Beware! Black Holes - Slave Girl (Take Off!)
Greg Townson - Computer Love (Streaming Bonus Track) (More Travelin' Guitar)

Dr. Tritón - El Choque (Surfing Contest)
Langhorns - Power Grip (Club Gabardino)
The Bomboras - Hypnotica (It Came from Pier 13)
The Wave Chargers - Destinazione Roccapina (The Wave Chargers)

Hearing Things - Uncle Jack (Here's Hearing Things)
Los Rockets - Tarantula (Los Rockets)
Los Pirañas - el venado triste (historia natural)
satan's pilgrims - 10,000 mirrors (psychsploitation)
The Hypnomen - Tangerine Blue (Trip with Satan)

Planet Seven - Point and Shoot (The Tomorrow that never was)
los cataclismos - cataclismic stomp (el vertigo de las olas)
The Infrareds - The Lost Ara (Sounds from the darkroom)
Los Habaneros - Talos IV (single)
Os Gatunos - Mercedez Rodriguez (Os Gatunos vão à praia)
Wood Surfers - Psiconude (Wood Surfers)
Jon and the Nightriders - Minor Chaos (Stampede)
Daikaiju - sharkakhan (daikaiju)
The Madeira - Cities of Gold (Tribal Fury)
The Hellbenders - have a good funeral, my friend (The Hellbenders)
the sensational guitars of dan & dale - Robin's Theme (batman and robin)

Storm Surge of Reverb: Surf & Instro Radio

Rev up the radio! It's time to go!

4-6pm cst

Last week's playlist: 1-27-19

The Surfites - La Ronde Infernale (The Surfites & Co.)
Hypnotide - Bad Girls go to hell (landlocked)
13th Magic Skull - Funnel of Love (sungazing in rapa nui)
Coffin Daggers - Namida no juujiro (eleki album)
Satan's Pilgrims - Boss BSA (Creature Feature)

The Scouts - Mr Custer Stomp (Jungle Exotica Vol 2)
Les Jaguars - Guitare Jet (Vol. 2)
The Astronauts - Movin' (surfin' with the astronauts)
The Denvermen - Back Rip (Let's Go Surfside)
The Vengers - Shakedown (Phantom Guitars)
The Deuce Coupes - Dawn Patrol (Hotrodders' Choice)

The Necronautics - Don't Press This Button Again (Scattered Peace)
Alvino and the Dwells - Chocolate Mint (Alvino and the Dwells)
Nuclear Juarez - the curse of lono (broken ships and sunken dreams)
Chrome Castle - Dance Hall Ruffian (Chrome Castle)
The Aquatudes - Weekend Waves (To Surf, With Love)

The Kaputniks - Shadowy Compromise (daytrip to saturn)
the penetrators - speed bump (locked & loaded)
Surfer Joe - Fire Escape Rope (Senor Surf)
el supernaut - kill the poor (plays half dead)

The Terrorsurfs - The Spy who surfed me (Zomboid Surf Attack)
Tikiyaki 5-0 - Supernova (Introducing the Exotic Sounds of...)
The Surf Leaders - Перемен (Surf Rock Rus)
Rocket Motors - Big Rip (Back to the Moon)
spytones - surfing in salzburg (syptones)

oskar benas y los herejes instro combo - leon mutante (OBYLHIC)
shoot the pier - Road to Rosarito (Lost Souls on the Beach)
volcano kings - Midnight on Switchblade (Midnight on Switchblade Street)

Fifty Foot Combo - Hully Gully Stomp (Go Hunting)
The Apemen - Pogo A Gogo (7 inches of love)
dinosaur ghost - mandar (dinosaur ghost)
beachmover - directed energy weapons (do the microwave!) (Beachmover)
speedball jr - dr. evil (whiplash)
the chukukos - La Virgen de Las Barricadas (Deep Latin Surf Attack)
arno de cea & the clockwork wizards - fuck computers (bug terminal)
amphibian man - Withstand the fall of the wave (metal goes surf)

Storm Surge of Reverb: Surf & Instro Radio


Thanks for playing the new record!

Bill and Ellie
Shoot the Pier

Shoot the Pier on Bandcamp
Shoot the Pier on Reverb Nation
Shoot The Pier on Facebook
We are on Instagram under "@shootthepiersurfband"

My Country EP ... Florida Dirt Fire

My French Love Songs ... I really needed a change...

Radio ready! Let's go!

4-6pm cst

Last week's playlist: 2-3-20

Fantastic 3 - Dragster (14 Favorites!!!)
The Surfdusters - El Dementia (save the waves)
The Charades - Besame Mucho (Supersonic Action)
wjlp - astronausea (hard boiled)
stronzo gelantino and the boomen - disco cancer (part 1)

laurie wade's cavaliers - cloudburst (board boogie)
The New Dimensions - Junker (Deuces and Eights)
The Tornados - Czardas (live) (ridin' the wind)
The Atlantics - War of the Worlds (Complete CBS Recordings)
The Surfaris - Earthquake (Hit City '64)
Los Belking's - Rompe Olas (45)

The Apaches - Say it with Bullets (Rancho Deluxe)
The Terrorsaurs - Snake Belly (Swamp Beat)
Bubastis - hairtrigger (scattered)
The Necronautics - Surf Police (Scattered Peace)
The Coffin Daggers - Ringo Mura Kara (Eleki Album)
The Aquatudes - Bored and Stroked (To Surf, With Love)

Cherokee Astro - Before We Part (Cherokee Astro)
Thee Jaguar Sharks - Lobster Rumble (Thee Jaguar Sharks)
The Reigning Monarchs - The Duke (The Reigning Monarchs)
Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet - D. Tour (dim the lights, chill the ham)
y niwl - saith (y niwl album)

The Curse of Harry Dean - Dressed in White - Spending Couterfeit Money (The curse of Harry Dean: The Curse)
The Tremolo Beer Gut - Racehorse from Hell (the inebriated sounds of)
Space Psycho Tropic Plank-Tone - Meteor Shower (It Came from Outer Space)
Sir Bald Diddley & His Ripcurls - Mummified (Flip Your Wig)

Megatronadores - Surfergalactico (Wanglen)
Camarada Nimoy - Tres minutos no espazo (Alucinacións acústicas)
The Mermen - Miki's Lush Beehive (the amazing california health and happiness road show)
The Red Planets - having what you're having (chases lead to crashes)

The Twang-o-Matics - Tenderfoot (The Wild and Exotic Sounds Of...)
the ramblin' ambassadors - cabbage diablo (vista cruiser county squire)
estrume'n'tal - Ramcharger (neandern'n'tal)
retrocaine - surf virus (Back to the 90's)
The Tequila Worms - Gusanos (Reverb Nation: Live at the 2017 Surfguitar101 Convention)
Surf Coasters - black Hole (Surfdelic)
mullet monster mafia - the wallrider (power surf orchestra)
cannibal mosquitos - lost mojo (surprise attack)
reverberati - rotowash (combat surf)
The Defiant Ones - 6,000 Stitches (super secret disaster)
El Fossil - Masterblaster (Escape from Crabhorse Island)

Storm Surge of Reverb: Surf & Instro Radio

Thanks for the previous spins on our cd! I didn't realize Jim had sent you a cd already. Man, you get a lot of content out there!


From Atlantis with Love (EP) - Agent Octopus
Agent Octopus-Spotify
Christmas on the Beach (Single) - Agent Octopus
Reverb Galaxy - Angle of Attack (CD)

The Journey Home - Agent Octopus (Our SG101 Comp Tribute to Noel!!)

Surf, the most dangerous of all musical genres...

Radio time!

4-6pm cst

Playlist from two weeks ago: 2-17-20

frankie and the poolboys - tan line fever (Spin the Bottle)
The Arousers - Blow Back (Princes of Penetration)
The Beat Tornados - Sting! (Mission to Mir)
The Sand Devils - Stacatto Lane (the sand devils)
Surf Truckerz - Can't Buy Me Love (Benefit of Mr. Kitesurfer)

Gene Moles & the Softwinds - burnin' rubber (surf & drag vol 1)
The Crescendos - Countdown (Las Vegas Grind Pt. 1)
The Dantes - Zebra Shoot (Strummin Mental)
The Statics - Static Beat (Battle of the Bands)
The Nocturnes - Cyclone (Elemental Instrumentals)
dave myers and the surftones - Laguna Limbo Luau (Surf's Up)

Bloodshot Bill - Stumble (Come Get Your Love Right Now)
peopleperson - surf cubist (coochie!)
los ultraman - big surf (el disco del helado)
Los Atascados - Hubo Fuego (Destino vedette)
The Coffin Daggers - That Sweet Girl (Eleki Album)
The Terrorsaurs - Freight Train (Swamp Beat)

The Falcons - Western Dreams (Atomic Guitar)
the bradipos iv - La Ultima Ola (Surf Session)
The Hypno-Twists - Cape st. Francis (introducing hte hypno-twists)
The Pulltones - Obsessão (Storm Fisherman)
swami john reis & the blind shake - Hang 11 (Modern Surf Classics)

Thee Milkshakes - club m.i.c. (thee knights of trashe)
The Cavaleros - Banzai Pipeline (Atomic! The Album)
the incredible heavies - severino drops in (Blackball Rebellion)
The Concussions - Hairy Son (Break Up With)
Wasagas - pushin' too hard (Crash Monster Beach)

Langhorns - Pall Mall (club gabardino)
Hypnomen - Dubrovnik (City of Love) (Watusi 99)
The Invisible Surfers - Desert King (Desert King)
The Insect Surfers - 77 Gaza Strip (Death Valley Coastline)

El Caminos - Gerugugu (Reverb Explosion)
The Volcanics - Panic Run (Forgotten Cove)
The Wangs - Vlah, Vlah, Vlah! (on target!)
Man? or astro-man? - DNI (Experiment Zero)
the chemist and the acevities - let's dissolve all the bankers (the anarcho surf laboratory co)
Threesome - hydro-active desert (On Tour)
The Beyonderers - Flexible Phantoms (of the sky) (Fourth Wave)
The Dynotones - 99 A.D. (The Dynotones)
The Good the Bad - 25 (From 018 to 033)
John Lee - In the Ground (Reprise) (The Nature Series)

Storm Surge of Reverb: Surf & Instro Radio

Radio time! Let's go!
4-6pm cst

Last week's playlist: 3-2-2020

the treble spankers - Mirananda (Araban)
The Surfin' Beards - El Cable (Surfin' Beards)
Abdul & Cleopatra - Surfin Bumblebee (Surfing with Friends)
Frankie & the Pool Boys - San Quixote (Spin the Bottle)
The Sophisticats - Deadline (when it rains, it purrrrs)

Duane Eddy - The Avenger (45)
Sandy Nelson - Quite a Beat (45)
Freddy King - Closed Door (High Rise) (The Mojo!)
The Ventures - Lady of Spain (45)
The Majestics - Oasis Pt. 2 (45)
The Teen Beats - big bad boss beat (TABU)
Bob Kuban & The In-Men - Batman Theme (45)

The Phantom Four - Yarana (Yarana / Marula)
Os Gatunos - Onde Está o Wally? (Swing Manifesto!)
The JBK Band - Thunderbird (Thunderbird)
If Mars Had Waves - Veggie Surfer (Veggie Surfer b/w Springtime Stroll (Live))
Baja Bug - El Mustacho (The Surf Will Rise Again)

MFC Chicken - Wild Safari (Music for Chicken)
Atomic 7 - Theme from Atomic 7 (...gowns by edith head)
Tres Gatos - Spanish Phly (Out of the Bag)
The Illuminators - Sunset riders (Desert Rocks)

Los Tiki Phantoms - Rescate (mueven el esqueleto)
Los Straitjackets - Squid (supersonic guitars in 3d)
The Volcanos - Bikini Sunset (Surf Quake)
The Nebulas - Green Room (nebula one)
Le Grand Miercoles - I've Got To Surf Away (ghost cowboys)

Los Seitans - Piramide (Vol. 1)
Stereo Donkey - Tune from Rangoon (Stereo Donkey)
the concussions - Storm Team Dave (Newaygo SOund machine)
Mustafa Ozkent ve Orkestrasi - Lorke (Genclik ille elele)
The Aquasonics - The Lonely Apache (play songs for the surfin' set)
the shadows - Stingray (shadows are go!)

Beach Moonsters - Surfin with the Bird Dragon (From Venus) (Surfin with the Bird Dragon (from Venus))
Atomic Mosquitos - Mosquito Royale (Meltdown)
The Mullet Monster Mafia - Swamp (Power Surf Orchestra)
galactic coffin - target earth (surf the skulls or die)
appalachian surf team - valley of the kaisers (live at pilot light)
The Dustaphonics - Eat My Dust-a-phonic (100% Instrumental)
We are a Communist - The Silent Bugler (Blast Off!)
Dick Dale - The Pit (Calling Up Spirits)
The Revomatics - Good Nice Day (Nocturnica)

Storm Surge of Reverb: Surf & Instro Radio

Good show, Hunter!


I don't like it but the virus has made stuff weird. Show is now on Mondays 1-3pm cst. Should hopefully go back to normal once things go back to normal

Storm Surge of Reverb: Surf & Instro Radio

Thanks for playin' the Wasagas !!!

Sorry I haven't been updating this thread much -- I've been swamped between my lil' baby and basically running WTUL. I'm back at 4-6pm. Today's show is FULL of new releases!
4-6pm cst

Last week's playlist: 3-23-20

The Shockwave - Flow Waves (Contact from Space)
Moms I'd Like to Surf - Messiah Jerk (beach control to major knob)
Los Blue Marinos - Adventure Reef (Off the Lip)
Operation Octopus - Dick Dastardly (El Calavera)
The Daytonas - Surf Spot (Ready Set Go!)

The Swanks - Ghost Train (Long-lost Hokers & Twangers)
link wray and the wraymen - Crossties (Jack the Ripper)
The Motivations - The Birds (Strummin Mental)
The Handclappers - Three Gassed Rats (45)
Thom Starr & the Galaxies - Jellyfish Kiss (South Bay Surf)
The Crossfires - Chunky (Out of Control)

The Bluebottles - Around the World (Poolside with the Bluebottles)
wjlp - creatures from mars (queen of the jungle)
The Jagaloons - sour times (knock you up!)
Balu & Die Surfgrammeln - tungurahua (pepe)
Herr Nielsson und seine Kapelle - artatore (bermuda)

dick dale - fish taco (unknown territory)
the mutants - karate-child (mutacalypso now!)
x-ray cat trio - blue drag (out for blood)
rondo hatton - switchblade (breaking the sound barrier)

lulufin the woo hoo - Jellyfish (Jellyfish / Bamboo Twist)
bambi molesters - Coastal Disturbance (dumb loud hollow twang)
Los Twang Marvels - Prueba de Fuego (Prueba de Fuego)
The Space Agency - You Make me Nervous Twist (The Space Agency)
Didi Wray - Nocturna (Buenos Aires Go G Go (Special Editon))

Omar Khorshid - Rahbiniyat (Guitar el Chark)
Dirty Fuse - Why I Smoke Cocaine (Surfbetika)
Los Banditos - Cairo (Opiumparty)
Spitwater - Old Man's (Save Those Whales)
Catsith - Bullwinkle Pt. 5 (Surf Magic)

Genki Genki Panic - Mosrite Brigade (demo) (Kahuna Mutato)
The OK Kings - Pinball (It's OK)
Los Galerna - Jaguar Stomp (Sangre en al Atlantico)
The One Night Standards - Sidejack (Sunset)
The Del-Vipers - Rumhammered (Cannibal Safari)
The Bitch Boys - Wave Chasers (In Heat)
Langhorns - Awesome (Langhorns)
Man? or astro-man? - DNI (Experiment Zero)
Amphibian Man - Eye of Ra (Pyramids)
arno de cea & the clockwork wizards - The Clock Crusher (Retro Futurisme Volume I LP)

Storm Surge of Reverb: Surf & Instro Radio

More new releases this week! Tune in!
4-6pm cst

Last weekend's playlist:3-30-20

The Bluebottles - Gas Guzzler (Poolside with the Bluebottles)
The Barbwires - At the Skyline Drive-In (...Sounds like Trouble)
The Tarantinos NYC - Hell's Belles (Surfin' the Silver Screen)
WJLP - The Prince of Persia (Queen of the Jungle)
FUNNY BUNNY - Here Comes the Big Kahuna (Terror at Cape Canaveral High!)

The Buddies - Pulsebeat (Dancehall Stringbusters)
The Rockin' Ramrods - Jungle Call (Explosive)
The Strangers - Rockin' Rebel (Titan)
The Torques - Tidal Wave (Lemco)
The Champs - Wing Ding (The Champs & the Fabulous Cyclones)
THe Surfmen - Stompin' at the Surfside (dra)
Peter Jay & the Jaywalekrs - Jaywalker (Phantom Guitars)

The Surfer Novas - Blueshift (Project Serpo)
Los Atarrayas - Sheherazade (Premiere Vague)
Paco Seren & Indy Tumbita - La Venganza de Arghasso. Main Title (Eclipsis Soundtracks Vol. 1)
Terreur Twist - Requiem Pour un Loup (Pre Prod 03.2020)
Hawaiian Roller-Coaster - Attack of the 50 Foot Pin Up (Live from the Riff Haus)

Ichi-Bons - The Rockin' Gypsy (Black Dice Demos)
Crown Cobra - Try the Egg (demo)
Operation Octopus - Hermosa (El Calavera)
Herr Neilsson und Seine Kapelle - Strandbar am Neckar 2019 (Bermuda)

Los Misterios - Chino Zombie (Planeta Misterio)
The Delstroyers - Ghost Highway (Diabolical!)
Docteur Legume et Les Surfwerks - Speed Cops (Four Tales of Chemistry)
The Jagaloons - Overdrive (Knock You Up!)

Bongho Krappul - Oktubre Tzang (Jao San)
Tikiyaki minus Orchestra - Pearl Diver (Sketches with Guitar and Bongos)
Dara Puspita - Pest Pak Lurah (The Garage Years)
Surf Sabbath - Symptom of the Universe (Symptom of the Universe/Wicked World)

Los Pecadores - Sinbad (Tough Love)
Wave Tables - The Gutter (Natives)
Surf-a-Tomica - La Lucha (Autentico del Libano)
13th Magic Skull - Shui Ting ER (Brave Coast Wild Recordings)
The Swiv-o-Matics - The Return of the Fez-Men (Return of the Fez-Men)
The Overtones - Black Eyed Surfer (Search for Atlantis)
The Mystery Men? - The Age of Envy (Sonos Delirium)
Genki Genki Panic - Zelda II The Adventures of Link "Palace THeme" (Demo Mix) (Kahuna Mutato)
Los Pinche Pinches - Frankie Teardroppin' In (Best Album I Ever Heard*)

Storm Surge of Reverb: Surf & Instro Radio

Ready for another round!

4-6pm cst

Last week's playlist: 4-6-20

Langhorns - Las Vegas Fist Fight (Las Vegas Fist Fight)
The Bluebottles - Smack in the Face (Poolside with the Bluebottles)
Los Misterios - Carrusel Glactico (Planeta Misterio)
The Surfer Novas - Radio Galaxy (Project Serpo EP)
Os Gatunos - Voltron (Os Gatuons Vao a Praia)

The New Dimensions - Rumblebee (Deuces and Eights)
The Busters - All American Surfer (Arlen)
The Bel-Airs - Ramrod (Volcanic Action)
The Denver-Men - Stomp Fever (RCA)
The Piltodwn Men - Night Surfin' (The Piltdown Men Ride Again)
The Tornados - Alan's Tune (Ridin' the Wind)

The Volcanics - Return of Mr. Midnight (Freakout)
Girl Over Planet - Tangerine bAY (In Search of Cosmic Oceans)
Los Surfer Compadres - Maximizer (Happy Birthday)
Los Atarrayas - Dispersion de la Atarraya (Premiere Vague)
Magla Waves - Moussaka (CRABS)

The Madeira - Undercurrents (Center of the Surf)
Voltz Supreme - Mystery at Sundown (Western Music)
Intoxicos - Keep Out (End Times)
WJLP - Cuban Heels (Queen of the Jungle)
Albert Gines - Cato Fong Theme (The First Monkey in Space)

Wave Tables - Spy Song (Natives)
Funny Bunny - Great What (Terror at Cape Canaveral High! Original Soundtrack)
Ichi-Bons - Don't Call Me Flyface (Black Dice Demos)
Theeee Gondola - Pirate Wray (Pirate Wray)
The Bumblebats - Balaclava (Standing in the Shadows of Moncton

The Grunions - The Scrunger (Star Fish Prime)
Gene Sikora & The Irrationals - Tanganyika (Technicolor Paradise - Rhum Rhapsodies & Other Exotic Delights)
Tikiyaki Minus Orchestra - A Pacific Isle Soundscape (Sketches with Guitar and Bongos)
Bongho Krappul - Abyzz (Jao San)
Arthur Anderson - Black Canyon (Psycho Serf)

The Coffin Daggers - Psychonaut (The Coffin Daggers)
Amphibian Man - Sea Treasure (Waves)
Los Tiros - Forjado a Fuego Lento en Fort Knox (Expertos En Cagarla)
Molokai - The End of Time: Molokraj 1.0 (Rack Attack)
The Bills - Carbomb (Hag in a Black Leather Jacket)
Les Atlantiques - Torpedo (Promo Recordings)
Fountoukla - Galamemeli (no)
Los Pecadores - Tough Love (Tough Love)
Los Pinche Pinches - Social Mierda (Best Album I Ever Heard *)
Arno de Cea & the Clockwork Wizards - Fluide Glacial (Flash Freezing the Sun)

Storm Surge of Reverb: Surf & Instro Radio

Another one coming up! Tune in!

4-6pm cst

Last week's playlist:

The 'Verb - Sun Beached Reef
Los Freneticos - Heat Wave (Teletransportacion)
The Kanaloas - The Bronze Bull (Surf A Go Go)
The Bitch Boys - 4th Dimension AKA The Outer Limits (Ride the First Wave)
Bang! Mustang! - Dusty (Surfin' NSA)

The Creations - The Crash (Surf Age Nuggets)
Impact 5 - Riptide (Strummin Mental Part Two!)
The Galaxies - Tremble (Wax, Board and Woodie)
los shains - ciudad de rompientes (et ritmo de los shain's)
the vibrasonics - drag race (surf guitars rumble)
Jan Davis - The Flight of the Bee (Boss Guitar)
The Counts - Chitlin, Etc (Frolic Diner Part 3)

Twenty Euro for Love - Sambapatia (Unsurfing Bastards)
Les Atlantiques - Atlantis (Promo Recordings)
The Volcanics - Freakout (Freakout)
Wave Tables - Suck N' Roll (Natives)
Los Surfer Compadres - Las Mananitas & Happy Birthday

Girl Over Planet - Most People Call Me... Jim (In Search of Cosmic Oceans)
The Green Reflectors - Hitchcock Presents... (Tune Up)
Fountouki - galameli (blah)
Los Misterios - Oh Carino (Planeta Misterio)
Stories from Shamehill - Queen of Tides (El Salto del Jalapeno / Queen of Tides)

The Necronautics - The Chase (The Necronautics)
The Curse of Harry Dean - The The Curse (The Curse of Harry Dean: The Curse)
Reverba Trio - Onde Estara Wander? (((RT)))
Bevel Emboss - Hot in the House (Celluloid)

Malphino - Mono Borracho (Visit Malphino)
Bongo Krappul - Atrium Phatoz (JAO SAN)
Arthur Andersen - Turnpike Cruiser (psycho serf)
The Grunions - Night Shift (Star Fish Prime)

The Noones - Journey to the Center of Uranus (Noones Instrumentals)
(THE) Katatonics - Shreddy Roosevelt (The Katatonics/Estrangers Split)
The Delusionaires - Dinosaur (Desination Poon)
The Dead Rocks -
The Telestons - Bourneli Surf (Summer Licks
Surf Report - Surfonica (Inferno)
Necronomikids - Rocket Man (Necronomikids)
Dick et les Epsions - Popcorn (The Fabulous Frozen Sounds Of)
Los Pecadores - Shark Attack (Tough Love)
Thee Cormans - Surf Shack of Doom (Halloween Record w/ Sound Effects)
Theeee Gondola - Theeee Fly (Pirate Wray)
Terreur Twist - Hotep California (pre prod. 03.2020)
The Twang-o-Matics - Vesle Hoa (The wild and Exotic Sounds of)

Storm Surge of Reverb: Surf & Instro Radio

Show comin' up!
4-6pm cst

Playlist from last week: 4-20-2020

Laika & the Cosmonauts - Beat '88 (Zero Gravity)
Los Straitjackets - Pop Rocks & Coke (Jet Set)
Johnny Knox & Hi-Test - Renegade Grinder (Stomp! Shout! Scream! Original Soundtrack)
The Volcanos - Sand Crab (Surf Quake)
The Dynotones - The Fuzz (The Dynotones)
The Tremolo Beer Gut - Theme from the Beer Hunter (Under the Influence Of...)

Dave Myers and the Surftones - Surf Breaker (Moment of Truth - Best of Dave Myers and the Surftones)
John Taylor - Taylor's Rock (Jungle Exotica Vol. 2)
The Genteels - The Force of Gravity (The Birth of Surf Vol 3)
The Ready Men - Disintigration (Get Ready!!!)
The Fender IV - Highway Surfer (Randy Holden Early Works '64-'66)
Dick Dale - Tidal Wave (Summer Surf)

Shark Attack!! - Surfin!! A Descent into Maelstrom (Songs to Sink Your Teeth Into)
The Hi-Tide Orchestra - Six Foot Rule (Lockdown b/w Six Foot Rule)
Beware of Blast - A New Galaxy (Outer Space)
Twenty Euro for Love - Surfenstein (Unsurfing Bastards)
Sleepy Heads - Surfenstein (Sleepy Heads)

CARLO - Surficide (CARLO)
Glasgow Tiki Shakers - Sea Smoke Searchlight (Little Orbit)
Los Daytonas - La Mana Del Muerto (En el Salvaje Oeste)
Los Protones - Infiernillo (mision OA4)
The Fathoms - She's the One (Fathom This!)

Condor Gruppe - Cardinale (Latituds Del Cavall)
Los Kosmos - Mega Hit (Los Kosmos)
Matorralman - Bardott (Adulterio Estereofonico)
Bikini Machine - Get Down (Let's Party with Bikini Machine, Vol. 2)

Bongho Krappul - Labohiru (BOLA)
Boom Pam - Cicek Dagi (Manara & Summer Singles)
The Kreeps - Triple Hexxx Curse (Tales from Grim County)

The Monarchs - Pedal Pusher (Et Vincere Et Mori)
Nahuelaizers - La Coca (Profunidad Desconocida)
Les Fradkin - Kick Sand (Gnarly Wave Volume Two)
Die Krabben - Fitzcoraldo (Welcome to Surf Trash Island)
The Swiv-o-Matics - Barbara Eden Roc (Return of the Fez Men)
The Bills - Drunk and Loose (Hag in a Black Leather Jacket)
The Noones - Rip Curl (Noones Instrumentals)
Gasoline - Monkey Tone (Fake to Fame)
Los Tiki Phantoms - Muertos y Furiosos (Y El Ejercito de los Calaveras)
The Wangs - Sushi (On Target!)

Ted Boys Marinos - Magala (Shot One) (Surf Sessions)

Storm Surge of Reverb: Surf & Instro Radio

Whole mess of new stuff this week! Tune in!

4-6pm cst

Last week's playlist: 4-27-20

Humanga Danga - Tuna Twister (Humanga Danga)
The Surfintynes - The Rocketeer (Surf Music for the 21st Century)
Barbacoa - Teen Beast (Italian Medallion)
the reigning monarchs - Sea Ghost (

the duvals - ferny roast - 45
eddie & the showmen - toes on the nose (toes on the nose)
the reveliers - hanging five (surf age nuggets)
the sentinals - vesuvius (sunset beach)
the ventures - the creeper (walk don't run 64)
the vibratones - expressway (board boogie)

the tiki creeps - atomic age to stone age (more "live" than deaD)
mercedes culebra - la serrana del caldero (jotas)
sys malakian - kingdom of madness (kingdom of madness)
Shark Attack!! - Toxic (songs to sink your teeth into)
operazione dyn-o-mite - senorita, senorita (operazione dyn-o-mite)

Beware of Blast - Outer Space (Outer Space)
Hang-ten Hangmen - Shut em down in Zombie Town (Wet Sounds)
The Aqua Barons - Ζεχρά (Southeast Stompers)
Skurkarna - the triggerman (in the web of villainy)

the sonoras - el baile del silencio (el baile del silencio)
The Mobsmen - Gridiron Syndicate (Scelerats Syndicate)
Messer Chups - War Party (the incredible croco-tiger)
gasolines - beachnik road II (jungle surfers II)
sleepy heads - bug juice (sleepy heads)

The Hi-Tide Orchestra - Lockdown (Lockdown/Six Foot Rule)
The Dustburds - Maigret Theme (Summer Pleasures)
tito y sus supersonicos - ta llorando (popular vol 2)
los piranas - quedar bien con el oyente (historia natural)
pax - exorcismo (back to peru)

swami john reis & the blind shake - sea saw (modern surf classics)
rapido t lusso - caffeine racer (caffeine racer ep)
terrorist bengala party - escape from gotham (terrorist bengala party)
captain ahab & the sea cracken - geist (jurmungandr)
twenty euro for love - fastidiots (unsurfing bastards)
mono men - switchblade (shut up!)
the beyonderers - operation: trojan horse (Estimate of the Situation)
the perks - Los Platos del Diablo (tyrantula)
the space cossacks - red sunrise (interstellar stomp)
Man...or Astro-Man? - Man made of CO2 (1000X)
The Nebulas - Retribution (The Nebulas)

Storm Surge of Reverb: Surf & Instro Radio

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