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rev: Surf music historians, I just posted in General Discussion about an old 50's song. Do you know it? https://yout...
162 days ago

Struan: One ton bee
155 days ago

Freevibration: yamaha SGV
118 days ago

Freevibration: yamaha SGV
118 days ago

CreepBeat: 2020 sucks
113 days ago

Bango_Rilla: Bango is going bananas in quarantine!
113 days ago

Bango_Rilla: Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
112 days ago

ChuckEMong: would a link to an r-rated video with a good tune be out of line here? Whatever
77 days ago

Emilien03: helloooooo! Big Grin
57 days ago

Clint: “Surf Music Videos” channel on YouTube. If you like, please subscribe. Thanks! https://www....
43 days ago

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I remembered it's monday. Smile

Our pledge drive is over and perhaps more than ever I've been blown away by support from the surf community. Let's do a fun one today, all covers.

4-6pm cst

Playlist from last week: Incognito vs Bandito! 3-25-19

Bold is Incognito, regular is bandito. Bandito won.

The Barbwires - The Cheater (Searider)
Said the Ripper - Shadow Alley (Shadow Alley)
Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited - The Twisting Spy (the spacesound effect)
Davie Allan & The Arrows - thunderball (Blues Theme)
men from s.p.e.c.t.r.e. - the robbery ()
space agency - catch the spy (galactic guitars tremolo)

Dick Dale - Spanish Kiss (Summer Surf)
Trabants - The Hard Path Home (Nel Cuore Di Una Terra Selvaggia (In the Heart of a Savage Land))
The Twin Tones - Mexico 1910 (capello di mariachi)
The Fentones - The Mexican (Ku-Pow! British Instrumentals)
The Sonoras - La Danza de los Espiritus (El Baile Del Silencio)
Pounded by the Surf - aloha chino hills (no waves)
los venturas - Beans, Tortillas & Chili (and even some wine) (Playtime!)
Messer Chups - Shadow of a Spy (the incredible croco-tiger)
The Kilaueas - K-17 (Touch my Alien)
The O'Hara's - On Her Majesty's secret service (Facile a boire!)
The Shadows - Man of Mystery (The Final Tour)
The 427's - Escape from Alcatraz (Stay Gold)
Langhorns - spybeat (mission exotica)
The James Boys - Stampede (45)
The Twang-o-matics - la cucaracha (The Wild and Exotic Sounds of...)
Cara Bruns - The Fourth Amigo (Carabunga's Music Box)
The Sunsets - manhunt (telstars, mexicans, manhunts & woodies)
Federale - Road to El Rey (Music from 'La Rayar')
The Apaches - Pistoleros (Musica Surfica Vol. III & IV)
The Phantom Four - esperanza (esperanza ep)
Marcello Giombini - Sabata (the ecstasy of gold)
the five outsiders - el hobo (on the run)
Satan's pilgrims - taco truck (Taco Truck 7")
alessandro alessandroni - bandidos (ecstasy of gold)
Blackball Bandits - The Lost Mission (The Lost Mission)
The All-nighters - Showdown (dance til' dawn)
(The) Katatonics - The Pillager (The Katatonics / Enstrangers Split)
Ennio Morricone - ecstasy of gold (The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly)

Storm Surge of Reverb: Surf & Instro Radio

Thanks for the spin, Hunter!


Got a whole ton of new releases and a bunch of goofball 45s ready to spin today. Expect stuff from The Volcanics, The Delstroyers, Martin Cilia, The Metawais, Surfoniani, Secret Agent, Betasurfesr, Hook and the Creeps, The Go Go Rillas, Los Pinche Pinches, Cherokee Astro and probably others.

I think I completely forgot to compile the final playlist from last week. I'll post it when I do.

Storm Surge of Reverb: Surf & Instro Radio

So much great new stuff! I'm really excited for that Volcanics record. Thanks for including one of the new Delstroyers tunes, Hunter!

Four String Fender for The Delstroyers

Radio time! Still playing a bunch of those bands from the last one, plus some even newer ones!


Here's the last two weeks of playlists


the krontjong devils - biscaya (ghost wave) (On Tour!!)
moms I'd like to surf - Jo (Raymond Lefèvre) (beach control to major knob)
The Sonoras - Gran Jaguar (El Baile Del Silencio)
Tanque Rudy - Bolido de Fuego (single)
Messer Chups - Charade (Aloha Swamp)

Bingo Reyna - Espejismo (45)
Duane Eddy - Kommotion (45)
Jet Harris & Tony Meeham - Diamonds (45)
The Downbeats - Playin' Possum (45)
The Furys - Dolow (45)

The Volcanics - Revel Rally (Forgotten Cove)
The Mentawais - Simeulue (ombak bagus)
the delstroyers - Invasion of the Body Surfers (Resurrected)
Martin Cilia - Los Spaniard (Shadowman)
los straitjackets - Ashokan Farewell (Channel Surfing With...)

Phatlynx - The Colonel (Loosen Your Belt)
The Supermen - Clark Kent's Secret Identity (Superman)
The Spacemen - Spaceboat (music for batman and robin)
Luis Enriquez - Il Guardiano (Electronia)
The Champs - Red Eye (45)
The Inconceivables - Patti's Theme (45)

Messer Chups - Tales from the Crypt (Aloha Swamp)
Surfoniani - Cleopatra (Cleopatra/Monkey Sounds)
M. Asylum - Nightfall (Let it SURF!)
Ray Corvair Trio - Trashcan (Slick 50)
Crazy Aces - Arigato Terauchi (Greatest Hits Volume 2)

Jef Labes - Telstar (45)
Allstar - Tequila Part II (45)
dizzy dixon and the deacons - hapsburg serenade (twist) (45)
The Charmers - The Snake (45)
The Unknowns - Peith's Song (45)

The Bills - The Maggot (Check's In the Mail)
Betasurfers - Betaman (Land Beyond)
Hook and the Creeps - Here come the Daggers (Hook and the Creeps)
The Go-Go Rillas - Banana Party (Banana Party)
The Good Boys - Good Boys Gone Bad (The Good Boys)
Secret Agent - The Spy Who Never Was (mata hari)
Los Pinche Pinches - Skeet Mountain (ELPPEP)
The Nebulas - Cosmos 954 (It's Go Time!)
The Protons - The Earth will die! (out of phase)
los protones - El Verdugo (20 Monstruos!)
Cherokee Astro - Before We Part (Cherokee Astro)

and the week before: COVERS!

The Surfrajettes - Toxic (Party Line/Toxic)
Mark Malibu and the Wasagas - great white wedding (Crash Monster Beach)
Satan's Pilgrims - Godfather (Around the World With)
Shark Attack!! - Gorbashark (Chum Punch)

Blue Wave Theory - Time Is On My Side (Beachcombing)
the hollywood persuaders - Satisfaction (drums a-go-go)
aloha screwdriver - paint it black (the 6th kfjc battle of the bands)
The Dave Clark Five - I walk the line (Telstars, Mexicans, Manhunts & Wonderful Lands)
The Jarnos - Paranoid (Surfin' & Rollin')

the ramonetures - Rock and Roll High School (Ramonetures)
arabas negras - get back (Benefit of Mr. Kitesurfer)
Tikiyaki 5-0 - Eleanor Bigsby (Tone Control)
The Reverbivores - The Man Who Sold The World (Orbit to Intercept)
The Red Planets - Rebel Rebel (Ziggy Played Surf Guitar)
Tremolo Beer Gut - Pet Sounds (Under the Covers with..)

Thee Wilt Chamberlain - X-Files Theme (Purity Control)
surfpatrouille - Surfin' Marge (venus pussy polka riot)
surflamingo - Juego de Surfers (Game of Thrones) (Entrepeñas Bay Terror)
Messer Chups - twin peaks twist (heretic channel)

The Space Rangers - Das Model (Ready to Take off!)
The Charades - Like a Virgin (all around the world with)
miki y los doras - 69 globos rojos (buaaah chaval!!!)
sys malakian - hey ya (Me and the Reverb vol. 1)

Phantom Four - A Forest (Morgana)
Simon Jones - Spider-man (instrumentals vol. 1)
los holy's - Reunion Sicodelica (cissy strut) (45)
The Knockers - Night Drive (suomalaisia rautalankaaanityksia)
The Real Gone - Get Lucky (The Real Gone)

The Tomorrowmen - Tunak Tunak Tun (Futourism)
The New Waves - Turning Japanese (Volume II)
El Supernaut - let's lynch the landlord (plays half dead)
Ray Corvair Trio - Kashmir (Slick)
Genki Genki Panic - Zelda II The Adventures of Link Palace Theme (Demo)
The Cholla - Kokri Forest (Link of the Surf Guitar)
The Isotopes - Indiana Jones (Play Surf Music)
The Mermers - London Dungeon (2017 EP)
The Mag Seven - sleepwalk (knife to a gunfight)

Storm Surge of Reverb: Surf & Instro Radio

Radio time!

4-6pm cst

Playlist from last week! 4-15-19

The Go-Go Rillas - No Biggie for Bongo (Banana Party)
the tiki creeps - blue mist (of bora bora) (idol worship)
Husky and the Sandmen - juicy punch (ridin the wild surf)
the kilaueas - Santa Cruz (Touch my Alien)
the el caminos - Death Race (The Complete Sexcite Works)

The Tornados - Telstar (Telstar)
The Tornadoes - malaguena (beyond the surf!)
the atlantics - stompin time (Stompin TIme)
The Impacs - voo doo USA (Impact!)
The Fireballs - Kissin' (Here are the Fireballs)
The Orchids - Goo Time Stomp (Twistin' at the Roundtable)

Los Straitjackets - Game of Thrones (Channel Surfing)
The Hamiltones - Flowers for Wolfman (in human form) (The Shape of Water)
the delstroyers - Moon Relay (Resurrected)
The Volcanics - Starry Eyes (Forgotten Cove)
Grand Kahuna - Spiderman - Plastic Parker (Hochelaga Sessions III)

Martin Cilia - Cry for a Shadow (Shadowman)
Strici iz ozadja - Joege, eres tu? (Out of the Shadows)
The Mentawais - The Muzza Swell (ombak bagus)
Secret Agent - Danzarina Del Placer (Instrumental) (mata hari)

The Belmont Playboys - Chaparral (Hot Rod Heart)
ray corvair trio - A taste of johnny (slick 50)
satan's pilgrims - Creep Beat (Siniestro)
The Good Boys - Rippin the Lid (The Good Boys)

Messer Chups - Curse of Catzilla (Mondo Harp)
Surfoniani - Monkey Serenade (Cleopatra/Monkey Sounds)
Bingo Reyna - arriba y abajo (45)
Los Silvertones - Ternura (45)
Omar Khorshid - Lama Bada Yatasana (Rhythms from the Orient)

Cherokee Astro - Lantern Festival (Cherokee Astro)
Infra-men - rocket rogachova (FASTER, GIANT SQUID! KILL! KILL!)
los pinche pinches - 333s (ELPPEP)
pappys - space ride (pappys)
bande de los apaches - holy dick business (forever)
The Royal Fingers - Wild datsun (Wild Eleki Deluxe)
Secret Admirer - Wild Child (Secret Admirer)
tidal baby - going coastal (UFO Surf Club)
Betasurfers - Holiday in Betaland (Land Beyond)
Luis Enriquez - Fender with Anger (Electronia)
The Shadows - theme for young lovers (shadows are go!)

Storm Surge of Reverb: Surf & Instro Radio

Brothers, sisters, animals. Let us radio

4-6pm cst

Playlist from last week: 4-22-19

Toro Jones - Unraveler (Toro Jones Full Length)
The Volcanos - Deora (Surf Quake)
The Volcanics - Quick Draw (Forgotten Cove)
Coffin Daggers - Five Five (Aggravatin' Rhythms)
Langhorns - Fuzzball (club gabardino)

The Orchids - Back Woods (Twistin' at the Roundtable)
Jimmy & Stan - Tahiti (45)
The Arrows - Tee pee (Apache '65)
The Centuries - anniversary hop (45)
Los Aragon - El Bueno, El Malo y El Feyo (45)
Bingo Reyna - El Boogie de la Guitarra (45)

The Jagaloons - Maximum Radiation Level (Ruin the Party)
The Underwater Bosses - Sumthin Sumthin Surf Board (Aqua La Vista)
Surferific Dudes - Rodadora (Sharks in Tuxedos)
The Hamiltones - Dracula goes to the gas station... alone... again (The Shape of Water)
Surfisticio - Doble sostenido (hay tabla)

the Mystery Men? - Happy Kingdom by the Sea (Firewalkers)
The Space Cossacks - Escape from Gulag 17 (Tsar Wars)
LOS FRENETICOS - new kind of beat (el sonido que perdura)
The Surfside Four - Malaguena (Ballad of the Tiki)
Surf Katz - Boardwalking (demo)

The Swiv-o-Matics - charm city surfer (Charm City Surfer)
Lost Acapulco - Burning Patrol (Los Obligados Racing Team)
paquetá - Guanxuma Jamaicana (surfadelic dreams)
The Delusionaires - Road Runner (Destination Poon)
messer chups - padre pizzicato (mondo harp)

big lazy - Human Sacrifice (don't cross myrtle)
Grand Kahuna - Caravan (Hochelaga Sessions III)
Jimmie Haskell & Orchestra - Rockin in the Orbit (45)
Group X - There are 8 Million Cossack Melodies and This is One of Them (Twanging, Honking, Plinking and Stomping)

The Green Reflectors - Run Away (Tune Up)
the reigning monarchs - Spider Hat (
biarritz boys - el paso (enjoy the hip,slick, ultra-violent and super sexy surfsound of...)
the chemist and the acevities - cosmic anarchist wave (the anarcho surf laboratory co)
Commando - irene s. (Piet)
captain ahab & the sea cracken - Hunting for Mermaids (captain ahab & the sea crackens)
theunidentified. - ctrl-alt-delete (Secret Audio Suspense)
SEAWHORES - galaxified (galaxified)
Betasurfers - sie nannten ihn beta (Land Beyond)
Man? or astro-man? - [trapezoid] (spectrum of an infinite scale)

Storm Surge of Reverb: Surf & Instro Radio

Thanks so much as always for the play, Hunter!

Radio time!
4-6pm cst

Last week's playlist: 4-29-19

Bang! Mustang - 58 Degrees (Surfin' NSA)
'63 burnout - Nashville Stomp (Trouble At The Speedway)
Los Coronas - Tono Viejo (Señales de Humo)
messer chups - das boot (mondo harp)

Hal Blaine - Secret Agent Man (45)
The Hornets - Broadside (Motorcycles USA)
eddie and the showmen - Mr. Rebel (toes on the nose)
The Astronauts - Baja (surfin' with the astronauts)
Walt Lawrence and the Castaways - Cascade (Strummin Mental Vol Five)
Jerry Starr - side steppin' (45)

The Volcanics - Big Bossman (Forgotten Cove)
The Delstroyers - Jezebel (Resurrected)
Underwater Bosses - Heavy the Ride (Aqua La Vista)
Surfin' Satan and the Beach Demons - Snipeline (Surfin' Satan and the Beach Demons)
The Calderas - Showdown (Opus)
Surfisticio - Rio de la plata (hay tabla)

Tsunami Experiment - Lost in the Circuit (Lost in the Circuit)
magic number - Final Frontier (Ampersand)
Kilwater - George on Red Street (Kilwater)
The Beyonderers - Mirage Men (Estimate of the Situation)

The Bomboras - Night of the Bomboras (head shrinkin' fun)
Los Kosmos - Ungrateful Scoundrel (Los Kosmos)
De Surfures - Dragster Start Point (Fino a Go Go)
The Omega Men - Diablo Sandwich (spy-fi sounds of the omega men)
Abdul & Cleopatra - Turkey Trot (Surfing with Friends)
kozyol - Principal Slicer (kozyol)

Beachmasters of the Universe - Frühling in Tadschikistan (Tropica)
Cosmo Piluqui & The Peronist Chanchonauts - Speed Racer Versus The Macrists From Hell (Proletarian Psycho Surfer Tunes Vol.1)
The Ventures - Squaw Man (45)
Bingo Reyna - El Pecos Billy (45)
Los Aragon - Windy (45)

Hawaii Samurai - Surf or Die (let there be surf)
Dex Romweber Duo - Climb Down (Is That You in the Blue?)
x-ray cat trio - ram riders (I lied)
The Dynotones - 99 a.d. (the dynotones)
The Milk Lizards - The Butcher of Bakersfield (Planet Beach)
the trashwomen - Nightmare at the Drag (spend the night with)
The isotopes - the jolly rancheros (Play Surf Music)
the infrareds - Number One on the Spectrum of Light (Recorded on Microfilm)
Spaceguards - multivision (multivision)
necronomikids - blood of kingu (necronomikids)
les profs de skids - photophobia (in tempore sine mora)

Storm Surge of Reverb: Surf & Instro Radio

OK Radio time

4-6pm cst

Last week's playlist! 5-6-19

intoxicos - invasion pt. 2 (end times)
The madeira - The Argonaut (Center of the Surf)
The Mobsmen - Similau (Scelerats syndicate)
the wave chargers - bambino (the wave chargers ep)
atomic 7 - stab it and steer it (en hillbilly caliente)

Dick Dale And His Del-Tones - Let's Go Trippin' (surfer's choice)
link wray and the wraymen - Jack the Ripper (jack the ripper)
The Ventures - Bird Swingers (Bird Rockers) (runnin' strong)
The Denvermen - The Rebel (Surfside and other great hits)
The Midnighters - Shark Chase (45)
Jim Messina and his Jesters - The Cossack (The Dragsters)

The Calderas - train to tucumari (Opus)
Trabajo Cubano - sunset vista (trabajo cubano)
the illumignarly - quantum beach (particle shore)
longboard ranch - swami's reef (longboard ranch rides again)
Sangue de Androide - bigode de androide (sangue de androide)

The Apaches - Rising Sun (Apaches Take Off!)
rondo hatton - big mack attack (destination fun)
shark e os tubaroes - sangue de tubarao (revolta das gaivotas)
tuareg - sahara party (go! go! surf)

The El Caminos - Misirlou (The Complete Sexcite Works)
the ramblin' ambassadors - twenty original fembots (Avanti)
Beach Combers - Rei de Para (Brazilian Tsunami)
The Volcanics - sunset rider (Forgotten Cove)

Big Lazy - Don't Cross Myrtle (Don't Cross Myrtle)
Beachmasters of the Universe - Bermudadreizack (tropica)
Matorralman - destrampada (Adulterio Estereophonico)
Messer Chups - The World We Knew (Mondo Harp)

Chewbacca's - Zenon (Zenon)
switch trout - searchin' for my boots (psycho action)
surf aliens - a guerra do mundos (coquetel anunnaki)
Robotmonkeyarm - vengeance of the sweater girl (part two...cinema vomitif & the white mask of doom!)
don't forget your dinosaur - jurassic narc (DFYD II)
Underwater Bosses - heavy the ride (aqua la vista)
les profs de skids - paravalanche (in tempore sine mora)
baleia mutante - suor pigs (versoes macabras para criancas malcriadas)
amphibian man - surfing death (metal goes surf)

Storm Surge of Reverb: Surf & Instro Radio

Showtime y'all! Tune in!

4-6pm cst

Last week's playlist: 5-13-19

the daytonas - The Coffin (parabolica)
Intoxicos - Keep Out (end times)
Surf Coasters - Dolphins (Surf Panic '95)
The Alohas - kooksville (Get Leid With...)
los twang! marvels - runaway from zardoz (guitars in orbit)
The Bradipos IV - Big Sur Nightmare (Lost Waves)

Kenny & the Night Riders - Swamp Rat (45)
The Vampires - Clap Trap (Hank)
The Midnighters - Ridin' High (45)
The Thunderbirds - twistin' safari (Planetary Pebbles Vol. 1: Surfbeat Behind the Iron Curtain)
The Denvermen - She's Gone (Surfside and other great hits)
The Motivations - The Birds (Horror Hop)

Beach Combers - Já Te Falei (Ao Vivo) (Beach Combers Ao Vivo)
the me gustas - Robbers Roost (Burn the Breeze)
Miserable Ones - Mars (Ziki Records Live Session)
Les Profs de Skids - gravelines (IN TEMPORE SINE MORA)
Sangue de Androide - Luiza Vendo Visoes (sangue de androide)
Maeds Dominos - Catalina Bay (Copacabana Switchblade)

The Apollo Four - Nitro Twist (Dirty Surf EP)
Beware! Black Holes - Depthcharge (Take Off!)
the nebulas - da cat (it's go time)
Satan's Pilgrims - Boss BSA (creature feature)

jon & the nightriders - Horror Hayrider (rumble at waikiki)
The O'Hara's - Bad Moo (Devil's Desert)
monterreys - dirty spurs (the pharoah)
surfpatrouille - eskalator (instronaut)
tremolo beer gut - come alone (the inebriated sounds of)

hoovaranas - ressaca (Poluição Sonora)
big lazy - night must fall (don't cross myrtle)
stereophonic space sound unlimited - psisurf (space sound unlimited)
combustible edison - Cat o nine tails (the impossible world)
Maurice Patton and the Melodians - (in Chinese) ((in Chinese))

robert johnson and the punchdrunks - surf as houdini (fried on the altar of good taste)
mister neutron - attack of the sea people (red triangle)
Reverendo Frankenstein - A VInganca de Frank (Esta Vivo... Esta Vivo!)
Man or Astro-Man? - Alpha Surfari (Project Infinity)
the one night standards - Sidejack (sunset)
The Dead Rocks - green secret from amazonia (one million dollar surf band)
Amphibian Man - Withstand the fall of the wave (metal goes surf)
beachmasters of the universe - Bermudadreizack (Tropica)
Ivan Motosserra Surf & Trash - Kamboya (Surf & Trash Agogo)

Storm Surge of Reverb: Surf & Instro Radio

Great as always Rock

The Delstroyers
"Resurrected" 7" EP out now! BandCamp / Hi-Tide Recordings

Ridiculous amounts of new stuff this week from the likes of El Zeb, Les Vice Barons, Ouroboros Boys, Lost Culture, New Shaker Sex Addicts, Camarones Orquestra Guitarristica, Oongow and others that I lost track of

4-6pm cst

Playlist from 2 weeks ago (5-20-19)

The Delusionaires - Henry J (Flooze Party)
Fantastic 3 - MC4 (Surfing with Friends)
The Head Henchmen - Craig Charles's Taxi (Oh No! It's The Head Henchmen)
The Apemen - Pogo á Gogo (7 inches of love)
The Phantom Surfers - Barbecue with Friends (7")

bob vaught and the renegaids - Exotic (Surf Crazy)
The Denvermen - Stomp Fever (45)
The New Dimensions - Bongo Shutdown (Deuces and Eights)
The Carnations - Casual (45)
Wardell and the Sultans - Dance Time (45)
Johnny and the Hurricanes - Cyclone (Stormsville)
Luis Enriquez - Rigel 1 (Electronia)

The Squadron Leaders - Crash and Burn (Surf Britannica)
Mæds Dominos - Copacabana Switchblade (Copacabana Switchblade)
The Jagaloons - Swamp Donkey (Ruin the Party)
Stereo Donkey - Swamp Thing (Stereo Donkey)

Intoxicos - Disaster (End TImes)
The Greasy Gills - Crash Test Mummies (Bodega Boys)
Los Stomias - Death Curve (Mercosurf - La Surf Music Latinoamericana)
The Bambi Molesters - Last Ride (sonic bullets - 13 from the hip)
Kenny and the Night Riders - Andromeda (45)

Supertubos - El Salvador (Rendezvous)
The Phantom Dragsters - surfin' after death (surfin' after death)
The Insanitizers - Feral Four (Radical Waves)
Rocket Motors - Taiganote (Back to the Moon)
Dirty Fuse - Why Don't You Tell Us? (Surfbetica)

Big Lazy - night must fall (Don't Cross Myrtle)
Hoovaranas - Tropical (Poluição Sonora)
Langhorns - In the Lobby (En El Vestibulo) (mission exotica)
Maurica Patton and the Melodians - in Chinese (In Chinese)

Los Plantronics - Big Truck (rancho notorious)
Ivan Motosserra Surf & Trash - Ladeira do Funil (Agogô)
Miserable Ones - Wigwam (Ziki Records Live Session)
The Good The Bad - 4 (from 001 to 017)
The Monomen - wrecker (Shut the fuck up!)
The Intoxicators - Easter Eggs on Halloween (Easter Eggs on Halloween)
The Mobsmen - Tandelborstel Twist (SCELERATS SYNDICATE)
Los Tiros - sargento abusivo (expertos en cagarla)
Demoni - defcon 4 (Dawn of Demoni)
Amphibian Man - Surfin the Law (Metal Goes Surf)
arno de cea & the clockwork wizards - Fuck Computers (Bug Terminal)
Terremotor - Underwater (Terremotor)

Storm Surge of Reverb: Surf & Instro Radio

Radio time! Good chunk of new stuff, plus Shark Attack!! are joining in the studio.
4-6pm cst

Last week's playlist: 6-3-19

Surf-a-Tomica - malaga stomp (A por la ola del Melillero)
The Jagaloons - Bongo Banana (Ruin the Party)
The A-Bones - El Kabong (Life of Riley)
the intoxicators - I am the creator... Time is the Destroyer! (Easter Eggs on Halloween)

Bo Diddley - Diddling (Bo Diddley is a Gunslinger)
The Motions - Beatle Drums (45)
The Creations - The Crash (Surf-Age Nuggets)
The Hondells - the sidewinder (The Hondells)
The Tempests - Lemon Lime (strummin mental vol 4)
Los Rockets - Tarantula (Los Rockets)

Ourobouros Boys - Celestial Arena (Mall of Horrors)
les vice barons - She-Wolf of the Sonic Souls (lookin' in the face of evil)
The New Shaker Sex Addicts - We're in this together (We're in this together)
Marmaleene and the Moondusters - Marms visits the moon (pre-release single)

Y Niwl - Tridegtri - 5
Maeds Dominos - Chevy Chaser (Copacabana Switchblade)
Stereo Donkey - San Onofre (Stereo Donkey)
The Mystery Men? - Sky Lanterns (Firewalkers)
Los Wet Guitars - malihia (Keep surfin')

Ted Boys Marinos - Tesoura Voadora (Surf Sessions)
treble spankers - A Man Called Curse (hasheeda)
Mary O and the Pink Flamingos - Little Coconuts (Brazillian Tsunami)
The Tormentos - Moon over Marin (Grab your board)

Omar Khorshid & His Magic Guitar - Arrissassa (Belly Dance from Lebanon)
Gitkin - Canción Del Ray (5 Star Motel)
Trabants - Wanderer (Nel Cuore Di Una Terra Selvaggia (In the Heart of a Savage Land))
Los Robbins - Copan Galel (La)
The Sadies - Empty the Chamber (Tremendous efforts)

El Zeb - Pounding Surf (El Zeb)
Camarones Orquestra Guitarrística - Buddy Holiday (Surfers)
Oongow - Spymaster (Oongow)
Diabolico Coupe - Mombay Express (Little Carmine)
Carl Satan - Ultima Thule (A Invasão dos Controladores de Mentes do Planeta Vermelho)
Slacktone - Blasto Bolero (Into the Blue Sparkle)
Lost Culture - Dune Buggy (Weirdo Beach)
miserable ones - Astronaut (Ziki Records Live Session)
The Terrorsurfs - Methro Skull (Surf Britannia)
Daikaiju - Deluxe Electric Ninja Mistress (Deluxe Electric Ninja Mistress)

Storm Surge of Reverb: Surf & Instro Radio

RADIO TIME! Good chunk of new stuff plus a bunch of bands playing at Surfer Joe this weekend. Tune in!

4-6pm cst

Plum forgot to compile the playlist from last week. Hopefully I'll find some time

Storm Surge of Reverb: Surf & Instro Radio

Good news and bad news and good news

Good news! Back from Surfer Joe with tons of great music to play this week!

Bad news. Our web stream is down, so you probably can't hear it.

Good news! Compiled the playlists I haven't posted yet:

Playlist 6-10-19

El Zeb - Lane Splitter (El Zeb)
El Supernaut - Walking the Concrete Pig (plays half dead)
flat duo jets - chiquita (flat duo jets)
The Volcanics - Revel Rally (Forgotten Cove)
The Insect Surfers - Electric Marlin (Mojave Reef)

Mac Rebennack - Storm Warning ()
The Tennessee Guitars - Trophy Run - 45
the original surfaris - down under (bombora!)
The Journeymen - Surfer's Rule (rare surf volume one)
The Bel Airs - Baggies (Get a board!)
los rockets - caravan (los rockets)

The Flying Faders - Pontius Pirate (Tectonic Shifts)
Thalasses - Escila (Navegando Entre Escila y Caribdis)
ouroboros boys - arrowhead (mall of horrors)
Pointbreak - Tsunami (Sing!)
les vice barons - operazione vendetta (lookin in the face of evil)

Carl Satan - Jaguatirica Dentes de Sabre (A Invasão dos Controladores de Mentes do Planeta Vermelho)
The Jagaloons - Beware! the Orange Claw (Ruin the Party)
the kilaueas - reverborama (The Kilaueas and Surfer Joe Play the Astronauts and More)
bevel emboss - tarantula (celluloid)
thee benevolent tarots - magic 8 ball (meet your fate)

Shark Attack!! - Charm School (WTUL Songs from the Basement)
fuzillis - slip 'n slide (grind a go go)
Dirty Fuse - Oasi (Last Wave)

Omar Khorshid - Karoun Karoun (Belly Dance from Lebanon)
Galactic Gold - 50 Swing (Digital Vape)
Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited - Section 5 (The Spacesound Effect)
The New Shaker Sex Addicts - Too Early For Breakfast (We're In This Together)

The Monterreys - Shish Kebab (The Pharoah)
The 'Verb - suspense in sector seven (only 'verb can break your heart)
Thee Andrews Surfers - Moment of Truth (Rip off!)
Tidal Baby - Boogie Boarding//Kowabhangra (UFO Surf Club)
OONGOW - 43 in a 25 (OONGOW)
Lost Culture - Trouble on the Coast (Weirdo Beach)
coffin haze - a grave above all (surf britannia)
Camarones Orquestra Guitarrística - surfers (surfers)
king beez - chupacabra (death proof vol 2)
docteur legume et les surfwerks - 2001 cerveau salade (the cave of skulls)

Playlsit! 6-17-19

Krontjong Devils - The Rafter (En Garde)
Durango14 - Desperado (Vol. 3)
I Fattones - Middle East Nights (I Fattones)
Par Avion - Surfzilla (Surfzilla!)
Les Vice Barons - Fire in your Soul (lookin' in the face of evil)

The Fugitives - Fugitive (45)
The Challengers - Torquay (45)
Frank and the Tel Stars - Concerto in the Stars (45)
The Nitehawks - Muddy (45)
los blue kings de ñaña - melodia para un rey (45)

The Ouroboros Boys - Crossed Wires (Mall of Horrors)
The Wet Ones! - Inept Tune (Tombstoning)
Pointbreak - Pointbreak (Sing!)
Thalasses - mismaloya (navegando entre escila y caribdis)
The Flying Faders - Bone Shovel (Tectonic Shifts)

Surfer Joe - A-Frame (Swell of Dwell)
The Kilaueas - The Dark Wave Smells (Touch My Alien)
The Bradipos IV - Hangover Serenade (lost waves)
The Sonoras - Gran Jaguar (El Baile Del Silencio)
Trabants - Theme for a Savage Land (Nel Cuore Di Una Terra Selvaggia (In the Heart of a Savage Land))

les agamemnonz - Diana (Diana / Lacrymos)
Moms I'd like to surf - messiah jerk (beach control to major knob)
Surfoniani - Cleopatra (Cleopatra/Monkey Sounds)
The Phantom Dragsters - Zombie Dance (At Tiki Horror Island)

Dirty Fuse - Islands in the Surf (Last Wave)
Galactic Gold - Nuggy Foot Truck (Digital Vape)
The Raulis - chicken haole (The Raulis)
ghiblis - novembre mood (surfinia)
carl satan - surfin the vortex (A Invasão dos Controladores de Mentes do Planeta Vermelho)

los campeones - blood surfer (original demo music)
The Blue Demons - cat on a hot foam board (mad fabricators)
the del-toros - Octowave (Ten Stories High)
The Perks - Los platos del diablo (tyrantula)
Atomic Mosquitos - bloodening (bug music for bug people)
oongow - double down (oongow)
the insect surfers - razorback (east/west)
tsunamibots - binary beach (surfing craze in the robotic age)
the revomatics - curb stomp (nocturnica)
the kbk - meltdown in sector 9 (Acute Exposure: The First Ten Years)
The Tremolo Beer Gut - Sonofabitch (the inebriated sound of...)

Storm Surge of Reverb: Surf & Instro Radio

Thank you Hunter Very Happy

Check it out my music:
Por favor dale like y suscríbete, añademe a tus redes sociales y también puedes adquirir mi música dando click acá;

Fixed the streaming! Tune in!

4-6pm central time

Last week's playlist messed up, you'll just have to trust me, I played cool stuff.

Storm Surge of Reverb: Surf & Instro Radio

Big Day! Playing a bunch of moon-related songs in advance of Moon Day (July 20th)

4-6pm cst

Last week's playlist: 7-8-19

The Flying Faders - Vengo Por el Diente (Tectonic Shifts)
Doctor A-Go-Go - hot girlie action (Hot Girlie Action)
The Daytonas - Geronimo (Don't Look Now But It's)
Shigeo Naka - Furimite Kyoto (Nippon Eleki Beat)

The White Caps - Fender Vendor (45)
The Shadows Five - Dynamic Drums (45)
The King Pins - Door Banger (45)
johnny vallons & the deejays - Satcha's Tune (Scandinavian Instrumental & Beat Groups)
The Tornados - Early Bird (45)
The Shadows - Some Are Lonely (Out of the Shadows)
The Super-Sonics - The Sheik of Araby (45)

Los Freneticos - El Vagabundo (Teletransportación)
Greg Townson - Speed Bump (More Travelin' Guitar)
Didi Wray - Por Una Cabeza (misíon tango surf)
The Me Gustas - Robbers Roost (Burn the Breeze)
Cat Sith - Immigrant (Cat Sith)
Satan's Pilgrims - The Way In to Way Out (7")

The Invisible Surfers - Stabs'n'Hugs (Waves of Reverb)
The Bradipos IV - Moon Relay (Surf Session)
The 427's - night of the living surf (mavericks)
Supertubos - Guapa's Stomp (la formula de papini)

Eddie Angel - Casbah (Guitar Party)
the sophisticats - hurricane (meow)
The Routes - cavalgada (instrumentals)
Dome La Muerte E.X.P. - Amsterdam 66 (lazy sunny day)

los banditos - Die Manner aus dem spektrum (ekstase)
Pilots of Dune - Yellow Eyes (Minotaur)
RPS Surfers - Meron (Harake Gang)
The First Theremin Era - Sunset in Siberia (45)
The Steps - Bandar Djakarta (Keronchong Warna-Warni)

The KBK - Psycho Beach Party (Acute Exposure: The First Ten Years)
the necromonikids - Blood of Kingu (necronomikids)
the st kilda gammarays - Honda Girl (girl on a motorcycle)
X-Ray Vision - Inframan (Panique au Biblos)
Infra-men - One megaton bee (FASTER)
Blue Spectre - exploding eyes (We are Strangers EP)
man... or astroman? - test driver (experiment zero)
kingargoolas - lambretta sunburst (kingargoolas)
bobby's bar - psychology (shrunken head familia)
The Coffin Daggers - Dr Guillotine (The Coffin Daggers)

Storm Surge of Reverb: Surf & Instro Radio

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