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Slingerland61: Such shouting...
87 days ago

Tikitena: awesome....there's a pulse!
86 days ago

Emilien03: SUUUUUURF!
61 days ago

JHL: tab
59 days ago

DannySnyder: I just got fired from my job at the bakery, which is upsetting as I really kneaded the dough
49 days ago

Meindert: Why didn't the skeleton want to go to school? His heart wasn't in it
47 days ago

Emilien03: Messer Chups + Los Grainders
44 days ago

Emilien03: Halloween Party / Oct 31th / Mexico City
44 days ago

TheAmpFibian: I was feeling nauseous on my recent vacation to Spain..I probably should have avoided Barfalonia
44 days ago

toninho: SAAARFFFF!
14 days ago

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wfoguy wrote:

I watched on facebook for a bit. The sound was only mono out of the center on a 5.1 system. It's full stereo on the audio feed. Even though it was fun to watch for a bit, I'm a sound guy. Smile

That's good feedback. I'll see if there's anything I can do.

Storm Surge of Reverb: Surf & Instro Radio

Got a buttload of new stuff today. Delstroyers, Wrecks House, The Keeymen, The Unnaturals, The Infra-Men, Mark Malibu and the Wasagas, Hell-O-Tiki... probably a few others!

4-6pm cst

Here's the Halloween playlist!

The Noskons - The Hunt (Surf From the Crypt)
the dynotones - night of the ghouls (beach party a-go-go)
x-ray cat trio - surfing sasquatch (out for blood)
blackball bandits - The Flyin' Pumpkin (spooky tales and scary noises)

morgus & the daringers - Morgus Creep (45)
the moontrekkers - there's something at the bottom of the well (45)
The Palais Royals - Panic (45)
the ventures - The Bat (ventures in space)
frankie stein & his ghouls - be careful that's my throat (monster sounds & dance music)
nero and the gladiators - In the Hall of the Mountain King (hank, bruce, bert, joe, big jim and more)

messer chups - Midnight Call (Taste the blood of guitaracula)
The Black Flamingos - Devil's Punchbowl (Neon Boneyard)
dr frankenstein's laboratory - The Creeper (crime scenes and murder songs)
The Delstroyers - la tarantula (diabolical!)
famous monsters - The Haunting of Planet Earth (in the night!!!)
The Mermers - London Dungeon (2017 EP)
let's go trippin '79 - Ghoul's Night Out (100 watts)

the archers - hybrid moments (7"s and stuff)
the bitch boys - ghost hop (Graveyard Shindig)
the creepniks - zombie stomp (Zombie Stomp)
Gary "Spider" webb - The Cave Part 1 (45)

Jan Davis - watusi zombie (boss guitar!)
the tiki creeps - The Crawling Terror (invaders from beyond the sound of surf)
the ghastly ones - Ghastly Stomp (a haunting we will go-g)
the phantomatics - The Phantomatic Twist (she left her brain at the drive-in)

odicolon - long dream (dracula's dreams)
Verne - El Coche Funebre (Instrumental)
Volcano Kings - Natives of Transilvania (Music For an Exotic Monster Beach Party in Outer Space)
Kreeps - Up Jumped the White Devil (Tales from Grim County)
Gary "Spider" Webb - The Cave Part II (45)

the unnaturals - The Apparation (Face the Dreaded Kimono Dragon)
hell-o-tiki - the Ever-Living (Hell-O-Tiki)
the spoils - Halloween (Halloween/Tubular Bells)
the chemist and the acevities - Death Story (sounds from chemistry town #4)
bobby's bar - Brain Dead House (shrunken head familia)
thee cormans - satanismo (halloween record w/ sound effects)
genki genki panic - two girls one casket (spooky fingers)
Surfyer - Raining Blood (SURF IN BLOOD)
DEMON VENDETTA - guardians of the bitter sea (Guardians of the Bitter Sea)
the coffin daggers - cat's eyes (ep)
the frantics - werewolf (the complete frantics on dolton)

Storm Surge of Reverb: Surf & Instro Radio

Awesome show and thanks for the spin! I'm pretty certain that was the maiden voyage of La Tarantula and glad it made it to you just in time (mid-show lol)! Rock

The Delstroyers

"DIABOLICAL!" is coming Dec 2nd! LP, CD, Digi! Hear "La Tarantula" now!!!

Time for show!

4-6pm CST

Here's last week's playlist: 11-6-17

the delstroyers - Matador (diabolical!)
the madeira - cordoba (sandstorm)
the treble spankers - la bajada (araban)
crazy aces - Numb one (greatest hits volume 2)
hypnotide - spyscope (landlocked)

bob regan - tarantula (45)
The Jades - Surfin' Crow (Strummin Mental Part two)
the bob-chords - hi-voltage (45)
the keymen - Boy Blue (that's swift! instrumentals from the norman petty vault)
the blockbusters - gorilla walk (45)
Galaxies - 6:15 (Strummin Mental Part Three)

the unnaturals - Beach Bumz (Face the Dreaded Kimono Dragon)
Mark Malibu and the Wasagas - Oceanside (Return of...)
hell-o-tiki - Zegema Beach (Hell-O-Tiki)
The Keeymen - Sharkeey (The Keeymen)
Los Turbos - Agent (demo '13)

jon and the nightriders - Moving Target (moving target)
threesome - eddie would go (adriatica)
The Pulltones - California Games (Storm Fisherman)
the mariners - Logjam at Pleasure Point (demon surf!)
the red planets - Get Thee Behind Me (chases lead to crashes)
maraca five-o - Headin' South at 110 Per (headin' south at 110 pier)

The Fuzillis - Standby (Grind a Go Go)
Impala - cozy corner (7")
The Wave Chargers - La Revanche du Kuromaku (Surfing With Friends)
x-ray cat trio - Ram Riders (I Lied)
The Perks - Rum Runner (The Perks)

Wrecks House - Mad Mouse (The Poseur)
Infra-Men - Doc Tigrero (The outer lariatts)
megatronadores - Hey Lola (Wanglen)
The Insanitizers - Crossings (Flying Guitars)

The Spoils - Tubular Bells (Halloween/Tubular Bells)
Coffin Haze - I will Create (Rehearsal Ritual 2)
Los Pinche Pinches - Dick Dale Earnhardt (Los Pinche Pinches)
the sub-vectors - parasite says no (music on the bones)
The Surf Coasters - Mr M (surfdelic)
timecop beach party - Timecop Beach Party! (transmission received: hang ten!)
man... or astroman? - Adios Johnny Bravo (posession by remote control)
Galaxy Trio - Lynch Mob (In the Harem)
amphibian man - Power (speed power turbo racer)
dick dale - nitrus (calling up spirits)

Storm Surge of Reverb: Surf & Instro Radio

Listening! Guitar

Insect Surfers
The Tikiyaki Orchestra
Fiberglass Jungle Radio
Music Director, 2nd Surf Revival: North Sea Surf Radio

JONPAUL wrote:

Listening! Guitar

Me too!

Thanks for playing The Delstroyers again this week, Hunter.

I discovered the band as a fan in early 2016 because of your blog, and now I am their bass player! Your continued support means a lot!

The Delstroyers

On line! My favorite part of Mondays.

The Insanitizers!

I got the first hour


Thanks Hunter for the spin! Awesome show - loved the gnarly fuzzy section in there!

The Delstroyers

"DIABOLICAL!" is coming Dec 2nd! LP, CD, Digi! Hear "La Tarantula" now!!!

Spaghetti for Thanksgiving this week! Songs of the wild west!

Here's last week: 11/13/17

dinosaur ghost - mandar (dinosaur ghost)
the volcanics - the sabotage (stompin' garage)
the terminators - Aerodynamics (Anti-Aerodynamics Style)
Speedball Jr - Maiden Surf (treble in paradise)
the delstroyers - karate surf (diabolical!)

The Rhythm Aces - mohawk rock (45)
Rebel Rousers - Zombie Walk (45)
lord rockington's xi - fried onions (45)
The Jive-a-Tones - The Wild Bird (Tabu!)
The Polaras - Cricket (45)
The Nocturnes - Prairie (board boogie)

Y Niwl - Undegpar (Y Niwl Album)
aaron and the burrs - Vincent Price Mania (A burr for all seasons)
les agamemnonz - au revoir (au revoir)
The Shockwave - She Bop (contact from space)
The Keeymen - Monkeey (The Keeymen)

The Fuzilis - The Flop (Grind a Go Go Volume 1)
the delusionaires - fuzzy and wild (destination poon)
the sir finks - Weird Beard ((tres mexicans) del surf del texas)
rev hank - rex rides again (longhorn)
the me gustas - Deep Water Blackout (Benthic Exploration)

the unnaturals - pasties and tassles (Face the Dreaded Kimono Dragon)
the tremolo beer gut - Chinese Spy (the inebriated sounds of)
les vice barons - shark face suzy (the model ep)
swami john reis & the blind shake - Dry Suit (modern surf classics)
Davie Allen & The Arrows - Devil's Rumble (devils angels)

Beninghove's Hangmen - Surf 'n Turk (Rattlesnake Chopper EP)
the infra-men - Doc Tiguero (The outer lariats)
vi res - spag surf (demo)
beachmover - directed energy weapons (do the microwave!) (beachmover)

Illumignarly - Goldmine Slammer (particle shore)
The Madiera - Sahar (Carpe Noctem)
Coffin Daggers - Instigator (aggravatin' rhythms)
hella vader - eviscerated (xviii)
switch trout - Jet Lag (thrill with maximum)
Deadlinks - stomp (More Rocks! More Weight!)
huevos rancheros - smartbomb (get outta dodge)
arno de cea & the clockwork wizards - bring us the head of the king of the kooks (bug terminal)
howling guitar - Crypt Keeper (motor noise)
De Thin Marin & The Do Pingue - sudando la gota gorda (Nula capacidad de asombro)

Storm Surge of Reverb: Surf & Instro Radio

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