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Permalink Danelectro Longhorn Bass (Korean 1998) Copper w/Dano Tweed Case

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This copper burst Danelectro Longhorn Bass is from the first of the Korean reissue series (1998). It is in excellent condition and it is also a very nice player. I have kept this bass up in my den in the original Danelectro tweed hard case and it has never been gigged with. When I bought it, it was in mint condition and I've only played it sparingly since then. It is still is in excellent condition with no dings anywhere, including the headstock. The Danelectro tweed case is also in excellent condition. It is strung with Rotosound RS77S Monel Flatwound Short Scale strings (40-50-75-90) that are less than a year old. Flatwound strings seem to be recommended for the Danelectro longhorn bass and these strings sound fantastic with this bass. A brand new duplicate set of these strings, which is a $35 value, is included in this sale. I'd like to get $385 for it.

Willing to ship and is shipping included in the price?

METEOR IV on reverbnation
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I didn't do a lot of figuring when I came up with a price. There weren't a lot of completed eBay listings for Korean Longhorns to compare with. I found a few that went for around $250 plus shipping, without cases. So, I figured that my bass itself would be worth a bit more, because copperburst is the hardest color to find and the most desirable. Also, I figured that the good condition adds a bit more. Then, I added some extra for the cool Danelectro case (also hard to find) and the additional set of strings. So, that was my extremely unscientific way of deriving a price, which is $385 plus shipping. I said that I was hoping to get $385 (plus shipping) and that's true, but, if you want to make me an offer, I'll definitely consider it. By the way, I have a box. So, the shipping would just be whatever the actual shipping is.

Last edited: Feb 20, 2012 12:25:20

Man, you can get them brand new today for $300 from the online dealers (GC, MF, etc.), + free shipping. In cooperburst btw.

METEOR IV on reverbnation
Doug's Island Vibe Guitar Soirée

I don't know. It's true that you can get the new ones at Musicians Friend, etc. for $349. The thing is that a completely different factory makes these new ones. Just as how you can't compare a vintage Dano made in Neptune, New Jersey with a Dano made in Korea, you can't compare one of the new ones made in China with one made in Korea. There are a lot of differences!

I love Danelectros and I can tell you that the new ones, besides being an ugly copperburst that isn't anything like the traditional Danelecto copperburst, have some issues. I've played a half dozen at a variety of guitar stores and they just don't feel or sound the same. Plus, they all had bad intonation and funky bridges where the screws seem to be crooked. The intonation on mine is right on. It sounds and plays completely different from the new ones. So, take $349 for a new one with no case, and compare it to $385 for one that is more collectible, especially in the great condition that this one is, and that includes a collectible Danelectro case and a $35 extra set of strings, that still seems like an OK deal to me. Like I said, make me an offer and I'll consider it.

The Korean Danos from late-1990s to early-2000s are very well-made and playable instruments... especially the "top-end" models...

Last edited: Feb 20, 2012 22:07:23

Guys ..we're talking about a Dano here..they we're never "high-end" guitars or intended to be. Just seeing if you have any room to negotiate?

It's cool and good luck with the sale.

METEOR IV on reverbnation
Doug's Island Vibe Guitar Soirée

IMO Tom's price is VERY reasonable, especially considering it comes with the Dano hard case.

Last week on the TalkBass forum I sold this DC-59 bass that was actually a Longhorn bass neck on a DC body, for $325 and it had an aftermarket case. Mine had the same Rotosound flats as Tom's and it sounded great.

I offered it here first but there were no takers.

These late '90's Danos are really good, underrated instruments for the money plus they are very lightweight. The early Korean ones are more sought after than the later Chinese ones that aren't as nicely finished.


Tom, you'll get a LOT more action on the aforementioned forum when selling bass gear than here. Good luck with the sale, that's a nice bass!

aka WoodyJ
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Last edited: Feb 21, 2012 12:42:41

That's a nice bass, too, Jack! Nice that you had a Longhorn bass neck with a black headstock to match the DC body. That's perfect! Thanks for the advice about the TalkBass forum, too. I'm not in any big hurry to sell this. In a way, it's worth keeping just for the COOL factor! There's currently a Korean copperburst U2 with the same matching Dano case for sale on a local Craigslist. I keep looking at it and thinking about what a cool duo that would make with this bass. If I didn't have this posted here, I probably would have already bought the U2. So, maybe it's good to keep this post going!

price drop to $350 -- same as originally posted, with dano case and extra set of Rotosound strngs

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