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mom_surfing: doing some research on the belairs and found that the tune 'seed' by sublime has part of mr. moto in the guitar solo breaks
19 days ago

nielsjansen: Have you voted yet for the Surf Album Top 101? You have 11 days left to do so!
18 days ago

dp: <(")
18 days ago

DrNo: los straitjackets
17 days ago

Tuck: So it does, Mom!
17 days ago

Golddaddy: I am newbie to this website. Thanks
17 days ago

Outerwave_Allen: OUTERWAVE is looking for a new drummer. If you are in So. Cal. Call Allen at (714) 767-8576 Cool
16 days ago

Golddaddy: I wish SG101 would do another jassmaster giveaway :c.. When I found out about it, it was too late
7 days ago

Noel: Such events depend entirely on the generosity of others. Who knows what this year will bring?
4 days ago

bigtikidude: http://surfg... HB pier schedule for summer 2014
14 hours ago

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Photo Of The Day

Friday, April 18, 2014

The Duo-tones in Nevada

The Duo-tones in Nevada

Submitted by MightySurfLords on 03 September 2007.
This photo has been Photo of the Day 7 times.

Hey SG101 peeps,
Here's Paul and Gil at last nights show in Minden Nevada. As always, it was an awesome show. Paul and Gil brought the sunny beaches of California to the desert and what a beautiful night it was!

Picture by Billy Woods-Mighty Surf Lords

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This photo has 12 comments.


Great guys, and great players.

not always my cup of tea energy wise.

but just oozing in the talent Dept.

bigtikidude | 03-Sep-2007 23:12:04 | Flag

These guys are masters. Love their style.

wooza | 03-Sep-2007 23:29:10 | Flag

they look a little like a surf version of tenacious d!

i gotta catch these guys show someday... Big Grin

dp | 04-Sep-2007 11:20:05 | Flag

Hi Paul Hi Gil..........Nice shot....nice to see you're having fun in Nevada. Nice pic Billy....Hope to see you soon.

Love from the other Bel Air.........


Eddie_Bertrand | 15-Jun-2008 06:25:25 | Flag

Paul Johnson has the best knees in surf -

Sonichris | 15-Jun-2008 18:33:52 | Flag

I think Tenacious D dress' better

surfneptune | 07-Aug-2008 00:03:06 | Flag

Saw them again a couple weeks ago in Minden Nevada. Over 1,000 people turned out for it. It was The Duo-Tones plus Two, being Dusty and Ron. Great SHow!

MightySurfLords | 07-Aug-2008 08:36:49 | Flag

not only great players.............HEROS !!

big_papu | 07-Aug-2008 09:53:48 | Flag

I was fortunate enough to see the DTs + 2 play at Constable Jack's in Newcastle, CA last fall. What a great evening that was! You guys need to come up this way again sometime soon. Yes

Rob_J | 10-Sep-2009 00:15:46 | Flag

And I was fortunate enough to see the DuoTones play at Don the Beachcomber's on the Sunday of the 2009 SG101 convention weekend. Wow was that cool!

Brian | 10-Sep-2009 17:26:31 | Flag

Their might only two, but their a mighty duo ..!!

rotnroby | 06-Jun-2010 10:55:13 | Flag

Duo-Tones at Constable Jack's on June 24th, 2010!

Pyronauts | 06-Jun-2010 18:45:07 | Flag

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