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Brian: It was great seeing you Emilio!
10 days ago

bigtikidude: I agree, yer welcome anytime Emilio
9 days ago

bigtikidude: And yeah reality sucks
9 days ago

Robbit: The Fathoms are gigging through out the remainder of the year in the Boston/E.MA area Smile
5 days ago

HBkahuna: "Addicted to Surfing" by The Standells Tony Valentino now posted with Tony's permission. http://surfg...
5 days ago

TequilaWorm: TEQUILA WORMS new album out now!!
3 days ago

TequilaWorm: TheTequilaWo...
3 days ago

JONPAUL: Is it SG101 Convention 8 yet?
2 days ago

bigtikidude: Dude, yer crazy, how bout we recover first, then North Sea surf fest, then Winter or spring surf fest , then instro summit, then Surfer Joe, then SG101 8
2 days ago

JONPAUL: It's all about the TUBES!!!!
9 hours ago

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Photo Of The Day

Friday, August 29, 2014

King Pelican at The Olmos

King Pelican at The Olmos

Submitted by ErnestHernandezIII on 18 July 2012.
This photo has been Photo of the Day 3 times.

King Pelican at The Olmos Bharmacy in San Antonio Texas - July 14th, 2012.

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This photo has 8 comments.


I was there! Great show, you guys need to check out KP if you haven't heard them yet, they are a great band.

JStern | 19-Jul-2012 07:21:53 | Flag

Never seen them, but have heard them and they are GREAT!

Matt22 | 19-Jul-2012 15:28:03 | Flag

Does that guitar look extremely disproportionate to anyone else?

pavlovsdog | 19-Jul-2012 16:17:03 | Flag

The picture is from the side of a fisheye shot?

Tuck | 19-Jul-2012 17:59:00 | Flag

Swell band.

LHR | 19-Jul-2012 20:57:15 | Flag

Thanks Gents...and yes the distortion on the image is from a very short lens shooting extremely close up.

Trey thanks for writing our bio and/or tag line - KP...A Swell Band!

ErnestHernandezIII | 19-Jul-2012 22:06:55 | Flag

It does look disproportionate, the headstock is bigger then the body. freaky but cool.

DeepBlueHeart | 20-Jul-2013 04:29:23 | Flag

How does that baritone jazzy intonate, the frets are wonky!? Laughing

PrestonRice | 20-Jul-2013 15:49:56 | Flag

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