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DanielHC: https://soun...
19 days ago

zzero: Needed!! New SG101 t-shirts!!!
18 days ago

Jetpack: hal9000
15 days ago

JayJ: hello everyone! greetings from rainy Helsinki, Finland! I´m a new member here! Jay J from the Shockwave! http://thesh...
13 days ago

bigtikidude: Hello Jay, welcome, looking forward to getting your new cd
5 days ago

mom_surfing: i just did a station ID voice over for our local station using the intro to the ghastly ones 'without warning', and put some reverb on my voice. it came out really cool
4 days ago

mom_surfing: we recorded a bunch of spooky station ID's for halloween day. fun stuff.
4 days ago

bigtikidude: I just did my NSSR halloween show, lots of reverb on my voice too, its funny
3 days ago

mom_surfing: off to see southern culture on the skids.......have a spooktacular day everyone
20 hours ago

bigtikidude: who's listening to the NSSR halloween specials?
4 hours ago

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Photo Of The Day

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Colorado Surf Summit

Colorado Surf Summit

Submitted by eddiekatcher on 15 July 2007.
This photo has been Photo of the Day 9 times.

Boulder Bob, Eddie Katcher and Sonichris mug it up after the set at The Skylark Lounge in Denver Colorado, July 13 2007.

After an amazing first set by The Beloved Invaders, Chris from Denver's Aquasonics joins Boulder Bob and crew for a few really choice tunes. Shortly thereafter, Eddie K from Atlanta's The Surge! joins in for some additional High Plains Surf Madness. A good time was had by all!

Many thanks to The Beloved Invaders for a great show and a GREAT time!

Eddie Katcher

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This photo has 15 comments.


That is one great photo! History in the making!! Wink

Joelman | 15-Jul-2007 23:07:47 | Flag

Surfs Up! Smile

Great shot!

Chopper | 16-Jul-2007 05:30:24 | Flag

attack of the offsets!!

bigtikidude | 16-Jul-2007 10:13:37 | Flag

Here's some video of that night - so far, just the Beloved Invaders, I'm still working on the 3 guitar songs.

Sonichris | 16-Jul-2007 12:43:01 | Flag

Looks like fun!

Brian | 16-Jul-2007 17:53:09 | Flag

who's the old dude in the middle? just kidding mr. katcher Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

mom_surfing | 16-Jul-2007 19:00:25 | Flag

Gee guys and gal, don't tell Ivan I was wearing a Strat T-shirt.......ed

eddiekatcher | 01-Jul-2008 12:34:45 | Flag

Hey, I remember that night. Mom, the dude in the middle is some guy who uses the handle Eddie Katcher. Yes (But, Eddie, I'm not sure if the shirt counts, if you aren't actually holding a Strat. It's a nice gesture, of course!)

Tuck | 01-Jul-2008 19:24:08 | Flag

I've never seen one of those shirts. I likey!

Tikitena | 18-Sep-2008 00:10:03 | Flag

Clothes make da man tiki! I also have a really cool one Woody gave me that sez "Fender Surf Guitars!" Neat, really neat.........ed

eddiekatcher | 18-Sep-2008 13:14:52 | Flag

Eddie, the shirt shows where your heart really lies! Wink

Ruhar | 12-Nov-2009 10:07:01 | Flag

Ryan, you wouldn't say that if you knew...

Richard | 12-Nov-2009 19:26:35 | Flag

Is that pink binding tape on the red JM? or just a shell pink/fiesta paint job?

Lime | 12-Nov-2009 21:05:57 | Flag

What you are seing is the near absence of a former red paint job. The guitar is a restoration and was acquired in that form. Bob is afraid to refinsih it for fear of altering the tone. Result: the body always looks strangely colored in flash photos. In daylight closeups it's obvious what's up. Think Rory Gallagher strat.

Tuck | 19-Jul-2010 12:00:31 | Flag

or just a crapy paint job! Lol! never change a thing.. "if it works don't fix it" ....

rotnroby | 08-Dec-2010 11:14:05 | Flag

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