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Would you like to have your music reviewed, even if it is negative?

Yes, my record is brilliant and everybody loves it. - 92.9% (26 votes)
No, please don't bust my bubble, and you're wrong anyway. - 7.1% (2 votes)

28 total votes.

This poll ran from May 21, 2011 to June 04, 2011.

This poll has 6 comments.


Yes, in fact I insist! Have at it surf fans (in about a month)

DannySnyder | 22-May-2011 00:12:14 | Flag

Uh,not really what I'd call a poll question with balanced option responses.

ArtS | 22-May-2011 06:13:30 | Flag

More discussion about this in this thread.

Brian | 22-May-2011 11:37:30 | Flag

One time, Wannes brutally took apart one of my songs phrase by phrase, ultimately concluding that the whole was more than the sum of it's parts. It was gut-wrenching to read. Though the song still remains popular, I think most people have forgotten the review (except me!) But I did learn a lot from being under the microscope.

PolloGuitar | 22-May-2011 12:01:19 | Flag

Criticism is tough to bear but since I haven't played since the late 60's I feel pretty safe. I wasn't always happy about it when I got it to be honest.

Teoslola | 30-May-2011 02:27:36 | Flag

It depends on how impartial the reviewers are. Sometimes reviewers are influenced by matters outside the material being reviewed. Politics, imagined slights, conflicts of interest, revenge, and feelings of control are potential issues in reviews of everything from scientific works to books to music.

Squid | 31-May-2011 22:57:11 | Flag

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