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Are CDs Obsolete?

Yes, I never buy them - 23.1% (12 votes)
Maybe, I only buy certain bands CDs - 28.8% (15 votes)
No, I still prefer CDs and buy them - 48.1% (25 votes)

52 total votes.

This poll ran from January 07, 2017 to January 21, 2017.

This poll has 16 comments.


I am also wondering-if a cd is not available, would you buy the mp3

spskins | 07-Jan-2017 14:23:34 | Flag

I only buy CDs if I don't have another choice. Even if a CD is the same price as digital, I'd rather save the space and buy digital.

I buy plenty of vinyl though.

ElMonstroPorFavor | 07-Jan-2017 14:36:01 | Flag

I want the CD, and hate MP3's. Any more, I prefer CD's over vinyl. If I have to buy a digital file, I will, but I prefer WAV or FLAC files. There is a lot of stuff that I don't buy, because it is only available on MP3. If it is something I REALLY want, I'll bite the bullet, and buy the MP3, it it is the only option.

RobbieReverb | 07-Jan-2017 14:50:13 | Flag

I wish the poll included the option mentioned in the regular thread - "And if the vinyl comes with the free download, would you still buy it or hold out because there is no cd?", that'd have been my vote. Instead, I went "maybe" and am adding the comment here.

I'd prefer vinyl with a digital download code from somewhere like bandcamp where you can elect the digital format including lossless. Folks wanting digital only could still buy that there.

And actually, the Bradipos IV had a good approach on their latest, The Partheno-phonic Sound Of. Bought the vinyl at the SG101 convention and it has a CD version included with the LP, so you have both and easily make your digital copy in whatever format you choose, if you choose.

"Digital Only" releases are a real bummer, IMHO.

Fady | 07-Jan-2017 15:04:56 | Flag
  1. Vinyl with digital download
  2. CD
  3. Digital ONLY if that's the only way it's available.
JONPAUL | 07-Jan-2017 15:35:02 | Flag

I guess I shouldn't have made it specific to mp3-yes wav or other better formats are better.

spskins | 07-Jan-2017 15:47:05 | Flag
spskins | 07-Jan-2017 15:58:53 | Flag

As a consumer I really like having a digital song library, in fact I just cleared out a whole crapload of CD's off my shelves that never get played. Either I don't care for them or I already have them burned on my iTunes.

As a band trying to sell merch however, it's quite the quandary. What else to sell? Tee shirts take up a lot of space when you tour, and in our case the metal badges with our logo were pretty much a bust.

DannySnyder | 07-Jan-2017 16:26:27 | Flag

I have no general preference for one format. I buy vinyl, CD's and downloads depending on which band or record I'm going to buy and what is available.
I like the approach Fady mentioned. Not only The Bradipos IV made this, also The Razorblades, Los Plantronics, Els A-Phonics and others sold their recent releases on vinyl including a CD version.

UKAY54 | 08-Jan-2017 05:25:55 | Flag

I generally won't pay for just an MP3 download. Not that this is the question. The point is that I prefer a physical disc with full quality files on it. Hard drives can fail and entire digital libraries can go by-by (but of course there's always your back up hard drive.. right??) but CDs are permanent-ish and can be used to generate MP3s or whatever if you need them. I guess you could say that it can go the other way too but I do enjoy the overall feel of a CD with it's cover art and booklet and whatnot. Also, my SP album collection needs to match!

Redfeather | 09-Jan-2017 01:30:31 | Flag

While I can appreciate other people's tastes, a compact disc is only a means of delivering the product. It's also old technology. I prefer to download the song directly from iTunes or a similar service. And unlike a vinyl LP, the artwork on a CD is so small anyway that I don't really see the point. Keep in mind too that a lot of that plastic from CD's eventually ends up in landfills. Not only do mp3's save space in your house they are healthier for the planet. Just got to make sure you back up!

Tikinaut | 09-Jan-2017 18:05:39 | Flag

I don't like mp3s mostly because i think music and physical artwork has a connection and reflect the view of the artist about music. But most important is music to reach more and more people. So the easy way is still the cd. Plus the cost is lower for a band to release it and get their music on air.
So, even if we are vinyl lovers, we need cds too.

mikesurf | 12-Jan-2017 02:18:55 | Flag

Screw MP3's I buy CD's, I want something "tangible", if it was possible I would still be buying LP's.

blackheartsfan | 15-Jan-2017 19:01:00 | Flag

um. It is still possible.

spskins | 16-Jan-2017 12:54:35 | Flag

Usually I buy mp3's to save space as I have 1000's of CD's and 1000's of LP's. But I still like to buy CD's at live shows for local/indy/touring bands.

esotericeric | 18-Jan-2017 15:15:50 | Flag

I prefer to have CDs as a backup. With the CD I like looking at the cover and liner notes. Stuff I download I usually forget about it sooner. The tiny graphic is so small that I don't usually remember it. I don't like vinyl because I want to listen to it on my MP3 player and ripping it is a pain. I guess since I am an old guy I can't hear the difference.

midwestsurfguy | 20-Jan-2017 19:47:18 | Flag

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