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Sweating on Dave

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Welcome to the Surfguitar101 Podcast! The podcast started as an experiment just to see what it took to create a podcast. The reaction was very positive so hopefully we will start seeing new episodes on a semi-regular basis. You can download the podcast episodes here and we are also listed in iTunes.

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Who knows what the future will bring, the podcast may return someday!

July 25, 2009 • Episode 8

Surfguitar101 Convention 2009

Just in the nick of time, here's our latest podcast featuring the bands that will be performing at this year's SurfGuitar101 convention in Los Alamitos. We're also featuring the first half of an interview Warren Binder (Captain Springfield) conducted with Ted Pilgrim where they discuss the new Satan's Pilgrims' record. There's lots more songs and another surf classic highlight so get your reverb on.

Lady Reverb and I want to extend special thanks to Warren, Ted, Ivan, Ryan, Jeff and Brian for all their help. And our apologies to The Reventlos whose song accidentally was omitted from this podcast. It's doubly unfortunate as they are so generously donating the equipment for the convention - so hats off to The Reventlos.

The Song Remains Insane - Secret Samurai
Los Campiones del Justico - The Ghastly Ones
Paddle or Die - The surge!
Lost In The Shadows - The Verb Tones
Cascadia - The Sand Devils
Maelstrom - The TomorrowMen
It's A Bikini World - The Boardwalkers
Nightwave - The Detonators
Psych-A-Go-Go (Psych Out) - Satan's Pilgrims
In The Past - Satan's Pilgrims
Green Peppers - Satan's Pilgrims
Mosquito Royale - Atomic Mosquitos
Malaguena - The Trashmen
Orbitron - The MelTones
Take On Me - The Bitch Boys
Bajjad - The Apemen
Rampage - St John and The Cardinals
Fiberglass Jungle - Crossfires
Point Of No Return - Kare and The Cavemen
Inciende En El Infierno - 50 Foot Combo
Besame Mucho - The Huntington Cads
The Storm - The Hunters


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