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Sweating on Dave

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Welcome to the Surfguitar101 Podcast! The podcast started as an experiment just to see what it took to create a podcast. The reaction was very positive so hopefully we will start seeing new episodes on a semi-regular basis. You can download the podcast episodes here and we are also listed in iTunes.

Please discuss the podcasts in our Podcast forum. We'd love to hear your suggestions, and let us know if you would like to help in any way. We need producers, interviewers, artwork, etc. you name it. Thanks!

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Sorry folks, the SG101 podcast is on hiatus. Fortunately there are several good Internet-based radio shows these days that more than take up the slack. We encourage you to check out North Sea Surf Music Radio and Fiberglass Jungle, just to name two.

Who knows what the future will bring, the podcast may return someday!

June 10, 2007 • Episode 1

The very first SG101 Podcast!

Episode one of the podcast! This show features the music of many great surf bands like The Nebulas, Satan's Pilgrims, The Volcanos, The Madeira, The Belairs, The Halibuts and more. Plus an interview with Danny Snyder from Messhugga Beach Party and The TommorowMen.

Intro & Outro: The Madeira - Desert Drums - Sandstorm - 2006 Double Crown Records

Satan's Pilgrims - Badge of Honor - Satan's Pilgrims - 1999 - MuSick Recordings
The Madeira - Burning Mirage - Sandstorm - 2006 - Double Crown
The Volcanos - Whirlpool - Surf Quake - 1996 - Estrus
The Nebulas - Dirty Sanchez - It's GO Time! - 2003 - Tivertone Records

Pollo del Mar - A Flash of Green - The Golden State - 2004 - Musick Recordings
The Cocktail Preachers - Enchanted Sea - The Exotic Moods Of... - 2005 - Self Released
The Halibuts - Russian Roulette - Live at Toes - 2005 - Flatfish Records
The Wet Tones - The 7th Wave - Mucho Reverbo - 2004 - Ammonia Records

Interview with Danny Snyder
The Tomorrowmen - Chronosurf
The Tomorrowmen - Requiem for a Tomorrowman

The Belairs - Volcanic Action - Volcanic Action - 2001 - Sundazed
Jon & The Nightriders - The Nightrider - Banished to the Beach - 1994 - NPR Records (Germany)
El Ray - Le Saboteur - Tick...Tick...Tick... - 2004 - Heptown Records
Los Twang Marvels - El Fenderviche - Prueba De Fuego - 2006 - El Toro
The Fathoms - Getaway Car - Fathomless - 1996 - Atomic Beat Records


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