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The Madeira March 2008
The Madeira March 2008

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New Phantom Operators songs this spring!

The Phantom Operators will be releasing some all new material this spring in conjunction with a new podcast called "Mortis". "Mortis" will center on "All things left of center". The Operators are contributing theme and incidental music that will be used on this podcast. The soundtrack will be released some time in April and will only be available to listeners of the podcast and followers on social media. (Facebook, Twitter, and their own site Mortis.TV). These songs will have a little darker edge than the tunes on their debut LP, "Metal Mariachi Music" (Think Joy Divivsion covered by the Ventures!) The Operators are excited to be a part of this podcast and have really enjoyed making music for it. For more info, You can go to or follow on Twitter @mortistweets.