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A Trio of Vibroverbs

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Pre-order Lost Sunset by Gold Dust Lounge

Hi Everyone,

Russell here from Gold Dust Lounge (Miami, FL). We have a Kickstarter going (6 days left) that's essentially a pre-order for our upcoming album, Lost Sunset. It's a surf/spy road trip extravaganza. Think The Mermen meet The Fathoms meet The Vanduras... Something like that.

The vinyl edition has cover art by Tiki/Pulp artist, Robert Jimenez. Check it out here.

I've been remiss for not posting here sooner. We have SIX days left for the pre-order. Lots of goodies. Click here to find out more about us and our new album.

Thanks in advance!



Awesome Surf from Miami: Check out Gold Dust Lounge

Hi all, The Gold Dust Lounge from Miami just finished a short documentary paralleling their album release. They're a great mixture of surf, spy and jazz and a ton of fun to watch and a great bunch of fellas, to boot. Check 'em out

Cheers, Gary.