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Stories with tag: "electric-heaters"

For the Film of the Same Name - new album by the Electric Heaters


From the Film of the Same Name:
overlooked cinematic soundtracks from the TKJ Library, reimagined for the Roaring Twenties.

The Electric Heaters, led by guitarist Matt Heaton, are an instrumental guitar trio based in Boston. They call themselves a surf band to keep things simple; after all the guitar is dripping in reverb and there’s no singing. But they are far from surf purists, delving into spy, spaghetti western, noir, soul and other sounds. The band released its first album, “Live at the Burren” recorded months before the first Covid lockdown. And now finally they return with their first studio recording.

The songs on this album are all from a series of forgotten films from the ‘60s, '70s and '80s. The films themselves—Beach Parties, Westerns, Teen Comedies, Horror Flicks, Spy Capers, Juvenile Delinquency and Martial Arts movies—had short (or no) runs in small cinemas. They spent most of their lives in a storage unit on the old Paniversal Studios site.

When demolition for a new commercial construction unearthed the collection, the original Paniversal licenses had all expired. So the reels ended up in the hands of T.L. Jones, the grandson of Thomas “T.K.” Jones, whose TKJ music library provided the soundtrack for 90% of the films.

Through a mutual friend, guitarist Matt Heaton was connected with T.L. who gave him permission to re-record selections from the soundtracks. After hundreds of hours of listening, Heaton and his band, the Electric Heaters, settled on a dozen selections from the TKJ Library, plus the original cover of “Tainted Love,” before Soft Cell brought the song to wider acclaim.

We hope you enjoy this sonic time capsule. Chai Yo!

Available at Bandcamp!

Spy Penguin -- spytronic surf

New single, "In a Silent Wave" is out now. A collaboration between Matt Heaton from the Electric Heaters (surf) and Josh Slifkin from Canary (electronic), it's a groovy, trippy, chill out extravaganza.

Check it out on Bandcamp


Electric Heaters release new live EP!


A new live EP from Boston's Electric Heaters.

Live at the Burren was recorded in the Back Room of the Burren Pub in Somerville, MA on January 10, 2020. It wasn’t meant to be a time capsule, but it ended up being the last big show we did before the pandemic. Full of live energy and the Heaters’ characteristic mix of tight grooves and occasional chaotic noise, it’s a document of a carefree band in a pre pano time. I dug out the files a couple months ago, and realized, this isn’t half bad! So warts and all, ladies & gentlemen: The Electric Heaters.

  1. Taco Volcano—A latin tinged spy caper. Too spicy for your taste? Cha Cha Cha!

  2. Copley Soul—Stomp the floor to this Boston style dance number.

  3. Bowling Green Massacre—Late nights. Devious Schemes. Alternate Facts. Was it all just a dream?

  4. Pouncy Flip—A little bit country and a little bit psychedelic freak out!

  5. Nayang Beach—Time to relax on the chillest beach in all of Thailand. Subai, Subai.

  6. Shutter Island—Like it’s noir namesake, all is not as it seems in this tune.

The Electric Heaters:
Matt Heaton-Guitar
Dave Piper-Bass
Jared Seabrook-Drums

Available on April 2 at Bandcamp, everywhere else on April 15.

New Album from the Electric Heaters

The Electric Heaters have finally released some music! We are a Boston-based quartet. This summer we recorded half a dozen tracks, live to hard drive, and they are now available for your listening/downloading pleasure. If you want a hard copy, feel free to get in touch. Thanks for all the help & advice along the way.

Track listing:
1. Mystic River Pipeline--a rockin' Man or Astro Man inspired number.
2. Copley Soul--a nod to the Raybeats more soulful moments.
3. Farewell, My Lovely--drowning your sorrows in a Havana bar.
4. Pouncy Flip--a jaunty little number, complete with psychedelic breakdown (and recovery).
5. Revere Beach Parkway (by Starlight)--Ennio Morricone takes the long drive on Rt. 16
6. Smart Alec Kill--Raymond Chandler inspired spy noir.

(A note for the geeks among us (and who isn't): The guitar was recorded into a Quilter Micropro 200, 8 inch speaker. I used the onboard reverb and tremolo, a Line 6 DL4 for loops or echo. We mic'd it with an SM57, and it went into a nice tube preamp then into the computer. The guitar is a Guild S60-D with Porter Vintage Strat pickups and a Bigsby.)