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Stories with tag: "2022"

For the Film of the Same Name - new album by the Electric Heaters


From the Film of the Same Name:
overlooked cinematic soundtracks from the TKJ Library, reimagined for the Roaring Twenties.

The Electric Heaters, led by guitarist Matt Heaton, are an instrumental guitar trio based in Boston. They call themselves a surf band to keep things simple; after all the guitar is dripping in reverb and there’s no singing. But they are far from surf purists, delving into spy, spaghetti western, noir, soul and other sounds. The band released its first album, “Live at the Burren” recorded months before the first Covid lockdown. And now finally they return with their first studio recording.

The songs on this album are all from a series of forgotten films from the ‘60s, '70s and '80s. The films themselves—Beach Parties, Westerns, Teen Comedies, Horror Flicks, Spy Capers, Juvenile Delinquency and Martial Arts movies—had short (or no) runs in small cinemas. They spent most of their lives in a storage unit on the old Paniversal Studios site.

When demolition for a new commercial construction unearthed the collection, the original Paniversal licenses had all expired. So the reels ended up in the hands of T.L. Jones, the grandson of Thomas “T.K.” Jones, whose TKJ music library provided the soundtrack for 90% of the films.

Through a mutual friend, guitarist Matt Heaton was connected with T.L. who gave him permission to re-record selections from the soundtracks. After hundreds of hours of listening, Heaton and his band, the Electric Heaters, settled on a dozen selections from the TKJ Library, plus the original cover of “Tainted Love,” before Soft Cell brought the song to wider acclaim.

We hope you enjoy this sonic time capsule. Chai Yo!

Available at Bandcamp!

The Routes - Instrumentals (2013) reissue. Out now on Otitis Media Records


Hi Everyone,

Just a heads up that The Routes "Instrumentals" album from 2013 has been reissued by Otitis Media Records. It's available on red/white (150 copies) or blue/white vinyl (150 copies), and comes with brand new "Blues Theme" inspired artwork and an obi strip.

Available here while stocks last:



You Nearly Got Me:


SRW080 Mark Malibu & the Wasagas “Dance Party a' Go Go” (Transluscent Neon 12" Vinyl LP)


SRW080 Mark Malibu & the Wasagas “Dance Party a' Go Go” (Transluscent Neon 12" Vinyl LP)

Now available for the first time on vinyl!

Existing originally from 1979-1982 these groovy teenagers lived far from the west coast but they mixed their 60s influences with their 80s attitude.

Buy it now - Link

SRW222 Robotron - Atomium (Jacket CD)


SRW222 Robotron - Atomium (Jacket CD)

Atomium is a 9 track album for fans of instrumental surf music, robots, kaiju monsters, sci-fi themes and more robots.

Influenced by Man...or Astroman, Dick Dale, Los Straightjackets, Robotron have managed to build their own sound mixing the reverb from surf music and the overdrive from rock and roll.  

But it now - Link

SRW219 - The Angry Red Planet - "Captain... The Klingons Have Surrounded Uranus!" (Jacket CD)


SRW219 - The Angry Red Planet - "Captain... The Klingons Have Surrounded Uranus!" (Jacket CD)

Combining elements of surf, rockabilly, 60’s psychedelia, Morricone, 70’s TV show themes, vintage sci fi/horror, and a touch of sophomoric humour; The Angry Red Planet merges the sounds of the rock n roll’s early years with the punk and thrash of the ‘80s. An instrumental mutant hailing from Canada’s North West, creating unexpected and bizarre musical soundscapes... for those who dare!

The Angry Red Planet’s debut features vintage aural aesthetics channeled through unique and unlikely arrangements. Alternately blistering, ridiculous, and introspective, “Captain... The Klingons Have Surrounded Uranus!” is a warped journey through 8 disparate yet cohesive tracks of guitar forward instrumentals that don’t take themselves too seriously.

Buy it here - Link

SRW213 Jim and the Sea Dragons - Sous les Paves, la Plage! (Jacket CD)


SRW213 Jim and the Sea Dragons - Sous les Paves, la Plage! (Jacket CD)

‘Sous les Pave, la Plage’ is a tribute to French instrumental bands from the early 1960’s. With influences ranging from Gypsy Jazz to Hank Marvin and the Shadows, the new CD is an exciting look in to the pre-Beatles instrumental music scene that was happening in France.

Jim and the Sea Dragons are a guitar-centric Florida based combo with influences ranging from 60's Surf, Pop and a dash of Exotica.

Buy it on CD and a digital download here - Link

New single "Mig Master" by "The NineteenElevens" OUT NOW!!!

The Me Gustas opening for Agent Orange!

New Album - 'Los Incendiarios' Argentina

Los incendiarios is a band from Argentina. They are formed at the beginning of the 2019 pandemic in western Neuquén Looking for a surf garage sound in his own way to understand and experience it. All this experience resulted in a first EP entitled "My dream is to know the sea" which consists of 6 own compositions of the band recorded in bike studios and mastered in crude studio by Gonzalo 'pájaro' Rainoldi



Follow us!... Instagram/los.incendiarios

The World's Number 1 Surf Music Station Celebrates 9 Year Anniversary


Did you know that today is a special day? It’s the 9 year anniversary of the the world's number 1 surf music station and what an incredible nine years it has been! It’s hard to believe that even just nine years ago there was no radio station dedicated to surf and instro. In July 2013 we made that a reality, for the first time ever, with new bands being broadcast shoulder to shoulder with established acts.

The number of bands in the surf community has flourished too! We would like to thank all the listeners, bands and labels that have supported us. Don’t forget we are donation supported and you can financially support us with a donation or a StreamAd (which is even better if you are a band or label).

Donate at:

Have a great day and may your reverb tails be unlimited.