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Dutch film premiere of Storm Surfers and Surfing & Sharks at North Sea Surf Festival

Today the four movies that will be shown at the North Sea Surf Festival on September 14th have been announced. Besides the Dutch film premiere of the spectacular documentaries Storm Surfers and Surfing & Sharks the surf classics Morning Of The Earth (1972) and Crystal Voyager (1972) will be shown at the cinema during the festival.

Storm Surfers is an epic adventure documentary following two best friends on their quest to track and chase giant storms across the Great Southern Ocean in order to ride the biggest and most dangerous waves in the world. Surfing & Sharks tells the story of three friends from a poor neighbourhood in South Africa still surfing in the most dangerous
surfing area in the world, even after having lost four friends and a family member to attacks by white sharks.

Morning Of The Earth (1971) tells about a group of surfers living in spiritual harmony with nature, making their own surfboards and hunting down the best waves in Australia, Bali and Hawaii. Crystal Voyager (1972) is one of the most successful Australian surf movies and is about surfer George Greenough´s quest for uncrowded waves in California. The final sequence is a 23 minute long journey filmed from a surfers perspective with Echoes by Pink Floyd as soundtrack.

The cinema program will be opened by a Hawaiian solo set by Phantom Frank, mastermind behind The Treble Spankers and The Phantom Four. El Blanco of the legendary Finnish surf revival band The Charades will also give two short performances in between the movies.

The North Sea Surf Festival is the biggest festival in Northwestern Europe fully dedicated to
instrumental surf music. The festival will feature 9 bands and this year proudly presents Lost Acapulco (Mexico), Bambi Molesters (Croatia) and Los Coronas (Spain) as part of the line up, for their first performances on Dutch soil. The festival will be opened by the winner of the Live XS North Sea Surf Battle that will be held on August 25th.

The total program of the North Sea Surf Festival is now as follows:

Crystal Voyager (1972)
Morning Of The Earth (1972)
Storm Surfers (Dutch premiere)
Surfing & Sharks (Dutch premiere)
Solo sets:
El Blanco (The Charades,Finland)
Phantom Frank (The Phantom Four, The Treble Spankers)

Oude Zaal:
Lost Acapulco (Mexico)
The Bambi Molesters (Kroatië)
Los Coronas (Spanje)
The Phantom Four (NL)
The Good The Bad (Denemarken)
Bang! Mustang! (Duitsland)
Pirato Ketchup (België)
Bevel Emboss (NL)
Winner North Sea SurfBattle (tba)

Club Rockula DJ´s
Naald & Kraak DJ´s
Amsterdam Beatclub DJ´s

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