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Eddie Bertrand Benefit

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The Good The Bad honour Tarantino's 50th Birthday

In honour of the glorious basterd Quentin Tarantino on his 50th birthday and on reflection of his extensive groundbreaking work to date, The Good the Bad made a parody of the opening scene of Inglorious Basterds, inserting Tarantino film references as Christoph Waltz presides over his 50th birthday celebrations. Consider it a ligh-hearted gift to Quentin on his special day.

Also as a special experiment TGTB looked at rescoring some less obvious scenes from Kill Bill, Django Unchained and Death Proof with some TGTB music, as a tribute to Tarantino and his inspiration. You too can enjoy our tracks set to QT's films and even download the three songs for free at our website. Enjoy!


This story has 2 comments.


welp, this is incredibly awesome. i look forward to talking about this and playing a song on Surfabilly Freakout this week!!!

bandita | 03-Apr-2013 21:47:30 | Flag

I absolutely love this band. While this is an obvious attempt on their part to get the attention of Mr. Tarantino, who could blame them? Frankly, the music these guys write is custom made for soundtrack work...probably more so than any other band I know of that is currently active in the genre.

killbabykill34 | 04-Apr-2013 09:26:01 | Flag

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