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The Surfacers

The Surfacers
Green Cookie (2003)

The Surfacers are a hard-driving surf-trio from Argentina. With Matais on guitars, Santiago on bass and Sebastian R. on drums, The Surfacers self-titled 2003 debut CD certainly made a tempestuous splash on the South American surf music scene. This disc literally drips with all the liquid power that the reverberation unit has to offer.

The Surfacers power-trio lineup produces Dick Dale-like energy levels: rumbling drums, fat bass tone, all topped off with the nimble glissando-and-tremolo-picked lead work of Matais' Stratocaster.
The disc begins with "The Russians", a high-energy power-ballad in the "Ghost Riders" vein. Multi-register melodies mingle with the crashing ride cymbal and driving bass work. Like that last rippin' wave at Trestles, it's all over way too soon.
"Crushing" continues the high-energy pummel of the Surfacers reverb attack. The Surfacers catch their breath with the third track: the melodic "Unknown". The tune has a unique rhythm pattern dripping throughout which is enhanced by Sebastian R's masterful tom-and-double-snare drum work.

"Desperado", "Annihilator" and "Indianapolis" carry on with the non-stop surf guitar attack: I'm sure even Dick Dale's jaw would drop form the intensity.

"The Last Wave" is another melodic mid-tempo offering: this time with two guitars and plenty of echo-effect thrown in for good measure. "Wild Rider" has a unique "2nd wave/1980s surf" feel: the "far-away" guitar tone and tight arrangement are reminiscent of Jon & the Night Riders or early work of the Penetrators.

"Snackie" is a sort of spy-vs. -spy type tune with nice "Batman" style breaks. "Haitian Eyes" begins with the sounds of the crashing waves, and turns into a sort of desert-island-belly-dancer ode. Visions of Easter Island Moas, roasted pigs, and semi-naked Haitian Voodoo rituals float through the etherized atmosphere of this cut.

The final cut, "The Hidden Man", is a driving spy-style riff that just won't give up: the call-and-response interplay between the high energy Dick Dale Stratocaster lead, and the subdued Steve Cropper Telecaster licks makes this tune a highlight for guitar geeks everywhere. And be sure to wait for the "secret track" at the very end. (No, I will not tell you anything more about that's a secret!)

If you enjoy high-energy surf-trio reverberation, then "The Surfacers" might just be what you're looking for.

Visit the Surfacers awesome Flash-based website at

This story has 2 comments.


These guys are awesome enough just based on the Gibson and Marshall combination in the liner notes, but their songs are amazing, too. The longer numbers maintain a surprising level of intensity throughout. I'm pretty sure they recorded the album as a four-piece, though.


CaptainSpringfield | 03-Jun-2006 01:20:21 | Flag


you are probably correct: the CD mentions another guitarist (named Sebastian)...but their website talks about a 3 piece line up...

also, you are right re: the gibson/marshall sound...but, there also seems to be Strats n there too...

dp | 03-Jun-2006 15:19:33 | Flag

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