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bigtikidude: Who knew? I clicked on an old link to something on MySpace recently and it didn't work.
62 days ago

spskins: Satan's Pilgrims and Boss Martians this Saturday at Doug Fir, Portland, OR!!!!
60 days ago

Emilien03: wake up! Cool
57 days ago

mom_surfing: i've had 'the oasis' by the madeira stuck in my head for two days now...........and it is welcome to stay there a while longer
51 days ago

spskins: Where is the live feed of the convention?
42 days ago

bigtikidude: Sorry Ted, there was no live feed!
40 days ago

Bernard: Par Avion announces California Mini Tour Aug. 30-Sept. 3 Details: On Thursday, September 1st, Par Avion will be Making a rare landing on the mysterious atoll of the Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge in Alameda, CA. Bonus: Ferenc of Frankie & The Pool Boys is joining us onstage that night. Rebecca, Richie and I look forward to meeting you! Sample us here: http://bit.l... and note that this is part of a late summer mini-tour. Should you be elsewhere in California, take a peek at our itinerary. Perhaps we have a gig near you. Details here: http://bit.l...
30 days ago

mom_surfing: ELECTRIC BEACH PARTY........tonight and every monday evening at 8PM EDT, 7 central, 6 mountain and 5 pacific......repeating at midnight EDT, 11 central, 10 mountain and 9 pacific........streaming at radiohattera...
26 days ago

GatoStrato: stress less, play more...
14 days ago

sidecarbob: Buy the North Sea Surf fundraising compilation now!!! https://nort...
9 days ago

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Beach Boys World tour - Germany

Submitted by tired on August 20, 2012.


The BBs had a hit with Kokomo in 1988 and they represented the USA when foreign troops (America, France, Russia, Great Britain) left the city of Berlin after the reunification of our country.

The band toured regularly our country, but this time it was different.

In Berlin there were nearly 10.000 people, in Stuttgart 8.000 and in Moenchengladbach (open air, at 6 o ´clock it strarted raining) 6.000

What was suprising to me was the articles afterwards, which were written by someone who knows the history of the BBs.

The hassle of Brian and Mike about Smile, the never ending "No. 1 Surfing group in the country" image, the "better" productions like "Some Music To Your Day" from the early 70s, lots of old stuff but none hits like Our Cra Club (flipside of fun, fun,fun however) and so on and so forth.

The death of Dennis (drowning accident-not mentioniong his drinking and drug abuse) and of Carl (lung cancer after smoking too much in his life) were mentioned.

I remember concerts when Feel Flows, The Trader had been highlights sung by Carl,

Cool Cool Water and other  sophisticated songs were done without Brian, even the disco version of "Here Comes the Night" was done perfectly live.

The concerts with 50 songs had all what you needed, so an encore wasn´ t necessary.

Brian seemed to be nailed to his chair at the piano - how long will he live??

Until he dies (from his song "Until I Die"!).

Once someone in the audience in New York asked "Where is Brian"?

Mike answered: "Brian is in the songs!" How true this is.

Party talk some 10 years ago: "The best concert I ever saw was that of the Beach Boys!" I asked "when was that?"

Answer "In Essen in  1966!!

I hope a fine dvd will be released later this year to witness the best of 50 years!



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This story has 7 comments.


I personally enjoyed the show in Berlin very much. The best show I have ever seen of the "modern" BB and unfortunately I am not old enough to have seen old shows. But they performed a bunch of songs that they have not done for years and the quality of the vocals and the band was very good.

Leaving apart anything that is usually said about the BB, I love the band and their music. From the beginning to the end. I agree they have nothing to do with surf music, they are a pop band instead, but I still have the greatest consideration for the musical composition and arrangement.

Like I said, I liked the show very much.

surferjoemusic | 21-Aug-2012 15:11:58 | Flag

Was David Marks playing on this tour? I heard a rumour he was

da-ron | 24-Aug-2012 06:53:32 | Flag

I saw the next to last U.S. show before they left for Europe. I thought the concert was fantastic! Great report. Glad you were able to see them.

websurfer | 25-Aug-2012 20:37:05 | Flag

I can't wait, my and my brother (both BB fans) are seeing them this Thursday in Sydney, woo-hoo, looking forward to it (OK, I expect Brian to be not jumping around but, like they say, Brain is in the music)

Wombat | 26-Aug-2012 04:51:26 | Flag

I worked the Beach Boys concert on July 5, 1981 in Long Beach. I was right by the stage most of the concert. The concert was on live TV. I was very disappointed in their performance.
I saw them again June 2012. They knocked my socks off. Amazing show. David Marks was right on front on lead playing a green Fender Jaguar.

HBkahuna | 26-Aug-2012 12:34:33 | Flag

Another from 1981. They were way off..

HBkahuna | 26-Aug-2012 12:36:55 | Flag

david marks was there and the BEST of the concert is david solo on stage playing pet sounds. i thought of a commercial was not.

surferjoemusic | 26-Aug-2012 17:44:49 | Flag

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