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Continental Magazine Issue #19 w/ 25 Song CD Out Now


Now's a great time to sign up, or renew, a subscription to the Continental Magazine. For just $18.00 you get three issues packed with in depth interviews and music reviews, plus a compilation CD inside the magazine. Issue #19, just released, includes huge feature interviews with Los Twang! Marvels (conducted by Ivan Pongracic of The Madeira/Space Cossacks) and Tremolo Beer Gut, plus tons of music and DVD reviews. 36 pages, with a 2 color glossy cover designed by Johnny Bartlett (Phantom Surfers, Barbary Coasters, Hillsdale Records)

There is also a 25 track CD filled with lots of great surf, instro and garage rock tunes.


Continental Magazine - Three Issue
Subscription (Issues #19, #20, #21) - CTSUB -
$18.00 [Order From Double Crown

The Continental Magazine - Issue #19 w/25 
Song CD - CT019 - $6.95
[Order From Double Crown]

CD Tracks - Issue #19:

1. Thunderbird 101 - The Razorblades
2. Twilight Surfer - Martin Cilia
3. The Martyr - The Secret Samurai
4. Las Vegas - The Tremolo Beer Gut
5. Pumpin' At The Pines - The Volcaniks
6. Moon Probe - The Dangermen
7. Mana Pacifica - The Tikiyaki Orchestra
8. A Blade From Damascus - Dirty Fuse
9. The Glass Man - The Mystery Men
10. You'll Never Take Me Alive - The Man From Ravcon
11. Go Go Golem - Meshugga Beach Party
12. Dead Man Talkin' - The Vision
13. Schiesserei am Dawsons Creek - Die Kosmonauten
14. Rats & Gassers Theme - D.A. Sebasstian & The Inner Demons
15. Dusty Sand Sahara - Shockwave
16. Beer Run - The Surfdusters
17. Surf-n-Turf - SPF-4
18. Love Theme For A Twisted Mind - Kill, Baby... Kill!
19. You Can't Teach a Caveman Bout Romance - The 99ers
20. Fez Inferno - The Twang-o-Matics
21. Autostrada - HJ
22. The Matador - Trabants
23. Western Satellite - King Pelican
24. Swimming with the Sharks - Speedball Jr.
25. Maximum Bumble - The Ugly Beats

This story has 7 comments.


I hadn't bought one of these before. I won't be making that mistake again. The interview with Los Twang! Marvels is terrific. Ivan conducted a great interview that is full of useful information. Maybe if I'd also pursued an advanced degree in Anthropology I'd be a famous surf musician and university professor too. Read the interview to find out who is.

Noel | 19-Feb-2012 19:56:55 | Flag

The comp CD is terrific too!

Noel | 19-Feb-2012 19:57:40 | Flag

must buy before it sells out

bigtikidude | 19-Feb-2012 23:05:41 | Flag

Great Articles. Ivan did a wonderful job interviewing Alex from Los Twang Marvels.The Comp disc is 5 stars !! great job once again Sean!!

surfinjohnnyq | 23-Feb-2012 20:13:06 | Flag

Got mine today. Listened to the cd but haven't read the mag yet. I thought it was a bargain for the price of a subscription.

wfoguy | 25-Feb-2012 16:28:24 | Flag

Absolutely awesome!

ErnestHernandez | 29-Feb-2012 23:40:48 | Flag

Great issue, Sean!
Thanks for the CD review, too.
Big Grin

Aloha_Screwdriver | 06-Mar-2012 11:19:52 | Flag

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