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Brad & The Bombers 1981
Brad & The Bombers 1981

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Paul Johnson and The Everpresent Fullness!

Paul Johnson played a reunion of his post-surf folk-rock band 'The Everpresent Fullness' Sun Jun 12th at the 'Rhino Pop-up Store' in Westwood, Los Angeles. Abetted by 2 'youngsters' on drums and vocals/melodica/harmonica, the original singer/guitarist, bassist and lead guitarist Paul did a very tight set of their signature songs from 1966. It was definitely folk-rock, a few touches of blues, and Paul explained to the audience how their then record label 'White Whale (who also had The Turtles) was grooming them to be the West Coast's answer to The Lovin' Spoonful. It was explained to the audience that the release of their one big single was screwed up by the original writer (not in the band) disliking their arrangement and preventing the release! Also included in the set were a few Dylan tunes, and PJ even played a beautiful sounding electric 12-string on one song.  i had never heard any of the material before, I only knew OF the band, but i was not disappointed in the least. The last number I joined surf author Dominic Priore in boppin to the beat by the side of the stage! Hopefully PJ will continue to a few more Everpresent Fullness gigs around town!!


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