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El Ray: Chasing Ray - New Release August 30, 2010

Chasing Ray
Releasing August 30th 2010 on Blackout Music


At the turn of the century, a strangely inspiring dude called Frank transformed four cute indie guys with a soft spot for love struck lyrics into dirty savvy surf instrumentalists where mums the words.  Nine years, three bass players and three albums later, El Ray now releases its fourth studio album 'Chasing Ray'.  Are you ready to be surfed away by the soundtrack to your wildest imagination finally being released?


Drawing on inspiration from legendary Link Ray & Dick Dale, mixed with class acts like Pixies, Bob Hund & Sonic Youth and with a profound love for the garage scene, El Ray is more than music, it's deadly fun.  'Chasing Ray' is the band's tribute to former bass player extraordinaire, El Kid'o, who died tragically of cancer at the age of 27.  With new bass player La Chiquilla in place, El Ray is once again ready to get in character and play bikinis and trunks of every cool cat in town.  Ink or no ink, you're all welcome at El Ray's surf party and as the band says: 'As long as you're into surfing the genre with a twist and more than ready to venture into the night, you're a Ray'.

Where others need lyrics, a PA system and a crowd, El Ray just needs two guitars, a bass, drums and a couple of amps to awaken your primal instincts.  With thirteen new tunes they are shaking the musical underground with their version of rock'n'roll.  Stripped down to the bone where riffs are wild, where tune is king and where rhythms will bang in tune with your reptile brain.  Let your imagination run free with El Twang, El Fuerte, La Chiquilla and El Firetone when they strike down with songs like Shhh!  Lay Low, Cherry Cheeks and Cheese on a Cup. 


El Ray is the band that was once pulled over by the German police, because they thought El Firetone was a corpse the rest of the band was driving around with, just for the fun of it.  El Ray is the band who once got people crowd surfing on a 6' 10 inch surfboard at a fully packed gig at legendary Copenhagen venue, Stengade 30.  El Ray is the band where El Fuerte once played a gig with concussion and several broken ribs just 18 hours after a nearly fatal bike accident.  El Ray is the band that was once almost killed on the German highway driving an extremely badly maintained stationcar rented to them by an Indian crook called Sandhu - The Carhire From Hell.  El Ray is the band where El Twang and El Firetone once ended up together in a heart shaped bed at the honeymoon suite in a romantic hotel Swiss alps.  Apparently nothing happened.  El Ray is the band with the magic touch that actually makes the audience sing along to the instrumentals. 


El Fuerte (Jørgen Dai Jensen) - drums
El Firetone (Jesper Grud) - guitar
La Chiquilla (Tine Camilla Lind) - bass
El Twang (Lars Sveistrup Hansen) - guitar

Presscontact: KNOKL management - Sophie Bech - 40 89 69 47 -

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Great cd. Great band. Great great great!

da-ron | 24-Aug-2010 06:56:06 | Flag

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