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Eddie Bertrand Benefit

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SG101 Podcast #11 Now Available!

The Ghastly Podcast

Podcast 11 - The Ghastly Podcast. This episode we're honored to have Norman Cabrera aka Baron Shimmy Shivers of The Ghastly Ones calling out the tunes. He's given us a killer selection of old school surf tunes that influenced him and his bandmates to be the kickass surf band they are today. We also have the 2nd half of his interview with Warren BInder. If you want to hear even more of this interview, stay tuned to the podcast page on SG101 and we'll upload it soon. Finally we're also featuring some new music by Norwegians - The Mobsmen and Icelandic SG101 member Burt Rocket.

Head on over to our podcast page to download it now, or look for it in iTunes shortly. The podcast is available in both .m4a and .mp3 formats. PC users can use the piece-of-junk Quicktime player, or the super awesome VLC media player, to listen. Enjoy!

A big thank you to Lady Reverb, Danny Snyder, Warren Binder, and Baron Shivers!

Song List:
  1. High Voltage - Jim Messina and The Jesters
  2. Driving Guitars - The Ventures
  3. Jet Stream - The Breakers
  4. Night Rider - Dick Dale
  5. Out of Control - The Crossfires
  6. Scratch - Eddie and The Showmen
  7. Rise And Fall Of Flingel Bunt - PJ & The Galaxies
  8. Cat On A Hot Foam Board - The New Dimensions
  9. Everybody Up - The Fender IV
  10. Bikini Drag - The Pyramids
  11. Surfer's Blues - The Journeymen
  12. Point Panic - The Surfaris
  13. Journey To The Stars - The Nocturnes
  14. Avenger's Stomp - Avengers VI
  15. Scattershield - The Surfaris
  16. Bulldog - The Ventures
  17. Cicero Come - The Mobsmen
  18. Flamenco - The Mobsmen
  19. Mister Motor - Burt Rocket
  20. Savage Iceland - Burt Rocket
  21. Lonesome Undertaker - The Ghastly Ones

Background music: El Sereno - The Varatones

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Great show,

give it a listen if you haven't heard it yet.

bigtikidude | 23-Jan-2010 18:21:54 | Flag

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