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The Trashmen/The Chantays

Greetings Friends,

Just to keep you informed. The first proposal has be sent to the Venue in Southern California, regarding performances by The Trashmen, and The Chantays. I can only speak for these groups-----All of us on the Management Team are hoping for the Best. (Lorenzo,Melanie,Eddie, and myself are really working to make this work.) as soon as we know anything---we will let all of you know through this Web-Site. I spoke to both Dal Winslow, of The Trashmen, and Bob Spickard  of The Chantays yesterday. Both guys are hoping this Gig can take place. And they are very excited on the possibility of working this.

The Date were are working on---is Sept. 03,2008.

As soon as news breaks on this----you will be informed.

John Eckert

Talent/Booking Coordinator, THE TRASHMEN, and  THE CHANTAYS

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Ok guys, this will be a good party! We are really trying to make it work. Like John said, we should be getting some updates on next week. There are other bands involved in our proposal: Wadadli Riders, touring on those days, and the Detonators that you all know very well!

I can say also this will be the very first SurferJoe Music event in California. So stay up to date as usual on surfguitar101 and


surferjoemusic | 17-May-2008 23:21:03 | Flag

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