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The Surfside IV Returns!


In the fast-paced and ever-dynamic world of surf rock & roll, change often comes at you without much warning.  Such was the case when, late last year, 
the rhythm section sighed a collective, "bummer" as The Surfside IV found that they were suddenly sans guitarist and drummer.

In order to avoid being the Surfside II, it became obvious that a relentless search for desert-dwelling surf musicians was in order. Well as luck would have it, and against all odds, they were able coerce two hapless yet otherwise perfectly respectable gentlemen to don the fez!

Joining the fray, therefore, are: Matt "Tha Kat" Lentz on electrified Spanish guitar (founding member of The Del-Vamps) and famed rockabilly/surf drummer Scott Kowitt on traps. Rest assured, diehard fan, that both men are surf rock & roll gods in their own right and "stomp upon the terra" as Lord Buckley would put it.  Behind the scenes, the reformed and rejuvenated IV have been going along great guns! With the kind of excessive flair generally reserved for movies with subtitles, they have seen fit to musically crucify one hallowed surf tune after another in rapid succession, to the amusement of themselves and their housepets alike.

All that remains to report that you can witness the all new flavor of their patented reverb-soaked, blazing fingers show really soon!  The next outing, as it would happen is 9:00 P.M., Friday, February 29th at the Hollywood Alley in Mesa, Arizona.

This story has 5 comments.


Great news LHR! Good luck with the new lineup and wow, what an awesome show flyer!

Brian | 23-Feb-2008 13:51:23 | Flag

Congrats, and say Hi to Matt for me.

let me know if guys ever want to come out to So. Cal. and need some gigs.


bigtikidude | 24-Feb-2008 15:01:14 | Flag

Any idea what the cover is for the show ? I'm in AZ, and considering attending.



Hangin8bits | 26-Feb-2008 15:02:12 | Flag


LHR | 27-Feb-2008 02:53:13 | Flag

Trey they were shanghaid weren't they?

Just teasing.

Best, Matt (other matt)

SurfsideMatt | 28-May-2008 09:21:16 | Flag

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