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SurfGuitar101 News & Articles

Announcing the SurfGuitar101 Podcast!

I have created and published the first in what will hopefully be a series of SurfGuitar101 podcasts! The feed has been submitted to iTunes, but as I type this it is not currently available yet. In the meantime, you can download and listen to episode #1 by visiting Remember kids, you don't need an iPod or portable MP3 player to listen, just download or stream on your computer. This link provides an easy way to listen from your computer.

This episode features music by Satan's Pilgrims, The Halibuts, Pollo del Mar, The Madeira, The Volcanos, Jon & The Nightriders, The Wet Tones, and many more! Plus we have an exclusive interview with Danny Snyder from Meshugga Beach Party and The TomorrowMen!

I've created a SG101 Podcast sub-forum, so please direct all your comments, criticisms, ideas, suggestions, and requests there. Thanks everyone!

P.S. I asked a lot of bands if I could play them, but due to space and time constraints I could only play a subset. You will definitely hear from them on future episodes!

This story has 15 comments.


I'm the original East Coast Nasal Twang Marvel.

Thanks Brian! May there be many more.

DannySnyder | 10-Jun-2007 22:09:23 | Flag

Nice reverb on your voice, Brian!

spskins | 10-Jun-2007 23:34:11 | Flag

Listening to it now, really cool Brian!!!

are you sure that was Danny, it sounded more like Groucho Marx, Wink


bigtikidude | 11-Jun-2007 12:10:42 | Flag

Brian, great job! The reverb on your voice is a cool touch. Keep it going!

D22 | 11-Jun-2007 17:57:54 | Flag

Hey, I like this!

LHR | 12-Jun-2007 23:20:07 | Flag

Has a real "college radio" feel. Cool.

LHR | 12-Jun-2007 23:21:32 | Flag

Finally got to drop some lines by...!

This is El-Salvaje alias Alex Anthony, form Los Twang Marvels, and I´d like to thak for the huge ammount of nice feedback and support from all you guys, it is just great that you are there !!!

And Brian, the podcast is way cool, congratulations and I can´t wait fopr the next one Smile

Take care...

El-Salvaje | 13-Jun-2007 02:08:11 | Flag

Brian......i listened to your podcast on my way to Hanalei last night and thought it was really good in fact i listened to it again on my way home too!! I burned a copy from my i-tunes without any problems. You could be a DJ on........ KFWB..or..KYA....or....KSAN.....or...KFRC ....or....(insert your local station here!) nah, just kidding..... but i really did enjoy the show and was quite entertained as i passed over all those pot holes on the road. (hehehe he said pot!!)

Ron-Rhoades | 14-Jun-2007 19:14:27 | Flag

Brian excellent SG101 podcast show #1

I DIG IT killer job! bravo!!

diceophonic | 20-Jun-2007 00:39:33 | Flag

Really Cool Podcast Brian.

From Reno's surf band, The Mighty Surf Lords

Billy Woods...

MightySurfLords | 24-Jun-2007 20:20:06 | Flag

My wife is unhappy about the podcast Smile

It's costing me money buying all the albums and tracks you mentioned, and I am spending hours trying to learn how to play the tracks!

Looking forward to the next one. SOON PLEASE!!!

All the best

Paul K

Los Kiosk Bears (cambridge, UK)

LosKioskBears | 31-Jul-2007 07:23:26 | Flag

Any chance that SG101 Podcast #2 is coming soon?

Really enjoyed the show.


Redd_Tyde | 13-Aug-2007 15:12:48 | Flag

I went digging around on iTunes looking for Surf Guitar podcasts. Yours is one of the two I found. The other one had way more episodes, but egads, was it awful.

"This sounds like mall music," my partner said, and made me turn it off. Seriously. That bad.

So now I'm listening to your podcast. It's much more enjoyable, much more feisty. BUT THERE'S ONLY ONE EPISODE! sob

Nik | 02-Sep-2007 09:19:44 | Flag

Excellent format, and the tracks are diverse and building sets is a nice way to do it - it means the podcast is easy to listen to in small chunks, if required.

There is much to enjoy in this.. Please arrange some more podcasts soon and regularly, maybe even including some themes, for example, a Dick Dale special.. or bands from Croatia, etc.

Great concept.

ozboomer | 30-Dec-2007 01:47:07 | Flag

We need another podcast !!!

Mrgreen | 11-Jan-2008 23:59:06 | Flag

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