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Question about JBL Clones?

Has anyone had any experience with the new Eminence Commonwealth 12's or 15's?

According to one source (supposedly an Eminence rep ) they are meant to sound like the JBL E120.

Although familiar with the D120F and D130F, I 'm not familiar with the "E" series.  What are the sound differences between "E" and "D" series?

How close do the Commonwealths come to the traditional sound of the D120F's and D130F's ? 

How do they compare to the Weber High Power California D120F and D130F  clones which I understand are very good.  It is worth noting that the Commonwealths' have the traditional JBL 4 inch voice coil, high power handling capability (225 watts), and are less expensive than the Webers ( $135 and $150 each).

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Check out Altec 15" speakers. They specs are more faithful than the Webers. I don't know the exact model name or anything though.

JakeDobner | 11-May-2007 21:21:15 | Flag

You might get more answers and feedback if you post this question in our forums!

Brian | 19-May-2007 13:11:35 | Flag

Get the Weber California 15". Great speaker for the price!

dannylectro | 20-Aug-2008 18:15:29 | Flag

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