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Ferenc & Ivan in Hawaii!
Ferenc & Ivan in Hawaii!

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Site Upgrade Completed

The site upgrade seemed to go okay.  There are a couple of changes everyone should be aware of.

  • The chat feature has been temporarily disabled. There is a new version of that software available and I may install that a bit later.
  • The RSS feeds have improved. Also please note that the forums feed URL has changed. The old one will not work. Please use the new feed mentioned on the home page and/or in the footer of each page.
  • Uploading files to the downloads area is still disabled for now. I still need to do some housecleaning in that area.
  • There is a new javascript editor for submitting news stories. It should work for Mac users if you use Firefox!
  • There are probably some quirks and issues here and there. If you notice anything just let me know.

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Thanks Brian, you're a great host!

DannySnyder | 20-Mar-2007 15:27:40 | Flag

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