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New Dimensions Documentary Update & Call for Fans

Hello everyone! I have an update on the New Dimensions film project that we first found out about in this news story. I've been contacted by Patricia La Marr, one of the producers on the project. Patricia and her team are looking for fans who saw the band back in the 60's who would like to be interviewed for the film. It's best if you live in California, but if you don't, other arrangements can be made. Please contact Patricia using the information below:

Patricia La Marr - Executive Producer
Phone #: (916)502-7068

Patricia has also given me a link to the film's trailer for us to checkout. The video is currently password protected; please use the password cowabunga to watch.

Finally I have included at the bottom of this story the film's treatment, which should give you a flavor of the film to come. I'm very excited about this project and hope to learn more about this incredible surf band. Please contact Patricia if you have anything to contribute to this very cool project!

Film Treatment

Surf music came out of Orange County California in the late fifties and early sixties. It exploded across the radio waves along the California coast line to become one of the most iconic genres’ of musical history. It was more than just music it became a movement. A movement that would one day become a worldwide phenomenon.

Surf music evolved into two distinct styles. The instrumental sound made famous by Dick Dale, The Pyramids, The Surfaris and the vocal group style made famous by the Beach Boys.

With only three or four cords to master, surf bands popped up from coast to coast. One such band to immerge was a group of 12 to 14 year old’s out of LA. These kids loved surfing, girls, the beach and most importantly surf music. They were the New Dimensions and this is there story.

Unique about this particular cast of talented players, was the fact that its members were just 12 to 14 years old at the time. Growing up in Beverly Hills show business was in their blood. It was not uncommon for them to come home and find a who’s who of Hollywood fame. Some of the guys were related to legendary entertainers such as Jack Benny and Jimmy Durante who bought one of the members their first guitar. Within two years, the band would record and release no less than four albums. To their credit, the group developed a devoted following of thousands of surf music fans throughout Southern California.

From Malibu to Makaha, convertible tops were down and surf music was in the air. Everyone thought it’d last forever but like most movements, it was short lived and all but disappeared with the rise of the British invasion! Surf music was out and for bands like The New Dimensions, after only four albums, bad contracts and new musical interest, they disbanded, but their friendship held strong.

Some went on to become Rock and Roll legends like Jimmy Greenspoon keyboard genius and founding member of the group “Three Dog Night” with such hits as “Joy to the World” and “Mama Told Me Not to Come.” Michael Lloyd who is one of the most successful and influential music producers in Los Angeles, garnering countless gold and platinum album credits producing for countless top named artists such as Barry Manilow, Bill Medley, the Bellamy Brothers, Sammy Davis, the Monkeys, Lou Rawls and more.

Some developed a new sound with other popular bands such as “Smoke Stack Lightnin,” “The Eastside Kids,” “Lambert and Nuttycombe,” but one things for certain, music bonded them through it all.

In 2014, a new era began. Due in part to their cult following on the Internet, airplay on independent radio stations across the country and their standing in the annals of surf music, The New Dimensions Band decided to join forces anew. Under the production and guidance of producer and band member Michael Lloyd, the original remaining members have entered the studio, reunited for the first time in more than 50 years. Together, the group has begun to recreate their original music with a newer sound, to inspire a new generation of fans all over the world.

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