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El Sonido Cojonudo De Surfer Joe: new EP release October 1st 2015

So on OCTOBER 1st 2015 EL SONIDO COJONUDO DE SURFER JOE will be available on CD and digital downloads. It includes 4 new songs and the Live in Brighton 2014 which is finally printed. We are talking about traditional surf music in 4 sparkling tunes, brand new songs in a cool packaging!

On September 15th PRE-SALE will be available on iTunes!

The CD can be purchased at the Surfer Joe Store and various online shops. The digital download and streaming will be on CDBaby, iTunes, Spotify, Deezer and all major services.

Check out the updates on

This story has 8 comments.



This is a really funny front cover.
What do we see when we turn it around?

HallmarkSweptWinger | 03-Sep-2015 01:22:58 | Flag

Lorenzo, I heard rumors about this cover, but see it surpasses all expectations !!
hehehehe Wink

doclegume | 03-Sep-2015 05:14:07 | Flag

yes yes yes!!!!!! Cool Doctor Legume!!!!! See you soon!!!!

surferjoemusic | 04-Sep-2015 13:52:02 | Flag

Oh, why only 3 comments (now 4! Smile ) to this post here?
No more other opinions to this cover?

...Lorenzo: Maybe next time same pic without guitar?

HallmarkSweptWinger | 06-Sep-2015 06:28:34 | Flag

All I can say is wow. The inside joke, in case you've never seen it, is there is an infamous photo of Dick Dale from the 70's posing like this from his Vegas days. Lorenzo went there.... amazing.

Brian | 07-Sep-2015 17:05:04 | Flag

Geez I hope there isn't a B side..

Surfersaurus | 09-Sep-2015 08:46:31 | Flag

On September 15th the PRE-SALE of El Sonido Cojonudo will be available on iTines.

The actual full CD including the Live in Brighton will be available instead on October 1st.

surferjoemusic | 10-Sep-2015 03:09:43 | Flag

This is the Facebook event about the Surfer Joe release of October 1st.

So get ready to put your money down and BUY the CD!
Look at the cover: it is a nice gift for your girlfriend or kids!
Think of Christmas in advance!
Do not hesitate, it is going to be a miserable 10 euros for the full CD... but it's worth to save traditional surf music.

I have spent $56,675.00 to record this album. And I am not crowdfunding. I actually not only want to get the money back, but possibly make a profit. Bills, gas, taxes... everything gets expensive over here... plus I have to buy more & more Showman amps and a new guitar from Ralf Kilauea very soon.

By adding $100.00 I can send it to you signed and SHIPPING included.
That's a deal!!!

surferjoemusic | 10-Sep-2015 10:13:27 | Flag

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