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Category: Surf Scene News

Crowd funding Nokie Edwards' hospital costs

This may be old news already, but the crowd funding site has a campaign going for The Ventures guitarist Nokie Edwards, who incurred a mountain of hospital costs in Japan.

Check it if you're interested in helping the family of the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame surf guitar legend.

Dear Friends and Fan family,
We are trying to raise money to help with Nokie Edwards hospital bills and care. He had two heart attacks while on tour in Japan. He has been in two hospital Sendi and Tokyo. We have cover one hospital and now trying to pay the bills from Tokyo Saiseikai Central Hospital. He has had a pacemaker/defib w/4 leads and 3 stints on his left side of his heart. We hope for him to be up and playing guitar soon. Music is the best therapy. He is a strong man that loves his music and his fans around the world. We have just found out that the MusiCare program Twill not help Nokie wirh his hospital bills because his heart attacks happened in Japan. I am asking our friends and fan family to please pass Nokie's Hospital Care link through their internet address books and facebook and twitter, Thank you for all your prays. God Bless, Judy

Eddie Bertrand Update

As many of you know, Eddie Bertrand has terminal cancer has a week or perhaps 2 weeks at best left with us. In order to get as many letters to Eddie as possible you may email Eddie directly at I will print the emails and hand carry them to Eddie daily. Eddie is appreciative of your thoughts and well wishes.

Crossfire's Birmingham Sunday, Hollywood Persuaders, Surf/Pop Box Sets Build on Success of Paul Buff/Frank Zappa "Highlights" Set

For Immediate Release

Crossfire's Birmingham Sunday, Hollywood Persuaders, Surf/Pop Box Sets Build on Success of Paul Buff/Frank Zappa "Highlights" Set

October 20, 2012 - New York - Hot on the heels of the 5-CD set "Paul Buff Presents Highlights from the Pal and Original Sound Studio Archives," Crossfire Publications will release three multiple-disc sets drawn from Paul Buff's master collection. More than 100 tracks are making their official CD debuts. "Prevalent Visionaries: The History of Birmingham Sunday" is Crossfire's definitive two-CD, 46-track set of the Nevada-based group with more than two dozen previously unissued demos, alternate mixes and reunion recordings. The 90-track, three-CD "World Of Paul Buff" collections "Breaktime For Surf" (covering 1959-1964) and The Hollywood Persuaders' "Drums-A-Go-Go" (spanning 1963-1970) have five previously unreleased tracks each. Both triple-disc sets are lavishly packaged in DVD-sized cases with full color, 24-page illustrated booklets.

Birmingham Sunday was formed in Carson City, Nevada in 1966. After signing to Bill Holmes' All-American label in 1968, the group recorded their debut album "A Message From Birmingham Sunday" at Original Sound with Paul Buff engineering and playing a Mellotron-like Chamberlin throughout. The album was accompanied by the single "Prevalent Visionaries"/ "Egocentric Solitude," a Top 10 radio favorite on Nevada and California radio stations. Original albums (with only 10-20 in existence) have recently sold for more than $1,200, and its full inclusion as part of Crossfire's set emphasizes its solid value to collectors. Birmingham Sunday's recently recorded second album, "It Is What It Was," will also be part of this essential set.

Multi-instrumentalist Paul Buff, owner of Pal Recording Studio in Cucamonga, California from 1957-1964, created Pal in December 1957 with a simple two-track Viking recorder. The demand for stereo recording led Buff to create a homemade, five-track recording studio when the industry recording standard was still mono or two-track stereo. Buff's creativity with his equipment proved that the studio was yet another musical instrument in the recording process. Musicians of all backgrounds and styles took advantage of the creative environment at Pal to create career-defining, high quality master recordings.

While still at Pal, Paul Buff started working with legendary deejay Art Laboe, owner of Original Sound Records. Laboe asked Buff to create a new recording studio for Original Sound, and in 1964, Paul unveiled his ten-track recording and mixing console. Paul Buff was already in place as Original Sound's studio engineer when he sold Pal Recording Studio to Frank Zappa on August 1, 1964, and Buff engineered all recordings by Original Sound clients until 1972.

Paul Buff's Pal and Original Sound output was credited to his own name as well as many other artists. Early tracks recorded with guitarists Ronnie Williams and Frank Zappa were released as by The Masters, while cuts with Dave Aerni were credited to The Bongo Teens or The Rotations. One-man-band recordings issued as The Hollywood Persuaders include the well known "Tijuana" and "Drums A-Go-Go." Paul also recorded with his wife Allison as The Catalinas, Lori Allison, Lori Lynn, The Buff Organization and with vocalists Ricky Dean and John Castello. The Friendly Torpedoes featured Buff with the late Music Machine leader, Sean Bonniwell.

"Breaktime For Surf" contains many in-demand early 1960s Buff tracks along with a stellar collection of surf instrumentals, big band jazz, doo-wop and pop vocals. Demos, outtakes and first-time stereo mixes are well represented. One of the CD debuts is Johnny Gatewood's "Pocketful Of Rainbows," a song that Elvis Presley first recorded for the film "G.I. Blues." The deluxe booklet also covers the untold stories of Frank Zappa-related singles by Ron Roman and Brian Lord And The Midnighters.
The Hollywood Persuaders' "Drums A-Go-Go" was one of the most popular drum showcases of the mid-1960s, with Paul Buff's original version quickly joined by versions by Sandy Nelson and Hal Blaine. Crossfire's "Drums A-Go-Go" collection contains the original stereo album and singles plus numerous rarities and tracks by The Buff Organization, The Tired 4, Ricky Dean, John Castello and The Friendly Torpedoes. Also notable is the inclusion of the demonstration record/tape for Buff's groundbreaking Kepex noise-reduction system. Kepex would be used by studios throughout the world for decades.

"Drums A-Go-Go" from 1965 marked Paul Buff's transition to ten-track recording at Original Sound. The album's full audio spectrum was the initial result of the studio's enormous recording capability, with competing studios clamoring to upgrade their four-track equipment. As music became more progressive as the second half of the '60s unfolded, Paul Buff and Original Sound's studio led the way. Independent producers brought their clients into Original Sound to create groundbreaking recordings, and Paul Buff moved into more progressive music with his Buff Organization. This is the first CD collection of Hollywood Persuaders recordings remastered from the original mixdown tapes. Demos, originally unissued tracks and first-time stereo mixes abound.

Release Dates for all three projects: October-November 2012.

Press Inquiries: Glass Onyon PR, PH: 828-350-8158

Continental Magazine - Issue #20 w/23 Song CD


Now's a great time to sign up, or renew, a subscription to the Continental Magazine. For just $18.00 you get three issues packed with in depth interviews and music reviews, plus a compilation CD inside the magazine. Issue #20 , out next week, includes huge feature interviews with The Tikiyaki Orchestra, The Dead Rocks, and Y Niwl, an in-depth look at this year's Viva Las Vegas fest featuring Duane Eddy and The Ventures, plus tons of music and DVD reviews. There is also a 23 track CD filled with lots of great surf, instro and garage rock tunes.

Continental Magazine - Three Issue Subscription (Issues #20, #21, #22) - CTSUB - $18.00 (Order From Double Crown)

(The Continental Magazine - Issue #20 w/23 Song CD - CT020 - $6.95 (Order From Double Crown)

CD Tracks - Issue #20:

1. S.O.S. Rock ‘n’ Roll (El Sotano Calling) - Mike Barbwire & the Blue Ocean Orchestra
2. Standoff At Calf Robe Bridge - The Ramblin’ Ambassadors
3. Kono’s Revenge - The Tikiyaki Orchestra
4. Futurama - Martin Cilia
5. Double Penetration - El Ray
6. The Amazing Hypno-Bear (On A Unicycle) - The Atomic Blast
7. Goofin’ Around You - Los Kahunas
8. Cyclops - Rev Hank
9. The Lonely Bultaco - Ding Dong Devils
10. Transsibirskaya Magistral - Los Venturas
11. Flat Black - The Surf Zombies
12. Take You Home - The Brigantines
13. Strangelove - Spaceguards
14. La Terrible Maldicion de Tutankamon - The Dead Rocks
15. Dragstrip Murder Mystery - The Surfaders
16. Surf It Up - Arno de Cea & The Clockwork Wizards
17. Dauddegpump - Y Niwl
18. Who Goes There? - The Alder Kings
19. Puppy Dog - The 99ers
20. The Jetsetters (Beautiful Day) - The Man From RavCon
21. Test Drive - The Twang-O-Matics
22. Sunset On Maui - Mighty Surf Lords
23. Ode To Chesapeake Bay - The Illuminoids

"PDX A Go-Go" NEW cd surf comp of Portland current surf bands

PDX A Go-Go... Five bands...ten songs...that preserve a moment in time, the summer of 2012, when instrumental surf music rode the crest of a wave in Portland, OR. Musicians are forming surf bands, several venues are giving these bands a stage and an audience is growing. Duff's Garage, the club that always gave instro surf a home, is ground zero. There's an excitement about the bands and the music. Many different directions are being explored by these bands, proving that a subgenre thought by many to be one-dimensional is anything but.

The Surf Weasels, WaveSauce, Susan SurfTone, The Outer Space Heaters, and Shade 13 offer you a sample of what's going on here on the northern end of the west coast. We hope you enjoy it and that you come to a few shows. Pick up a copy of PDX A Go-Go from any of the bands on the compilation or wait until CDBaby has it in stock (we'll let you know... just check back here in a few weeks.) Tell your friends "there's a party going on here in Portland that you should know about"... come and join us. Convention #5 - August 2012!

I guess it is about time we put something on the home page about the amazing convention #5, which is Saturday, August 11, 2012 in Los Alamitos, California! Luckily, Jonpaul has created a great convention website with all the details: the bands, the venue, the sponsors, directions, info on raffles, a schedule, videos, and much, much more!

Please visit The Official Convention website!

For questions, comments, and further discussion, please visit the SG101 Convention #5 forum thread.

This year's convention is dedicated to the memory of our dear friend and surf music mega-fan, Baja Marty, who passed away recently. If you would like to give a donation to Marty's family, you can do so via Paypal. Thank you.

A big thank you to Jonpaul for creating the website.

SG101 Convention #5 Promo show on Radio Free Bakersfield

Want to know what to expect at this year's SurfGuitar101 convention in August? Well how about a nice little preview put together by Jeff "Bigtikidude" and Whorehay? Check out this awesome SG101 Convention #5 Promo show on this week's Radio Free Bakersfield! Here is a direct link to the MP3 file. Check out songs from all the bands scheduled to appear at the convention as well as get the low down on the shows on and around the big convention day. Thanks Jeff and Whorehay!

Shrunken Head Lounge E-Newsletter 6.13.12

NOW AVAILABLE for download... Show #38 Parts 1 & 2

  • Various Artists #17
  • Beach Boys - Smile Part 1

This show is scheduled to premier this Sunday June 17th (Happy Father's Day!) on at 8-9pm ET.
WFTE has updated their system to allow many more people to grab a live stream so be sure to tune in.

Just added to our homepage: "The Unsteady Corner". Keep up to date on Unsteady Freddie's cool video collection + his latest surf-rock shindig at Otto's in NYC.

We'd also like to invite all you surf bands to send us photos of your instruments for a future gallery on our Facebook page. Just another way of connecting with everyone and we think you'll agree.


DJ & Curator of The Shrunken Head Lounge

Donation Fund for Billy Woods

As you may know, Billy Woods (The Mighty Surf Lords) suffered the loss of his son in an accident earlier this week. We all want to help and the best way is to contribute to the fund which has been set up to offset some of the mounting expenses:

Wells Fargo Bank
℅ Randall Woods Fund
Account # 6952754304

Donations can be accepted from any branch. Thanks, all!

Wrecking Crew Documentary Coming Soon


I was just turned onto this very cool site and wanted to introduce myself and my documentary.  My name is Denny Tedesco and I am the director of the film, The Wrecking Crew.  I'm new at this so forgive me if I mis-step in regards to blogging or sending out news.  I noticed the documentary has been mentioned a few times and I wanted to let you know that we're not giving up an hopefully the film will be out this summer. 

We are having screenings around the country in the next month or so.  Vancouver on the April 15th, Phoenix on April 17th and then to Philadelphia on April 25th and April 28th and 29th.  One of your readers from Philadephia turned me onto so I'm hoping we'll get to meet many of the guitar players.

This is my labor of love.  My father was guitarist, Tommy Tedesco.  If I can figure out how to send a picture, I'd love to share the photos we took of his Telecaster that he worked with on the Beach Boys, Jan and Dean, Marketts, Routers, T-Bones and so many more recordings. 

Please take a look at the out takes on 

Best to all of you who play and love the music.

Denny Tedesco