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Return of The Treblemakers
Return of The Treblemakers

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Archive for February, 2014

Hardcore punk and black metal inspired surf rock from Peru

Band: Hijos del Culto (Sons of the cult)

Genre: Surf rock with death/black vocals

Hope you enjoy!

ST PATTY'S SURF at SHINE with The Lava Pups & The Funicellos

March 14 - 8:00 pm - All Ages - $5 - Shine, 1400 E Street, Sacramento

Catch the green wave in SacTown.  Celebrate St. Patrick's Day, the Ides of March, and Spring's arrival with the Lava Pups and the Funicellos.  During these drought days, wet instrumental surf may be what we need.

All Things Al Show Features "SurfZup"

On March 1st, 2014, Al Carmichael's 3rd Annual "All Things Al Show" comes to Billy's Tippin' Inn in White Lake, Michigan. Starts 8:30 PM.

Jessica Carmichael opens the show with some classic acoustic songs and originals

SurfZup will be the first band, playing all the great familiar instrumentals of the 60's and beyond

Von Zippers comes next, with classic rock and soul.

Bluecat closes the night with rockin' blues

For fans of surf guitar in the lower Michigan area, here is a chance to catch a set of your favorite surf tunes! 


The Shrunken Head Lounge Wants To Interview You!

Howdy Surf Bands,

With all the hats I seem to wear, I'm not finding enough time to actually conduct phone interviews with bands. But I have done virtual interviews in the past. If you'd like to send me an interview in an .mp3 I can assure you it will sound like we're actually speaking to each other! Please take your time and have fun - I'd like to fill about 15 minutes with the interview.


Hello and welcome to the Shrunken Head Lounge. Thank you for joining us! (you can respond how ever you feel)

  1. How/when was the band formed
  2. Band members, instruments played, equipment you prefer
  3. Your influences
  4. Recording and writing process
  5. Upcoming tour information
  6. Please mention any of your websites we can direct listeners to
  7. Any thing you may like to discuss. I will set up the question(s) accordingly

Also if you don't mind, please do a short promo for the Shrunken Head Lounge. Example: "Hello, we are ___ and you're listening to the Shrunken Head Lounge!". We will use this promo on other shows where you music may appear, just as a thank you!


DJ & Curator of The Shrunken Head Lounge

The Surf Zombies 4th CD is out! It's a...THING!

The Surf Zombies are riding high on our new cd It's a....THING! It is currently available on cd with Deep Eddy Records and downloads. It was very fun to record. We spent a few months running through the material and playing it live before we gathered at Ian Williams studio and laid it down live to tape. We used only 7 channels to keep it as minimal as possible and it was a great experience. We have a new bass player named Trevor Treiber and he plays a Dano through an Ampeg. He really rocks! He mixes super hard hitting Ramones style with wicked odd riffs and brings his A game to every gig plus he is extremely prolific with writing new songs. He also plays in a band called The Blendours.

The Surf Zombies are working towards releasing It's a ...THING! on vinyl.

Check out our sampler video too!